What makes a backlink “high quality”?

What makes a backlink high quality

Linkbuilding is an important part of SEO strategy. We build backlinks to improve site authority and search presence on search engines.

While building links for a website few question always arise in mind like.

What makes a backlink high quality?

Is DA/DR, In-bound links, traffic, trust flow, type of link (follow/no-follow) matters?

We should focus on link authority or relevance?

I had spent some time to find the answer of these questions and come up with my opinions. Which I have mention in the article.

So here’s the brief answer to these questions as it would vary from one links type to another.
However, before that take this thing in mind; high DA or TF does not give surety that if any domain is powerful or have authority. A spammy website could have easily 30+ DA or 25+ TF.

So, in the case of PBN:

1. Priority is, that domain should have contextual links from big authority sites which we call a solid link profile.
A domain having those types of links is probably an authoritative one and holds strong link juice because those types of links add up the trust in the eyes of Google because they are linked to that domain.
However, those types of domains would be expensive to buy!

2. Clean anchors from Ahrefs and no spammy wayback like of PBN, Non-relevant niche or as money site.

3. It should have high-quality setup just like a real website and content should be great [Quality content plays a role in the link juice also].

3. We have tested this thing that without even traffic, those domains in PBN works great but they should be relevant to the niche for best results.

Also, in the case of Outreach/Guest post sites:

1. It should be a REAL site not like a link farm which prior aim is to sell links.
2. Traffic should be quality one and at least 1K+ per month [ not talking about entertainment sites ].
3. Domain age matters. A site with minimum one year age is a good pick.
4. Content should consist of quality one, and every article should be relevant to the primary niche of website.
5. Most important one should have nice links profile. [ I hate sites who depends upon comment/forum types links ]

So, I am confident that you will not look back to TF or DA if you follow these things for your link building techniques.
Now coming to the last question.

We should focus on link authority or relevance?

Link authority matters and we should always keep that in mind while building backlinks. But personally, I always like to go with the relevance.

Try to get backlink from the same niche websites. I simple words, If I have to do linkbuilding for ecommerce business. I will look for the websites who are publishing content related with the same industry like ecommerce-platforms.com.

Let’s go little bit deeper.
If I have to do link building for a startup in music industry then instead of looking for website sharing content on entertainment topic I would like to go with the websites which are sharing content about the entrepreneurship in music industry like musicpreneurs.com.
With quality link juice these websites will bring relevant traffic on your website. This traffic is easy to convert into leads and bring business.

I hope this article on “What makes a backlink high quality?” is helpful for you.

Any queries or questions are welcome, happy to answer & help you guys

Akash Singh

Akash is fountainhead of Google SEO Trends. An SEO Expert, a WordPress Developer and a blogger by choice. His zeal to learn is remarkable (makes him sound like a walking SEO Encyclopedia).



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