Nowadays SEO (Search engine optimization) becomes more important than ever for any digital marketer.

Every business owner, even the smallest one, needs to know and learn about this.

What is SEO?


seo strategy for business

If I tell you in short, SEO is a set of rules or a method by which you can rank your website in the top position of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.

In addition, it’s really a great method to improve the website’s quality by make it more user-friendly, fast, and engaging.

Why is SEO important?

If you own a website then you definitely want traffic, and without ranking higher you cannot get any organic traffic for sure. SEO is the only way to rank your website top and get unlimited organic targeted traffic.

That means SEO is a must for anyone, even for small business. You can either do it by yourself or hire an affordable SEO service for your business.

How can I do SEO by myself and from where can I hire Cheap SEO Services?

Hold on!

I am going to answer all of your questions that are in your mind. In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know about SEO. You just need to read the entire article thoroughly.

Basically, there are two parts of SEO. They are on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO

SEO starts with On-page optimization. What is On-page SEO?

Basically, it is a practice of optimizing your website’s particular page to rank it higher and achieve more targeted traffic.  It refers to both HTML source code as well as the content of the page.

If I summarize the whole concept of on-page SEO then I will say On-page SEO is a process of making your particular page, or overall website, better for the user.

What is the process?

Well, Here I am going to show you some most important things you should pay attention to complete the process.

  • Page Speed

According to the famous marketer and SEO specialist Neil Patel, 47% of your users expect your site to load within 2 seconds. Moreover, almost half of the Americans do not buy from the site that is slow.

Additionally, fast loading sites are more likely to rank.

Think about it. Do you like to wait?

Of course not. If it takes time to load the first one of the search result, you will surely press the back button and go for the 2nd one. As a result, Google will drop the rank of that slower site.

Check your website from PageSpeed Insights and if you find that your site is faster enough.

If it is not faster, optimize it. In order to make your site faster, do these things:

  • Leverage the Browser Caching
  • Use GZIP Compression
  • Optimize Images and Plugins
  • Clean Up the entire HTML & CSS Coding
  • Shift to Fastest Hosting
  • Eliminate the Ads
  • Minimize Redirects

The image and plugins hold almost 50-60% of site weight. So, optimize the image will greatly affect the site speed.

The faster your site is, the more engagement you will get. And the more engagement you get the higher rank you will achieve. Since Google now only cares about the user experience and engagement.

  • Mobile Responsive

From 2015, Google started to penalize the site that is not mobile friendly.

Now, almost 56% of the users browse the internet on their smartphone. And guess what, Google’s passion for the mobile user will increase day by day for sure.

So it is very important to make your website mobile responsive. You can check your website is mobile friendly or not from Google’s mobile-friendliness test tool.

If your website is not mobile responsive, Google will provide you what things you should do to make it responsive.

Remember, almost 80% of American adults have a mobile phone. So chances are high that your user will be a mobile user.

  • Authoritative, User-Friendly Content

You should keep in mind that the On-Page SEO starts and ends with the user. Once you have made your website fast enough and mobile friendly, it is time to focus on content. An authoritative, User-Friendly Content is the life of the website.

Those days are gone when you just put a bunch of keywords in your content it ranks on top of the google search.

Now there is no value of keyword density. Rather, if you stuff your page with the keyword, you will be penalized for sure.

To ensure good quality, SEO friendly and engaging content, follow these steps.

  • Attractive keyword-based Title

The title is the most important factor for on-page SEO because the title is the first thing your user will see in the google search result. If your title is attractive the CTR will go high and Google takes it as a green signal.

But you should make sure that the main keyword is in the title and if possible, keep it in the first. You have multiple tags on your content, how will google understand your main tag?

Make your title as relevant as possible and make sure it represents the entire idea of the content. Add a modifier to the title. Researches show that titles with modifier perform better than the titles without the modifier.

And one more important thing, never make the title so long that it cannot be fully shown on the result page and never make it too short that cannot cover the content idea. 50-60 words are perfect for the title and make it appealing to the user.

  • Use SEO friendly URL

When it comes to URL, short, easily readable and concise URL is best.

