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SAAS Marketing: Tactics and Strategies you Need for your Business Growth

Software as a Service (SaaS) or “on-demand software” is a software delivery and distribution model in which a third-party host creates applications. And, make the product or software available for the customer via the internet.

SaaS is one of the important members of the Cloud Computing family. Other members of this family include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

A user can access the SaaS with the help of a web browser. SaaS has taken over some common business applications like office software, messaging software, DBMS software, accounting, customer relationship management, human resource management, etc.

The provider gives the application to its customers through one common source. But when new updates and functionalities are launched, then they provide those all their individual customers.

There are some SaaS which is crucial for business technologies like, email, sales management, and customer relationship management. Some of the leading SaaS hosts in the global market like Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

Well, it is not only about the host or the provider. It is also about the user or the buyer.

In SaaS marketing, the buyer also has a role to play which includes awareness, consideration, decision, retention, and advocacy.

If you are a host, then you should have some intelligent tactics to make prominent marketing.

You have to make sure some things like, does your buyer know about your product or your existing customers are satisfied with your product or not.

Best SaaS Tactics to Follow to Grow your Business Even More

Today, we are going to list down some of the best SaaS marketing tactics to help your business grow.

  1. Use the Power of Content Marketing

Content Marketing plays a vital role in every company which is related to SaaS. Content can provide the buyer or the customer the right information they are looking for. It can help to educate and manipulate buyers or consumers.

To follow a perfect SaaS Content Marketing Strategy, read the following steps –

  • Gather a list of keywords related to your product and create different pages of a different keyword so they can rank higher in search engines.
  • Provide e-books, advertisements, and social posts to create an awareness of your product.
  • Provide webcasts, podcasts, and guides and educate your customers and make them realize that your product is the only solution to their problems. And, try to hit their pain points.
  • If you are selling software which is already available in the market then try to create between vendors and try to convince the customers why your product is the best in the market. Help them to choose the right option.
  • Create contents that are relevant irrespective of customers’ location, job designation, buying habits, financial conditions, etc.
  1. Utilize the Power of your SEO to Generate Organic Leads

SEO of a company plays a very important role. They can bring organic traffic to your website. This will highly benefit your company.

Google always gives importance to those websites which have achieved a higher ranking by Organic Traffics. They are known as Organic Websites.

To cope up with the challenges of SEO, there are some advanced tactics which can help your website to grow –

Try to find keywords that are likely to be searched by any patron that can solve their problem. If you are selling a product or a service through your website, then use keywords that will be relevant to that of the issue the patron is facing.

Therefore, whenever the client types some keyword on the search engine which is related to the service or solution you are providing, he/she will find your website on the top of the list.

In a SaaS, Call to Action (CTAs) banners will help you a lot. Whenever a new user opens, your website offers them free-trial of your service. Or, just pop up a window in front of them asking them to sign-up free to your website.

By doing this, you can keep a record of your user action. And, this process is very important to bring organic traffics.

Try to use ideal keywords in the right places. The main keyword (which is related to the services you are providing) should be placed on the Heading of the content. Then, you can mention the keyword again anywhere in the first paragraph.

  1. Take Advantages of Paid Advertisements (PPC)

If you have enough capital in your hand, then this will be the best option for you to grow your business. Paid Advertisements can bring loads and loads of traffic from the very first day.

Therefore, it can be said that it is the best tactics in the market to grow your business. But you need to advertise properly on proper websites.

Here are some tips and tactics to use PPC as a growth catalyst of your business:

  • Keywords with high competency level can increase the Cost Per Click (CPC) or Pay Per Click (PPC) value. And, as a result, you have to pay more to the host and will consume all of your budgets. Therefore, try to use keywords with less competency.
  • Use the power of sponsored post on different social media websites. Sponsored posts can attract more traffic than normal content posts. You can use this traffic to grow your business by directing them to your website.
  • Run ads on different social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. Or, other than social media platforms you can also run your ads on email platforms.
  • Quora is recently offering other websites to run ads on their website. Therefore, you can always choose this option as there is less competition.
  1. Provide the Best-in-Class Customer Service

Quality customer service has always been an important attribute of SaaS business. You have to build a strong customer service in order to keep your existing customers satisfied.

A study has shown that 84% of customers stop using the same service when they don’t get a satisfying solution to their problem.

If you don’t want to face these kinds of problems with your company, then follow the below steps to successfully grow your business.

  • Provide a proper CTA (Call To Action) on your website. Your customer support link should be mentioned on every page of your website.
  • In CTA, provide your entire contact details and 24×7 active helpline number where your customers will get assisted by human agents. You can also include a chatbox in every page which will be operated by a chatbot.
  • FAQs are very important in some cases. People always try to find similar problems faced by other users. Properly survey the issues faced by the customers and list down a common set with solutions in the FAQ section.
  • Include social media page links on your homepage. And, add a review section where a customer can post a review on your service. This helps your company grow in a customized way.
  1. Use Properly Linked Content to get New and Quality Leads

To access gated content, a user must provide their information like email address, occupation, etc. This can be a bit disturbing for some users but it is a great process to generate quality leads.

Through gated content, you can offer free PDFs, Powerpoint Presentations, free tool, etc to your users. If the audience finds it useful then they will share their lead information.

  1. Start an Affiliate Marketing Program

Every SaaS company has some loyal customers. Running an affiliate marketing program does not put your company at risk because you have to pay only if there is a confirmed sale.

Affiliate Marketing is useful for SaaS companies as they can generate a constant flow of leads.

  1. Earn a Recognition using Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is really a good option for SaaS companies. It will help the company to gain more recognition and valued customers for your service.

The concept of influencer marketing is very simple as you need to collaborate with influencer sharing a common niche. And then, ask for their recommendations.

This will increase the value of your service and your company will grow eventually as your service will be reaching to more users.


SaaS Marketing is different from other forms of marketing. In SaaS, customers have the most important value as you are completely depending on them to grow your business.

Keep in mind that you should provide the best service and should have the best customer support assistance. This is what makes the difference between great companies and good companies. Try to retain your existing valued customers and give them satisfactory solutions.

Follow the above-mentioned tactics or strategies to grow your SaaS business and keep up your SaaS market.

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