Competition for Dentists in Online market has increased rapidly. To keep in contact with patients and attract new clients dentists are redesigning their websites. Content marketing strategies are adopted by a few of them to get more shares on social websites.

However, these artistic advertising efforts will go in vain if aren’t optimizing for search engines.

Now, here search engine optimization or SEO comes in. We interviewed Centor Digital, the market leader in dental marketing, to get a deeper view at this.

SEO marketing might not be in your priority list if you are a dentist, but without SEO it will not be possible to find you.

If your site is achieving 60% – 70% of all clicks by ranking in searches, that will account you great credibility and authority, more patients for your practice, more website traffic and more qualified leads.

If your competitors are already investing in SEO that means they are getting benefits and attracting native patients before they even know your existence.

If your competitors aren’t investing in SEO yet, this is the better opportunity for you to attract local patients, don’t miss it.

3 Reasons why dentists should invest in SEO


Reason #1. Google is the new Yellow Pages

Mobile phones and computers are the main sources of search engine for patients to find local businesses. According to the Google stats:-
• Search queries for local businesses are of 20%
• Mobile searches for local businesses are of 40%
• Consumers search for local businesses online are 97%

Reason #2. Free Traffic

The best investments you can make for your dental practice is SEO, you get more patients and traffic for free by ranking top at Google.

Reason #3. Fast Results

According to the masses believe it takes 6 months to a year to achieve first page Google rankings, but results often come faster in local markets. SEO practices aren’t following by most dentists, if you follow SEO practice you will get desired results within time.

SEO Guideline to Improve the Dentists Site

seo reports

Do you want to explore how to rank your Clinic sites?

You can follow the step by step guide which is based on SEO features based. After that, your Clinic site will be on the way in a better business life cycle.

  1. Research Analysis

Basically, it is based on the on-site SEO page and off-site SEO page which indicate the Dental keyword research. We know that research analysis is the best piece of SEO.

You can understand the research strategy of these features.

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Keyword Research
  1. On-Page Optimization

on page seo tips

The on-page optimization is important to increase your Dental clinic websites such as backlink building and search optimization.

The on-page optimization is basically based on these features which can increase your site searches.

The management should be perfect here. Experts focus is to set the page in the best way as on page decides the ranking on the google.

The keywords, title, meta title all should be according to Google policy and only placing keywords is not essential as the content and design should have the ability to attract the viewers.

Focus that your web solution should have the ability to attract the player’s design and content prepare in such a way that it fulfills the desire.
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2.1. Website Structure:

Site Structure

When you develop or make a website then make sure the architecture of effective web represents your web ranking.

Therefore, make sure that the web page passes the required information by internet linking.

After that when a user comes on your web page or blog page then he can easily access your Dental service by the interlinking process such like this:

Home>Category>Sub Category

2.2. Website URL Structure:

It is a crucial step which can increase your clinic website ranking. It processes your dental solution by on-page optimization based internal linking.

Basically, it enhances the ranking by anchor text, keyword, and title based in such a way:

Dentist site home page>categories> individual Dental Services

Web linking is an essential part to promote your site in the best way as by creating the links on the other website can be helpful and it helps to bring the interested people on the same platform but it is important that you should create the links on the best website who gets the best traffic.

2.3. Keyword Optimization:


Firstly, a list which practices the services you provide. Crowns, teeth cleaning, fillings and orthodontics might include in your list.

Your services should be entered in keyword planner Tool inside Google Ad words platform, to identify the keywords people use to search for dental procedures and services.

You should optimize your all services pages for the keywords search by people. Fastest improvement can be provided by your Google My Business page.

This page will show up in the “Map” results for local dentist related searches.

It will play a key role in your SEO advantage and will deliver an introduction to your prospective patients.

It is a faster and easier way to get a Google ranking for your website. But of course, key pages of your website you also want to optimize.

You must know which type of keyword you can customize according to Google Search Result Page.

For instance:

  • Effective title
  • Heading
  • Subheading
  • Content paragraph with a valuable description

To work on good keywords is essential. Keywords strategy is the most crucial thing of the SEO, as it helps to bring the best and effective result on google.

Keywords placing should also be in the best way so it can rank on google.

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3. Citations and Links

After taking the initial steps of optimizing your website and Google My Business page to rank in Google, you need to do more to be on the top in a crowded field.

To separate yourself from other dentists in your area you need to build citations and backlinks.

Citations are known as “NAP” which is Name, Address, and phone number. For an attractive website, you must include a citation on your contact page and also in the footer of your website.

Backlinks are the hyperlinks pointing from other websites to your website. Websites that are linked to your website gets importance from Google. Links are the votes for your website’s relevance and authority.

4. Reviews

Reviews are the factors that can provide you high ranking on Google’s SERPs over local competitors.

You can get reviews on medical sites like Health and but keep your focus on gaining actual positive reviews on your Google My Business page.

It will help you get a higher rank and more prospective patients will like to contact you.

But to get these positive reviews you need to provide top services and ask them to review you.

Make sure you make it easy and simple for them. The easiest way to ask for reviews is to send a review request via email.

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5. Social Media Integration:

Social Media Integration

In the social media integration, you can build your gaming website on it. The social media growing the community channels, sharing, content which is helpful to improve your site ranking.

Facebook, Instagram all are ruling the world and without them our life is incomplete. Social media has become an important part of our lives and people prefer this platform extremely.

6. Blog Content

As we mentioned that the blog content is an important part of SEO which is based on the keyword and research analysis based.

You should be always remembered that your blog or web content is user-friendly and high quality based which can easily target your webpage.

7. Link Building


According to the blog post and content strategy, you can allow the inbound link in your on page and blogs because Google calls your dental site by the effective traffic.

In this, the low quality based blog content and keyword make a positive effect on your dental clinic site or application.

8. Tracking

Tracking is the best way to keep eye on the success of SEO efforts. One can track SEO efforts by following three metrics which are ranking, traffic and conversion. You can check your keyword ranking once or twice per month.

To check keyword ranking easily download webmaster, it will let you know the number of impressions and clicks providing by each keyword.

The ranking is not enough; you should also track the amount of traffic you are getting. Google Analytics is the best way to track traffic.

Connect your website with Google Analytics; it will show you the number of visitors visiting your website.

With the addition to rankings and traffic; keep the eye on conversations you are receiving through SEO efforts. It will help you track on new patients attaching with you through advertising efforts.

Partner with digital marketing pros:-

Digital marketing is necessary nowadays. Yellow pages were the main source to search dentists in past, but now people search online. Whether you are new or old in dental practice, SEO is necessary.

People ignored sites which are not ranked high. To keep old patients and find new ones SEO is required. You can hire professionals to do digital marketing for the dentist.


The best advertising investment you can make for your dental service is SEO campaign. But if it is not properly managed all efforts will be useless. To achieve desired results through SEO you need to approach SEO in proper steps.

Following these steps, you will get a higher ranking,  more traffic, new patients get attracted and impress old patients with your services.

Dr. Norman Earally

Dr. Norman Earally, CEO and founder of Centor Digital. The Company is well known name in the dental marketing business. If you want to attract local patients and keep impressing old patients Mr. Earally will be the best person to contact.


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