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Is A Website Good or Bad For Guest Blogging? (How to Find Out)

Guest posting is important for your SEO and link building activities. However, you should know whether the site that you have chosen is good for guest blogging or not.

Since you are likely to get confused and end up choosing a wrong site, you should keep the below-mentioned factors in mind to find out whether the site is good to go or not.

Ads above the fold

Since Google wants to give a better user experience and digital journey to its users it considers overstuffing of the ads above the fold as spam.

Since 2012 it has changed its policy a number of times. The below mentioned is an example of above the fold ad and you need to find a site with fewer ads.

good sites for guest blogging

Image Source: Cloudfront

Does it look like spam?

By looking at a site, you can instantly say whether it is a spam site or not. Trust your eyes, it will not betray you. In fact, spam sites are way too obvious to be missed.

However, below are a few things that you must consider before arriving at any conclusion.

  • There should be some content above the fold otherwise the site will be devalued by the search engines
  • It should have a well-defined navigation path. For instance, having a sitemap, internal linking and navigation can ease up things but then when the SEO experts and developers work individually, there are more issues creep in.
  • For example, having an Ajax effect without proper linking structure is a negative point.
  • The important thing here to remember is that you must avoid the site that is content-rich but doesn’t have right navigation path. That is not a good site for guest blogging.

Is the site organized into silos?

The sites that do not care about the content arrangement are not the good sites for guest blogging. These sites often tend to be extremely greedy about revenue, hence, they stuff keywords to generate traffic thus money.

However, you should choose a site that is organized. The content should be properly managed.

For instance, a site that places an article about how to find the best-golfing course underneath the article that reads “best pet care tips” is not something that you should choose.

The below mentioned is a snapshot of the Huffington Post. If you look at the site, you can easily find out that everything is absolutely organized. This should be a good sign.

good guest blogging

Image Source: Politico

Has it implemented Google authorship?

Since the web universe is cluttered, it is difficult to verify the authenticity but Google authorship helps the users to find the best content because it has categorized the authors according to their reputation.

Undoubtedly, this builds the trust factor and you must have been aware of the importance of branding because getting Google authorship would mean making people trust your work and this can take you far.

The below, mentioned is as a shot of Google authorship. In fact, this is how it should look when the authorship is implemented on the site.

optimizes guest blogging

Image Source: Adamdince

Do they have certain requirements for guest blogging?

If you are serious about guest posting, then you should never feel disappointed when you see a site that demands a certain criterion. In fact, they are more serious people and they do not want to take the risk. This should be the ideal site for guest posting.

tech guest blogging

Image Source: Netdna

Do they have review and edit options?

Undoubtedly, a site that does not care about quality will not care about reviewing the content. The sites that care for the business and quality will have the editors to overview the content before publishing it.

For instance, if you see the WordPress’s submit a review, you should feel confident and choose that site for guest blogging.

Do they have a better DA score?

Domain authority is the important factor that you should never ignore because this is the determining factor. The domain authority score below 25 should be a red flag because that is too low score to get you any meaningful result.

Therefore, you must find a site that has a better DA score. Now, what should be the ideal score? There is no hard and fast rule but if you have a site with a DA score of 60 and another site with a DA score of 40, then you should choose the site with the higher score.

That means you have to find out the site with a higher score. So, how are you going to find out the score?

All you need to do is to find some tools like buzzsumo to discover the DA score of the site. The below mentioned is the snapshot of a site’s DA. So, ensure that you find out the score before you start blogging.

moz guest blogging-min

Image Source: Thinkingoutsidethesandbox

Do they ask you to pay?

It is a universal fact that you do not have to pay for the guest blogging. If you find that some sites are asking you to pay for guest blogging, then you should run away from them fast and far.

In fact, that is not a good site to post your blogs. You should stay away from such propositions. Those are the sites that try to exploit your overwhelming need for back-link generation tendencies.

Guest posting should not be carried out without proper investigation because posting content on the wrong site would mean hurting your SEO efforts.

In fact, guest posting can be highly effective if you can find the best site that is ideal for guest posting.

The above-stated tips are the key factors that you must look before choosing the site for guest posting.

Undoubtedly, it will take time to research about all these facts, however, the time that you would spend on researching would definitely bring you results because if you find a site with DA score and meets other criteria mentioned above, then you are in a good position. So, make sure that you look at these factors and get the best blogging site for guest posting.

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