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We do accept guest articles! Please note that Google SEO Trends is an online Magazine focused on Digital Marketing and Social Media. Please have a look at our guest post guidelines for more information and focus areas. The article you submit must be well written and do perform grammar and punctuation check before it’s submission.

Since we get numerous guest posts requests daily, we would like to mention that the only sponsored articles/featured requests are published within 48 hours of receiving the articles.

We charge a fee of $35.00 USD for the single sponsored posts. Also, for the first article on our portal, we do offer a first-timer discount up to $10.

However, we also have content based plans below:

No of article       Charge/Article        Publish Frequency(Working days)
    3                         $25                            Published over a span of 5 days
    5                         $20                            Published over a span of 10 days

We want to have a long term relationship with you and we can surely negotiate on the pricing. Please let us know if any concerns related to the pricing.

Note: All payments received via PayPal, PayTm and Direct Bank Transfer only.

If you follow all the above rules than your guest post submission is ready to submit at Google SEO Trends:

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What you are paying for?

By sponsoring your article you are supporting us to stay live on the internet.

Blogging is not free and we are not funded by any organization. We have to pay for domain + hosting + theme + Internet + few other small expenses. Adsense revenue is not sufficient to pay all these bills and stay focused on blogging.

In return, we optimize your content and try to rank it on Google. To increase the visibility of your article; we actively sharing our all articles on all social media channels. Once published, your article will be shared on all social media channels once a month.

Free Guest Posting opportunity

Yes, we also offer you free guest posting opportunities. But rules are strict for free submission.

We know generating content is not an easy task. So, if you are putting efforts and generating content above 2000+ words on any digital marketing related topic. We are ready to share your article for free on our blog.

In a free guest post, direct promotion of your product or services is not allowed. Only Guide, how to’s and Tutorial will be accepted. You can link to another piece of information. It can be your website blog post from where you can generate leads.

Free guest post will be published under your authorship and you will be responsible for the positive or negative effects of that article.

We can modify the content whenever we want to make it better. Don’t worry your link will always remain there.


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