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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Introduction and FAQ

Affiliate marketing has taken over the world and is now one of the biggest techniques for blog owners to earn money. This trend has grown exponentially over the years and has found its way among many bloggers and website owners.

Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest techniques that almost every blogger and every person who has a website are using to earn money through their blogs and websites.

Bloggers such as Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, and Shoutmeloud are all using affiliate marketing as a way to monetize their website.

In this article, I will help you guide you through the basics of affiliate marketing and I will tell you why it is important and how you can earn money through affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the oldest forms of Digital Marketing. Here the products are sold to the users and the activity of the users is recorded for commission purpose.

Here in this method of Digital Marketing the track record of the buyer is kept in mind and is tracked via a tracking URL.

We get the tracking URL from the main source i.e. the company which sells its products and likewise, the commission is granted to the person.

In this is a type of marketing, the person usually builds and maintains a website that uploads a review based content of products, for example, best smartphones, laptops and such items that can be sold online.

The content uploaded on the website will have links called the affiliate links to the product for which the review has been mentioned.

Once the reader reads the content and clicks on the affiliate link and the sale is made, the blogger or the website owner will get a commission for that sale.

More the consumers you can direct on your website, the more income you can potentially earn from your affiliate links.

The goal of the affiliate marketing is to make sure that the website is ranked on the first page of Google for the targeted keyword, in this case, the product.

Once the website is ranked on the top of the Google search result page, the aim is to generate income from your affiliate link.

Who can Start Affiliate Marketing?

Anyone can start affiliate marketing, irrespective of their age and their occupation.

As long as you are willing to learn and grow yourself as a person, you can start with affiliate marketing and start generating revenue.

It is very much for everyone who is willing to take action in the right direction.

It is very much important to have a basic knowledge of affiliate marketing and the techniques and the strategies associated with it to attract the audience to the website.

The basic knowledge and a good foundation will help you build your affiliate website and with the right techniques, you can get it on the first page of the Google search result.

Steps towards a successful affiliate website:

  1. Find a niche

Finding a niche or an area of interest is especially necessary for the establishment and building an affiliate website.

A niche for your website will help your website stand out from the lot.

You will also be able to give your complete focus on your website when you have an area of interest.

  1. Finding an Affiliate Program

Next important step is to find an affiliate program for your affiliate website and your niche. This will make sure that your affiliate website can help you generate income in the long run.

For example, if your niche is gadget reviews, then you should look for e-commerce websites such as Amazon and Flipkart.

They have affiliate programs that you can link to your website and earn income from them.

Every time someone purchases any gadget from your website’s affiliate link, you will be paid a commission for that sale.

  1. Setting up your website

Once you have selected your niche and you have selected the affiliate program for your affiliate website, you have to move forward and build a website to start earning income for it.

Setting up a website is a tricky business and it requires some efforts and time.

Since this is the most important part of earning income from affiliate marketing, this should be done slowly and steadily and make sure that there are no last-minute problems on the website.

To set up your website, you need to, first of all, buy a domain. There are many companies online that sell the domain, such as GoDaddy, Hostgator and many more.

Select any one of these domains selling website and choose from their plans and buy the one that suits you the best.

Once you have selected the domain, all you have to do is install WordPress on your domain and start building your affiliate website.

This will take you one step closer towards realizing your dream of having an affiliate website and earning money.

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  1. Writing content

Writing content is another important aspect of an affiliate website. Once you have selected your niche and created your website, you should writing content for your website with the relevant keywords to ensure that your content and your website can rank in Google search result.

Writing content is very much important and you have to make sure that the content was written is thorough and well researched and of high quality.

For example, if you are writing a review of a gadget then you should include features, pros and cons and the in-depth review of the gadget.

This content will help you get your website on the top result of the Google page and earn your income via affiliate links you will put in the content.

Affiliate Marketing Tracking methods

The most common tracking method is to track via a tracking URL where the activity of the user is recorded through the URL which is given by the company to its affiliate people.

Many old-fashioned affiliate programs allow people to give their email details and to give the referral URLs for the commission.

Features of Good Affiliate programs are:-

Many companies which sell online products like web-hosting, shoes, gadgets, and services often give affiliate links.
A person can simply go and get enrolled in those programs and get the affiliate link. Now, whenever writing about the product you can mention the companies link.
Now if the person reading the article purchases the product the commission is granted to the person.

Some common terms associated with affiliate marketing are:-

Publishers who are using the affiliate links to avail the commission are affiliates. An Affiliate can be any person.
Affiliate Market place:-
There are many affiliate marketplaces like Commission Junction, Clickbank, Sharesale etc. These market places offer affiliate programs in a variety of niches.
Affiliate Software:-
The software’s used by the companies to give affiliate links for their products. Eg. iDevaffiliate
Affiliate Link:-
A special link provided by your affiliate company to track your commission sales.
Affiliate ID:-
Similar to affiliate link the affiliate id is to track the record of a particular page or post.
Payment mode:-
Different affiliate companies provide payment through cheese, PayPal, direct payment etc.
Commission amount:-
The percentage of the commission given to the person for availing the sales.
Landing Page:-
The unique product sale or the demo page of the product.
Custom coupons:-
Many companies provide custom coupons to their affiliates for further referral to the users.

Affiliate Marketing FAQ:

affiliate marketing faq

Q 1- Is Affiliate Marketing Harmful or Illegal?

No, affiliate marketing is not illegal or harmful provided the direct link of the affiliate products is not provided.

It should be there on the pages and the posts.

Q 2- Affiliate Marketing and AdSense. Can we use both?

Yes, we can both affiliate marketing and AdSense on our website, blogs etc. but they should not violate the track of sales policies of the companies (TOS).

Q 3- How to find an affiliate program of a company?

Not all companies provide affiliate programs. To find the affiliate program of a company simply go to the FAQ page and search for the affiliate program.

Herein all the details about the program would be given. The person can go and simply enroll in these programs.

They should meet all the requirements of the company policies to get the program.

Another way of finding the affiliate program it to search for the companies related to the products who offer the affiliate programs on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex, etc.

Another way to find the affiliate programs is to go on the platforms like Commission Junction, Sharesale etc.

Q 4- How to find out the new products to promote?

For finding out the products to promote affiliate marketing, surf the internet.
To get the detailed result about the trends of the products you can use the Google-Trends which will provide you with the details which the people are searching in that particular area.
The other method is to find out the high paying AdSense keywords on which there is great traffic of the users.
These AdSense keywords would then be helpful in finding out the affiliate programs of that niche.

Q 5- How much does it cost to join the Affiliate Program?

There is no charge for joining the affiliate program, they are free of cost. A person can join them by enrolling to their programs online.

Q 6- What are the qualifications to join an Affiliate Program?

No, as such qualification is needed to join an affiliate program but a person should have a sound knowledge of Digital Marketing.
The person should have good content writing skills and should have detailed information about the product for which they are doing affiliate marketing.

Q 7- How much money can a person make through Affiliate Marketing?

There is no such money limit which a person can make from Affiliate Marketing. A person can make a good amount of money depending upon the sale of products from the traffic source.
To get a good traffic source a person should have good knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and should be able to design a good landing page which would then be a highlighter for the increased sale of the products of the affiliates.
These are just some tips that can help you go big in affiliate marketing.
To learn more about affiliate marketing it is advisable to undergo a Digital Marketing Training Program at agencies like RankFrog.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing is the biggest income-generating technique that is used by many people around the globe.

Many bloggers and website owners have put affiliate links on their website and they are paid good commission, depending on the product, for each sale they make on their website. This helps in making them good income from their website.

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