Social media is evolving constantly, giving an opportunity to the marketers to leverage the power of outreach through social media platforms. The new SEO trends in social media marketing have started dominating the SERP too.

As a marketer, you must learn to leverage the social media platforms properly to your benefit. Being hyper-active on social media is completely necessary and must for your survival.

But this alone won’t make you successful.

You need to stay updated with the latest social media trends just like a SEO & digital marketing agency does and apply them to your business as well.

9 Actionable Social Media Trends to watch out this Year

In today’s date, digital marketing and social media go hand-in-hand. From new features, customer preferences to different brand opportunities, there is a lot to look forward this year that will help every marketer like you to develop an ultimate strategy refining your marketing plans.

Here are a few actionable social media strategies to adopt.

1. Social Listening – Capture Digital Conversations

Social listening is totally a new concept. There are millions of people buying and selling stuff on the internet at a specific time. They post complaints, appreciation posts, product reviews on their profiles, community, forums, and other social media platforms.

This is where social listening comes into play. Sophisticated monitoring software tracks special keywords listening to digital conversations made by the users, thereby providing insights about what user is thinking about a product. This software allows swift replies to the user posts on different channels.

2. Video Sharing – Maximize User Engagement to Improve Sales

Nowadays, most of the marketers and product owners focus on videos describing their products as most of the internet users prefer to watch videos than reading a webpage or blog.

YouTube and Facebook are the two biggest platforms used to promote videos and these platforms have actually helped the product marketers to maximise user engagement and sales figure.

This the reason why most of the digital marketing agencies use video marketing strategies for brand promotion.

3. Live Streaming – Get Real Time Insights Directly from the Customers

Live streaming has also proven to be efficient when marketers try to enhance user engagement. Live streaming helps the marketers to get a glimpse of likes and dislikes of the customers.

Moreover, live streaming is effective in showcasing new products and have a good Q&A round with the customers.

According to a recent survey, the video consumption by users have been increased to a level when marketers and businesses upload at least 18 videos in a month. It has resulted in improved user engagement and growth of business.

4. Add Social Sharing Buttons – Boost Social Engagement

You had watched an awesome video online and want it to share on your social profiles. But wait, the social share option is not available for that video.

What will you do?

It happens in most of the cases. Most of the blog or website owners avoid adding social sharing buttons to the video. This discourages the users to share that video even if he/she has loved watching it.

Adding social media buttons at right place will be help the users to share your video. In this way, you can boost social engagement and ultimately maximize your sales.

5. Social Forum and Communities – The Hotspots for your Business

The websites like Quora, Reddit, Inbound, and other Q&A communities have millions of readers. These forums and communities can act as a hotspot for your business.

Quora, Reddit and other forums grant exposure to your business when you post a question or give an answer to the question asked on these forums.

You can even garner the responses of people from different parts of the world by asking questions on these forums. Forums have been proven to increase conversion rates and increase brand awareness among people.

6. Face Filters – A New Branding Strategy

Face Filters feature on apps such as SnapChat, Instagram etc. is deliberately used by the advertisers to promote their products.

Recently, Apple iPhone unveiled its facial recognition feature with augmented reality technology and this was trending on the internet.

Face filters acts as a part of an action-packed branding strategy of many marketers and businesses. If you are an SEO Company, you must include this strategy in your branding plan and see how it works to boost brand awareness.

7. In-Platform Messaging Services

The social media handles of the advertisers have been on a rise since the platforms like SnapChat and Instagram have emerged.

According to a report, SnapChat took a few years to grow its user base to 173 million while in 2017, Instagram has 250 million active user everyday.

The in-platform messaging services have converted 1 out of 5 stories and therefore, it is a refined approach to boost user engagement.

8. Facebook – The Beast Marketing Platform

The power of Facebook has been utilized by most of the marketers and businesses to a large extent. Facebook has around 2 billion monthly active users with 8 billion page views everyday.

It is an awesome platform to showcase your products and services and influence your customers by maximizing the visibility of your promotional campaign.

One can even leverage Facebook Ads platform and give a boost to their sales, upsell, user engagement, and user retention.

9. Headlines with Emotional Cues – Develop an Emotional Connect

This is the latest trend followed by a lot of marketers and webmasters on the internet. They develop an emotional connect with their readers through the headlines of their post titles which forces the readers to go through the content.

This increases the clickthrough rate and lets the reader spend more time on your website, thereby giving you an SEO boost. It is one of the most common search engine marketing strategies used by most of the webmasters and marketers.

Be the Master, Start Following these Social Media Trends

The social media trends are ever changing. Keeping pace with the latest trends can help you create a better brand reputation & awareness, visibility, and boost the conversion rates and sales figures. It can further help in increasing the user engagement and user retention rate on your website. The SEO companies and Digital Marketing Agency in the US cities like Tulsa, Broken Arrow etc. have already adopted these strategies and have recorded a significant improvement. Start your action plans from today!



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