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Content Writing Tips and Techniques to increase Website Traffic

Search engine optimization is the process used for web content publishing. It increases the visibility of your web page and generates traffic.

This results in high search engine ranks and increased visitors. Use these content writing tips to write an article that is interesting to read.

It should contain the major keywords and be informative for your targeted audience. You should place these keywords in strategic phrases with hyperlinks to authority websites.

Content writing needs good writers as this boosts the readership of your page and website!

When you are writing SEO content, make sure to create an outline of your article.

The SEO article should be written well by a good writer. The content must be informative and engaging. Whenever you are writing on a topic, make sure to give it a fresh angle.

You should focus on the beginning of your article and provide readers with useful information. This will encourage people to read and share it.

In short, when you are writing an article, it should be valuable, useful and informative.

Attract more traffic with a well-written SEO Article

A very effective content writing tip. When you write an excellent SEO article, you can generate better traffic to your site. This means more and more readers will visit your website.

The article will also be attractive to readers. Online marketers search for good articles to link them.

If you have a well-written SEO article that is full of valuable information, they will use your article for content linking.

Advertisers will also see you as a positive prospect when it comes to marketing their products or services online.

Google lays a lot of emphasis on informative blogs and articles. This is why it is important for you to focus on SEO content and focus on keyword phrases.

The keyword should also be included in the title of the blog or the article of the SEO content you are writing.

Create a list of keywords and phrases for your SEO content

Checklist Content Writing Tips

When you have decided to write SEO content for your website, make a list of keywords and keyword phrases.

This helps the publisher of the content to place them in the metadata of your webpage that is an integral part of HTML.

Readers and Google will find the inclusion of sub-headings handy. Readers will appreciate your SEO content better if they find it simple to read content.

Most people, these days, prefer to skim read content online.

This is why sub-headings help you as they are likely to finish the post quickly on the Internet. Subheadings help the readers to stay on your page for a longer time.

Emphasize on Keywords



When you are writing SEO content, experts say you should look for information on the topics that you wish to write on.

For instance, key phrases for a post that includes articles on moving can be storage, packing and moving, relocation, etc.

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How can key phrases and keywords help you reach out to the targeted audience?

Keywords and key phrases in an article are registered by web spiders. These spiders are scripts that search engines like Google send out to each page online.

These web spiders crawl across these pages and sites to analyze them for quality and information.

They register the keywords for determining the subject the webpage wishes to convey. They also detect how these key phrases and keywords are used in the content.

They check for grammatical errors, types of links both inbound and outbound as well as whether the hyperlinks used are relevant to your webpage or not.

Write long form content

long form content Writing Tips

Long form content may seem hard to do, and time-consuming, plus requires much thought.

But, the difference between short and long form content is in the value that can be delivered.

Additionally, search engines tend to prefer long-form content over shorter ones.

Aim for 600 words at the very least, but if you can hit 1,000, even better. In-depth content is also preferred by search engines, with a word count of at least 1,500 or 2,000 words.

The longer your content is the more value you’re likely to offer your audiences, and the lower the bounce rate.

But make sure you don’t go over the board. A quality piece is significant of all. No point doing a 1500 word post without adding substance and excitement for readers. 800 is good if it addresses the topic well.

Break up your content with a variety

This determines how your reader will scan through or read your content.

It is good practice to use a variety of short and long sentences to create rhythm, which readers really enjoy.

Short sentences and paragraphs also allow the reader’s mind the space to breathe, and psychologically, it takes a lot less energy reading shorter paragraphs, saving them time for the sale.

How should you write the article?

seo reports Content Writing Tips

When you write the article, ensure the following content writing tips:

  • The post should have no spelling mistakes and must be grammatically correct.
  • Give your post a good title.
  • Break your post into headings and sub-headings.
  • Use important keywords and key phrases at the beginning of the post, first sentence, and the first paragraph.
  • When you are using key phrases and keywords, make sure that you do not overuse them. Place them in the content naturally to ensure that the reading is rhythmic in nature. Experts in the field of search engine optimization say that the keyword density in the article should be in one to three percent.
  • Make sure that you use the keywords in sub-headings and titles.
  • Make sure you make the important keywords bold or emphasize them with italics.
  • Make sure that the keywords are not inserted too much in the content, or else Google will assume that you have resorted to keyword stuffing in the post. Make no mistake and do not place the keyword in between 155-200 words.
  • If the title uses the keyword phrases and the keyword is placed in the first sentence, you will generate the interest of the readers.
  • If you wish to break redundancy of the post on the subject matter, you may start the post with a question. Since the keyword is already placed in the sentence, you just need to bold the word. This will emphasize the important keyword and make a huge impact on the Google algorithm while spiders scan the post.
  • Experts say that the keyword should also be present in the last sentence of the post so that the keywords are emphasized once more.

Importance of Hyperlinks


Make sure that you insert hyperlinks in the article. You just need to insert the hyperlink on any word or phrase you wish to feature in the post.

You should make sure that the link is made to a quality website that gives your visitors simple navigation and invaluable information.

Therefore, if you wish to create top quality SEO content, you should keep the above content writing tips in mind.

In case, you are not a good writer; you can hire professional SEO content writing services for the task.

Use social media to share your content links. Reach out to the targeted audience faster. Encourage your friends to share your content link.

The moment you share your links, you can reach out to more readers with engaging, interesting and valuable content.

If you have some content writing tips that is not shared in this blog then share them with us by commenting below.

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