According to Ahref, shorten URL rank better. Try to put the main keyword into the URL, but never ever stuff the URL with keywords. It should be 5-6 words which are easily shareable and readable.

Avoid any number, ugly character and long sentence in the URL. A user should get a clear idea about what your page is all about.

  • Meta description

A research done by Survey Monkey shows, that 43.2% of the user clicks on a result by seeing the Meta description of the search result page.

Meta description generally conveys what a user will get in the content. Though it is not a big ranking factor, the search engine gets an idea about the content by reading the Meta.

So tells the user what is your page all about and make it different but appealing. It is not important to put the keyword here.

So feel free to write a short, concise, and appealing Meta description within 156 words that enhance your CTR.

  • Heading tag

Your audience will see the heading first once he comes into your landing page. In addition, your page should contain multiple heading that represents a particular paragraph.

Use the keyword in at least one heading. If possible, use it in the first heading. The first heading is named H1 and the next one is h2 and so on. The h2, h3 … are called subheading.

You need to know that, most of the users do not read the entire content. They just glance over the page. But if you have a good subheading then he will read the paragraph and possibly read the entire article.

  • Writing Informative Content

Create Quality Content

The internet is flooded with content. You should make sure that your content is unique and informative. Your content has to clearly explain the topic, service or product you are offering. Provide all the information your user wants.

But do not make your content boring when providing enough information. Rather make it interesting. Make fun, use story, give example and finally make the content is like you are talking with the reader.

Use the keyword in the first 100 words. Successful SEO marketer uses this trick as well.

Additionally, use relative LSI keywords in your content. This will help Google to understand exactly what your page all about it. You can use keyword research tools to find these keywords.

There should not be any grammatical mistake. Also, do not repeat the same line. Overall, make the content engrossing so that the user read the article feeling enjoyable or emotional. You know, content is the king.

  • Internal Links

Links carry great weight in the SEO. Quality backlinks from quality sources have a great impact on SEO, and internal linking works great as well. It also helps to improve the user experience.

Use 2-3 internal links. Basically, internal links are the links of your other pages that you use as an anchor text.

You should use other authority sites link such as Wikipedia, Facebook, and others.  It will strengthen the keyword and at the same time helps Google to determine where to rank this keyword.

But keep in mind that only the relevance link will work.

The main target to link other pages is to give the audience more options to remain on your page for more times. And the more time your user spent on your site, the higher your page will rank.

  • Optimize Images

And lastly, optimize the image. Images improve the user experience and at the same time impact on the SEO.

Make sure that at least one of your image’s file name is your targeted keyword. Also, rename the other image file with other relevance tags. This gives Google the signal of what is the page all about as well.

You know the image says a thousand words more than letters. So use as many images as possible. But don’t use any big size image.

Remember, the bigger the size of your image, the more time it will take to lead the page.

The Perfectly Optimized Page

From the above discussion, what have we got?

In order to perfectly optimize the page, you need to ensure

  • Page speed
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • User-Friendly, Informative Content
  • Good Title
  • Concise link
  • Attractive Meta description
  • And finally, we optimized content.

You are done with on-page SEO. Now we will move to our second part of SEO. The off page SEO.

Off page SEO

Off page SEO is opposite to on page SEO. Off-page SEO is something that you do outside your website in order to rank your website higher.

Once you have completed on-page SEO, it’s time to do off-page SEO. Why is it important? Well, you will get the answer in a few minutes.

Basically, there are three methods of off-page SEO.

  1. Link building
  2. Social media marketing

Now let’s come to your question.

Think about it, if you and your competitors have the same quality content why does Google rank your website higher? Right?

But if you get enough reference links, social share, social media mentions, and social bookmarks then google will understand your page is the best for the user and users are getting benefits from your page and Google will rank you higher.

1. Link building



Link building is the soul of SEO.

When it comes to off-page SEO maximum people think that it is link building. And it is not false at all.

But you need to be careful about good, relevance and quality backlinks. 1 quality relevant backlink is better than 100 bad backlinks.

Nowadays Bulk Backlinks is considered as Negative seo Services by the major search engine.

