If you want traffic for your website, you need to be on top of your SEO strategies. Search engine optimization is the process through which online businesses, blogs, and websites make themselves visible amongst their target customers.

For any digital venture, SEO is crucial as it helps them keep a check on their sites’ performance, increase the conversion rates and bring in more consumers and most importantly, rank higher in Google or Bing’s search results.

The process of making your web-page more SEO optimized is a continuous one and takes a lot of hard work and time, but the results you get are surely worth all the efforts.

If the team or person responsible for this doesn’t have enough knowledge about the same, it can be harmful to the business in terms of both revenue and reputation.

Therefore, it is necessary for them to be aware of new trends and also be aware of any common mistakes that they should avoid in order for their online venture to succeed.

Here are 5 SEO sins that you must not commit or your business will suffer:

  1. Using outdated or duplicate visuals

banners are cost effective

A picture speaks a thousand words and an article/blog or website, which has great visual elements, certainly works better. Adding images, gifs and illustration not only helps with more user engagement but also with SEO. Here are some points regarding this that you need to remember:

  • Photos used should be of good quality as a poor quality image will not fulfill any purpose. It will also blur when scaled up and down.
  • Use only vector images as raster photos tend to pixelate a lot.
  • Most importantly, use a limited amount of images. Too many of them will make the page/website heavier and loading time will become more which means losing consumers.
  • Always use alt text or alternate text tag because it provides a description of the image which helps Google and other search engines to recognize it.
  • Don’t use duplicate images. You can easily design your images with tools like Canva. Once you are done, always give the name of the keyword while doing the same.
  1. Poor Keyword Research

Keywords are a 2-3 words phrases that help Google and other search engine recognize your website and rank it. While using keywords remember these points:

  • Research your target users and find out the words they use to search for things related to your business. Then amongst those words, find out the relevant phrases that can be used as keywords for your blog/article or website.
  • Also, research your competition and avoid doing the mistakes they did, this helps in avoiding the use of wrong keywords.
  • Use keywords intelligently, don’t stuff it which means not using a keyword 3-4 times in a row. For instance, an article about headache cures can’t have a phrase headache can be cured 5 times in a single paragraph.
  1. Not using quality backlinks and analyzing the SEO done

Always put pressure on quality over quantity, many SEO teams use backlinks from any website to increase its number, but such links may backfire and would yield no results. Thus, it is imperative to use quality backlinks. Even a single link from a popular site or blog can bring in huge traffic and increase your ranking.

Also, keep commenting and following pages that are relevant to your site and nature of the business.

Most SEO teams don’t analyze the work done by them which means that they don’t know what is working for them and what isn’t. For this use Google analytics and webmaster tool, they are great tools to monitor things that are working and not working in your favor.

  1. Not having a social media presence


These days everyone is on social media, and if you want to increase your traffic and attract more users, you need to have some kind of social media presence.

Thus, make accounts on Instagram or Facebook, and upload good quality content so that you can divert the users from there to your websites.

Also, have social media buttons on your website, these buttons let the users share amazing and useful content to their social media accounts which in turns brings more customers to the site.

Tips for utilizing social media at it best:

  • Use multiple social media channels
  • Share blog posts when the users are most active
  • Use hashtags
  • Join relevant communities and forums on social media and also promote your blog there
  • Use social media sharing tools to share your content at the best times
  • Include images and Infographics

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  1. Using all technical jargons and not being mobile friendly

seo friendly

Use of too much technical language may make you lose customers as they don’t understand such words.

So, keep technical jargon to a minimum, and use words and phrases that are understandable for everyone and are creative too.

Also, the biggest SEO sin is designing a website that is not mobile friendly. Since half the generation uses a smartphone to surf the net and open any site, it is imperative that it is mobile friendly and SEO optimized.

This means that the site should load faster (don’t use too many images as it makes it heavy and loading time is increased) and must be easy to navigate on a small device.

Moreover, Google’s new policy states that all website must be mobile savvy or you can get heavy penalization for the same.

These were the 5 biggest SEO sins that you must avoid at any cost, without committing these blunders you can ensure the success of your online venture. These were just some things that you need to keep in mind, SEO is a much wider concept, and you need to keep studying it for better results.

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