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6 SEO Myths That Could Kill Your Rankings

Are you taking care of your website’s SEO on your own?

There is no harm in that, but if you are new to this and don’t have any practice then make sure that you don’t have any misconceptions about SEO strategy that can be devastating.

Here, are some common SEO myths that you may have about search engine optimization services and if you go on with them, it could impact your rankings.

SEO Myth 1: Use specific phrases for better rankings

A recent update from Google shows that the search results are not only based on keywords, but also the location from where the query is searched.

It is also true that not every query is location-based, various users use various phrases to get results and any of these can draw users to your business.

In fact, many users use more than 10 words in the search query.

The reason being that Google instead of just focusing on primary keywords, now focuses on the context of the complete query and user intent for displaying search results.

It’s essential to do keyword research but at the same time, it’s also important that those keywords aren’t the only priority.

In fact, focus more on the content that you create and user’s intent for the search query.

SEO Myth 2: To get higher rankings you can beat search engine algorithms

The algorithms of the search engine are highly refined. In case, you try to buy bulk links to improve your rankings, Google will surely figure it out.

They notice the frequency of the links coming to your website and the sudden peak of links on your website from 0 to 500 in short span of time, Google will get the idea, that you are up to something.

Some link building selling services also supply drip-feeding service. which means building links constantly but in small amounts.

But Google is smart enough to catch it. Instead, you can focus on doing things the legitimate way. You can never predict when Google will start penalizing sites for any illicit activities.

Just because Google didn’t bother you now, doesn’t mean you will get un-noticed forever.

SEO Myth 3: SEO kills the need for publicity

Listen to your Target Audiences

You may think that if you have a well-optimized website the audience will easily find you. But, that’s not true.

Even if you rank on top for specific keywords in your niche and are getting a lot of organic traffic, you still will be needing publicity.

The people are continuously flooded by the ads on search engines, so they have heard about you a lot, perhaps they’ll pass right by you.

So, do work on those PR efforts to create strong brand awareness.

SEO Myth 4: You must rank #1 in relevant Google searches

That may be your goal, but it’s practically impossible to rank for every keyword in your niche.

Factors like- domain age matters. The domains that have are older will always be preferred first.

But knowing this fact you should not stop yourself from trying to rank on top.

Google keeps modifying the search results page to deliver a more personalized output to the user.

Therefore, there are still chances that you will rank higher for some of your clients- now that’s exactly why you need to keep making an effort on your SEO.

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SEO Myths 5: Google is the only search engine

Although the most popular search engine is Google and probably the most widely used. There are a lot of people using Bing search engine by Microsoft while some people use Yahoo as their default search engine.

Concentrating only on Google’s ground rules for rankings might not be a great idea for getting ranked in other search engines.

Some common SEO practices if followed as a general rule can help to acquire rankings across all the search engines.

You can even check your site in Bing Webmaster tools and Yahoo webmaster resources to ensure you are on the right track.

Getting help from a digital marketing agency is not a bad idea either. They are much experienced and must be having a trial and tested methods for their digital marketing services.

Myth 6: No Follow Links Have No Value


Although no-follow links don’t pass PageRank and don’t have the same value as that of the “follow” link- this is what is commonly believed.

A study shows that no-follow links add value to your site and Google sees it as ‘natural’ backlinks.

Not having any single nofollow backlink to your site can make Google think that you are vigorously building links rather than getting it naturally.

Also, it’s wrong to conclude that a no-follow link will get you no traffic or leads for your business.

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The internet is filled with many misconceptions about SEO rankings and people follow them blindly.

It’s you who decides what works best for you or whether to follow them or not. Still, we wanted to unmask some SEO myths that are quite common.

Hoping, this article has cleared at least some of your basic misbelieves and was helpful.

If you have ever come across any other SEO myths apart from the ones listed above, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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