The design of your website is very important for on page SEO and digital marketing. You need to create a seamless and positive experience for all users in order to keep them coming back. As well as this, your website need to meet certain SEO standards if you want to be ranked in a high position in Google.

In order to meet both user and search engine expectations, you should consider creating a responsive web design for your online marketing strategy and user experience. This means that your website changes automatically to work on any device (i.e. desktop, phone or tablet).

By now you probably know just how important smartphones have become. With more people now searching on Google on their smartphone compared to that of a desktop. With more people using different devices you want to ensure that they have a positive experience no matter the technology they are using.

Enter responsive web design! With a responsive website it ensures that the different sized screens are catered for and there is seamless transition between one and the other.

If you do not yet have a responsive website design, you are certainly behind in the game and you will need to sort out your situation quick smart. Take a look below at some of the most important features a responsive web design incorporates:

1. Positive User Experience

This was touched on in the introduction. A responsive website allows for better user experience and improves online marketing strategies. No wonder why leading digital marketing companies highlight it. When a high number of users have a great experience on your site, this sends a message to Google that you need to have a high ranking because you are what users are looking for.

Users are becoming more and more impatient and are demanding a lot more than they did a couple of years ago. When your website is responsive it will have smooth user experience no matter the device used. Remember, this is what users are expecting now, so if you don’t offer this there will be negative consequences.

A website that is responsive well automatically adjust to each device size and the user will not have to flick through page after page to find what they are looking for. It is all about the smoothness of the visit. Users need to be able to find what they are looking for, and fast.

2. Decreased Maintenance

Think about it, if you develop a different version of your site for both smartphones and desktops, you are essentially creating double the maintenance work. Not only do you just have to maintain them, but you will also need to update them constantly with new content etc.

Having just one core website makes the whole maintenance process so much easier because it is only one. As a business owner you probably do not have a lot of time on your plate, so anything you can do to save time is an added bonus.

3. Better SEO

Google loves responsive web designs, because users love it. Now with more and more users searching for terms on their smartphone, this has begun to change SEO as we know it. Google now indexes mobile versions of websites first, so imagine if you had just one responsive site for both!

Google understands just how important a responsive design is for users and therefore you can find this reflected in their rankings. Responsive design is quite simply the way of the future and you are likely to need this type of design in order to properly succeed in SEO.

With responsive design, you can build some contextual content links for a quick boost. Use Web Design Plus SEO to get white hat backlinks.

4. No Redirects

When you have one staple website, there are no redirects involved. If you are someone who has had to do redirects in the past, this is music to your ears. You will end up saving so much time and energy (and sanity) by not having to deal with redirects.

Redirects can also get tricky because if they don’t end up working properly it could deter users from engaging with your website, or even coming back in the future. This is why it is probably better to stick with a website than enables for responsive design.

5. Simpler Analytics Reporting

Understanding your analytics is vital in order to help make future business decisions as well as showcase progress (hopefully) from one year to the next. Analytics also show how users are interacting with your website which helps you find out if what you are doing is working or not.

With just one website all of your analytics are in the one place. For anyone who has dived deep into their statistics and figures before, you know just how complicated it can get. So anything to make it just that little bit more easier is certainly welcome.

If you do not currently have a responsive web design, this is certainly something you should consider. With so much positive features available through this type of web design, you would be silly not to.


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