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Top 14 Social Media Automation Tools to Publish at the Right Time

Are you ready to boost your social media campaigns? Are you facing poor ROI on your SMM plan? Well, we got it all covered.

Numerous digital marketers face problems in generating enough leads due to difficulties in managing all their social profiles.

Yes, it takes time, but it isn’t impossible!

The ideal way is to use the best social media automation tools. The following marketing tools will help your B2C or online B2B marketplace gain social presence and grow.

Here is the list of the top 14 social media automation tools to speed up your work and enhance your outcomes.

1. Buffer


My personal favorite, Buffer tops this list of social media automation tools.

Currently, it is also one of the most popular platforms marketers use to manage their social networks.

With the help of Buffer, you can schedule any type of post at numerous social platforms at the same time.

In addition, you also set specific publishing patterns that are best for your audience like, like every day or weekday.

Apart from that, Buffer can also be used to evaluate the performance of each of your post.

This platform tells you the number of engagements, likes, comments, shares according to the social media channel you are focusing on that moment.

2. Hootsuite


If you are looking for a user-friendly and free automation tool, then Hootsuite is a great option.

In addition, once you feel that this tool is helping you in improving your SMM outcomes, you can always subscribe to their relatively inexpensive paid options.

This tool lets you easily schedule posts for numerous platforms.

In addition, it also enables you to analyze the performance of each post with their easy to interpret analytics.

3. MeetEdgar


Do you a lot of old content that you feel should be recycled and used again?

If yes, MeetEdgar is the social media automation tool to make that happen.

This social media scheduling tool lets you organize all your content according to categories.

Once you are done with that, Edgar will go through all your content and categories and automatically start posting your content.

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an ideal all-in-one social media management tool that helps you take care of just about everything.

Marketers can use this tool to control all their operations thanks to multi-level access which allows you to set who can access all this data.

You can delegate this task to your team members so that the whole team can be connected.

This platform has an excellent analytics interface, outstanding post-scheduling features, and a social listening network.

With the help of all these features, you have a better opportunity of understanding your target audience and their behavior in relation to social media channels.

5. Buzzsumo


If you are worried about finding the right content to publish on your social media platforms, then Buzzsumo can come in very handy.

Thought this tool is considered for content marketing, we believe that it plays a significant role in helping your SMM approach derive tangible outcomes.

With this tool, you can quickly get your hands on all the viral topics that are being shared by people on various social media channels.

With this data, you can either start producing content relevant to current market trends or merely begin sharing similar posts to also get in the race.



IFTTT stands for “if this, then that”. With this tool, you’re free to produce a combination of different marketing tools to come up with a completely unique recipe.

For example, you can set it to publish a post on Facebook every time you tweet something new.

Though this social media automation tool may seem a bit tricky at the start, once you get the hang of it you’ll start experiencing immense growth.

7. Bitly


Bitly has been around for quite some time now. The primary use of this online tool is to shorten down URLs.

Once the URL you wish to use is shortened down, you can use it to share that specific page on various social networks.

Some social networks like Twitter allow only a certain number of characters on their post. In order to make the most out of a post, using a shorter URL is always a better option.

8. Tailwind


Tailwind is an SMM tool that can assist you in performing well on Instagram and Pinterest. This tool enables you to pin numerous posts to various boards in bulk.

In addition, you can also schedule your posts to see a standard pattern of activity on your profile.

This free tool also has a drag and drop option to make social media sharing more accessible than ever.

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9. Feedly


Similar to Buzzsumo, Feedly is also widely recognized as a content hunting tool. However, it operates in another way.

Feedly is used for content curation and can be used to gather content from various platforms.

However, with this tool, you can find great things to share on social media.

10. SocialOomph


Though this social media automation tool may seem similar to others, it has a feature unlike any other. SocialOomph is known for publishing bulk content at specified intervals.

For example, if you have a lot of content that you’d like to share, you can list them all in a text file.

Once they are uploaded, this tool will randomly publish the content in the certain interval on social platforms that you signed for. This tool is designed to enhance your content’s engagement.

11. Oktopost

Are you running a B2B company?

If yes, then Oktopost is an ideal choice for you. The makers of this handy tool have dedicated it for B2B platform.

With the help of Oktopost, you can easily schedule all your posts as well as measure their effectiveness.

Apart from that, this tool can also be used for content curation so that you can listen to social conversations. With its robust features, it also lets you manage a considerable SMM team.

12. Followerwonk


Are you planning on using only Twitter in your SMM plan?

Then Followerwonk is an ideal choice for you. It’s one of the most useful and in-depth tools that is used exclusively for Twitter.

This great SMM tool will assist you in evaluating your current audience, will provide you with notifications regarding who to follow as well as help you grow both your followers and audience.

13. Everypost


Everypost is a tremendous social media automation tool that makes it comfortable to curate content.

This tool pulls all the trending and relevant content from various platforms like Flickr, Instagram, RSS Feeds, YouTube and many more.

Once that’s done, you can schedule your posts and optimize them according to your target audience under each social media network you plan to use.

That way you can efficiently and effectively maximize the outcome of each post.

14. CrowdBooster


CrowdBooster is an online tool that gathers real-time for you. This SMM tool can be used whenever you have to make a report considering all your key performing metrics.

In addition, it also permits you to export all this data in the form of tables and graphs.

With all the data in front of you, you can quickly come up with a new and effective plan that can help you generate more traffic in no time.

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Wrap Up

Social media marketing is still one of the most cost-effective digital marketing techniques out there.

However, due to the number of social platforms, managing them all at once has become difficult. It’s hard for one person to handle all networks and it can cost you a significant amount if you hire a team of SMM experts.

Instead, try the tools mentioned above to speed up your sharing. In addition, most of these social media automation tools have a schedule feature that makes your life much better.

Which social media automation tool do you use? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

Share your review about these social media automation tool by commenting below.

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