Where your site will get a higher rank for quality and relevant backlinks, your site can be penalized as well for bad backlinks.

You can get the reference links naturally or build the links in many ways. But I will talk about the top 5 methods of link building.

  1. Web 2.0
  2. Blog commenting
  3. Guest posting
  4. Broken link building
  5. Infographic link
  6. Social Bookmarking

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  • Web 2.0

Hey, I am going to make it complex for you or I am not going to make you understand in any formal dictionary way.

Basically, web.20 link building is, sharing your link in some free blogging site such as,,, and many others.

You need to write a blog on those platforms and send the visitors to your main page through the anchor text. This is called web 2.0 link building.

You just need to create a blog, write content and send the traffic to your page. Google will count the link as a referral link. Though, this method does not work well now.

  • Blog/forum commenting

This is another good way to get backlinks.

You know there are a lot of blogs and forum on the internet where you can comment and share your open thoughts.

Search for blog related to your topic and post a valuable comment. And attach your site link to that comment. If your comment is relevant then the site owner will approve it and you will get a backlink.

In the same way, find out some topic related to your site in the forum and answer their questions. Additionally, simply add your site link in that comment.

But remember; do not just post your site link any comment section, it will be considered as spam.

  • Guest posting

Guest posting is still a hot way to get the backlink. This is one of the best ways to get quality backlink from a quality site. Also, it is the way to get your brand name mention.

Most of the successful SEO marketers use this method to rank their site higher. This will not only provide quality backlinks but also it will provide some quality, targeted traffic.

Most importantly it gives your site a juice and boosts your website ranking.

In order to do guest posting, you have to select some good quality blogs or websites that allow guest posting.

Then write an email telling that you want to provide them a good quality content that will enrich their site value and in return, you need just a backlink.

But before mailing them, make sure you have read all their terms and condition of guest posting and also you have studied their website thoroughly and figure out what content they should include.

If they agree, write good quality content. Provide as much information as needed. But do not add too many links to the content. 2-3 is enough. And try to add the relevant link so that you get a good amount of traffic from that site.

One more thing, do not add a link of your homepage; rather add a link of a particular page that you want to rank.

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  • Infographic SEO

This is similar to guest posting. But this one is more attractive.

Infographic is a great way to represent any information. And the visitors don’t get bored reading Infographic.

According to Neil Patel, almost 37.5% more traffic is generated by Infographic than a normal blog post.

So, create an attractive Infographic with enough information and offer to other website owners. Most of the time site owners approve Infographic.

You can get a bunch of backlinks through Infographic.

  • Broken link building

Most of the site owners rely on guest posting for backlinks.

But guest posting is tough to do. You need to find a relevant site, write a good quality article, submit the article, and finally, the site owner needs to approve that.

On the other hand, broken link building is relatively easy and it provides a good quality backlink.

You will find out a lot of links on the blog site that are broken. That is your advantage. How?

Do you think any user who clicks on that broken link will be satisfied with the content especially when they cannot find any info on that link? And the site owners surely do not want that right? So offer them to repair the link by replacing the link, and I am sure most of the owner will like it.

This will also help you to build a good relationship with the site owner. With this relationship, you can ask for guest posting in the future.

  • Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a great way to get more traffic to your site. But this does not work as well as it did long ago.

You will find some sites where you can share your site link directly. Such as,, and

Try not to spam, rather post your link in relevance site.

2. Social Media Marketing

Do I need to introduce you to social media?

I am sure, I don’t need to. This is one of the forms of building link. Though most of the social links are no follow links, it can help to boost your SEO.

However, this will help you to get a high amount of buyer or visitor. So try to be active on social media and create engaging content.

Wrap up words

On page SEO and off page SEO, both are really important for rank your site. You cannot rank your site on top with only on-page SEO and without on-page SEO, off-page SEO is nothing. That means you have to do both.

It is time to boost your network and rank your site. If you cannot do that, you will not get any traffic, any sale, and never be successful.

If you are not able to do on-page SEO and off page SEO, but want to rank a site, then you can hire Cheap SEO Services Provider to do that. You will find a lot of Affordable SEO Services who offer good quality SEO for small and medium business.


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