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5 Proven Pinterest Marketing Tips that will Work for your Business

About 250 million people use Pinterest each month, and about 93% of them use it to make a purchase decision-It seems that implementing a Pinterest marketing strategy is now more than a necessity to increase brand awareness.

Pinterest is a vast platform where you will find lifestyle bloggers, home chefs, entrepreneurs, parents, app aficionados, and others pinning around.

People use Pinterest for ideas to discover what’s new, how to save big and other DIYs. Your Pins help them understand how your brand can fit into their lives.

So, if you want to get massive ROI, you need to use Pinterest for marketing.

Why Pinterest is important for marketing?


Want to know why you need to go for Pinterest marketing? Okay, let me tell you through the statistic so you will get a better idea.

  • 50% of people purchased a product after seeing a Promoted pin
  • 67% said that they have discovered a new brand or product from content on the network.
  • Pinterest’s users are far-reaching, and nearly40% people more joined the Pinterest than last year.

Convinced now that Pinterest is your next marketing platform to reach?

Now, it’s time to Pin it right to win the pinning game!

How to market on Pinterest

If you want to reach out to your target audience, you have to plan out a robust Pinterest marketing strategy.

Here are some tips:

  • Make a Pinterest business profile
  • Use catchy, engaging content
  • Use Rich Pins.
  • Add a call to actions to images without being promotional
  • Pin consistently.
  • Reciprocate the love
  • Tag power pinners in your pins

Let’s dive further into it and get to know how to implement these tips into your Pinterest Marketing.

1. Make a Pinterest business profile

Make a Pinterest business profile

If you want a lasting first impression, make your Pinterest account look professional. Convert it into a Pinterest Business account.

It’s free and easy.

Go through the following steps to make your profile appealing to grab your consumers’ attention.

  • Add a short but engaging bio with some useful SEO keyword relevant to your brand. Make sure that it reads like your brand’s voice.
  • Customize your profile up a notch by adding an attractive board cover. It will bring a more cohesive look to your brand. Use your brand colors, icons, and fonts.
  • Use catchy board titles of two to three words in length.

•  Get creative with your board descriptions with keywords so that pinners will quickly find you when they search for your industry.

2. Use catchy, engaging content

Your customers will only like you when you put yourself into their perspectives. What are their likes and dislikes, which product will attract them; you have to set your goals according to their interests.

Think about the content that people would be searching for, and make your boards, titles, images, descriptions hashtags, keywords according to it.

Look at the boards of this profile, how beautifully the images are placed in each board.

Use catchy engaging content

3. Use Rich Pins

Pinterest is all about pinning. If you learn the technique of pinning it right and pinning it on point, you will stand out in the platform.

Rich Pins sets a framework of an idea; they show added information directly on a Pin. Pinterest offers six types of Rich Pins: app, product, recipe, article, movie, and place.

Depending on the work practice of your business, you should enable Rich Pins if possible.

For instance, if you want to advertise your product, you can enable product Pins that give pricing info.

product pins

Rich pins are also necessary because they stand out with star reviews, product tag icons and reviews on the mobile app.

4. Add a call to actions to images without being promotional

Do you want your audience to click to your pictures? Do you wish to get a response from your customers?

Ask for it.

Adding a call to action to your images is an excellent way to grab attention. But remember that you create a call to action that motivates the user to click.

Avoid getting promotional; it doesn’t work well on Pinterest.

Look at this picture, how it grabbed my attention with just a few powerful words.

call to actions to images

5. Pin consistently

The secret to successful Pinterest marketing is to Pin at least five times a day to get optimal results.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that all the content you post must to be yours. You can repin some favorite post from the community you are engaged in; it can help you improve your Pinterest search ranking.

Bonus tip: you can pin the same content to multiple boards by using social media management tools. Don’t forget to check your Pinterest Pinning Analytics to track your activity.

Genuine advice: Remember that your pins reflect your expertise and taste on each board topics to your readers. So, Pin wisely to give an appealing impression of your brand.

6. Reciprocate the Love

Pinterest marketing can ignite your brand awareness and shows the credibility and authenticity of your business.

If you want to develop a good user base on Pinterest, you need to be interactive with those that are supporting you by commenting, liking or repin your pins.

Reciprocate the Love

Reciprocate to their love by commenting, liking, and following other pinners.

This shows your interest in them and works even better to push your account into the Pinterest rabbit hole.

7. Tag famous pinners in your pins

If you want to ace the pinning game, do some research and find the giant Pinners in your business niche, or ‘power pinners’ who share similar boards with you.

Whenever you pin something new, use the @tag along with the user’s name to catch their attention and refer a pin to that user.

Tagging Power pinners can help you market your brand more effectively.

Even if a single Popular Pinner shares your pin with their followers, you can be in the eyes of their audience. It will increase your brand awareness.

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Wrap up

Pinterest is exploding these days and serves as a robust marketing tool for any business. These Pinterest marketing tips will help you reach your target audience and make your brand stand out in the market.

This powerful social media platform will be the best bet in your business success and generate sufficient revenues for you.

So, Keep Pinning!

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