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Google SEO Trends sharing the Microblogging Sites list. These are some of the most popular microblogging sites with you. As you all know that the era of microblogging is decreasing day by day but still these websites are one of the major sources of traffic for your website.

Use these websites wisely to get maximum output from them.

Topics covered in this article:

What is Microblogging?

The name in itself has a micro in it which means small. In general, Microblogging is an online broadcast medium that exists as a specific form of blogging.

We usually share a smaller piece of content that is specific to a topic. You can even share images, Videos or short sentences.

These small messages are sometimes called microposts.

Microblogging is played a very important role in regards to SEO. These sites are a great source of high-quality backlinks and allow a user to share his respective idea in short words or sentences. These sentences can be linked to your actual website article.

The main benefits of Microblogging sites are:

  1. You can get good quality of backlinks from microblogging websites for your website
  2. Microblogging websites help to increase the Domain Authority of your website.
  3. You can get the massive amount of traffic for your website from microblogging websites.
  4. Every Single backlink considers as a do follow link.
  5. Less hassle to write a huge amount of content for a blog.

But still, there are certain microblogging sites like Twitter which are famous and can play a major role in increasing traffic on your website and increase ranking.

Here is the list of microblogging sites for you.


list of microblogging sites

Twitter is the most popular microblogging site. Millions of people login their account every day on twitter. You just have to find the right audience which you can target.

It’s easy to increase followers on twitter you just have to do some study about your topic and you have to search right people who might be able to show interest in your topic.

For example, if you are posting regularly on topics related to cars then you have to follow all those people who like cars. That’s the only thing which you have done to increase your followers and traffic.

Post content with attractive line and a short link which you can make from bit.ly. Try to include attractive images and gigs because they attract people easily.

 To get maximum benefit from Twitter, you must read these Twitter Marketing Tips.


popular microblogging sites

Plurk is a microblogging site to increase link juice on your website. The main advantage of posting your link on this site is that you will always get a dofollow link for your website.

To increase your traffic on Plurk you have to increase your karma. More karma means more people will try to connect with you. It’s very simple to increase karma on Plurk you just have to post some content on regular basis and make a lot of friends and fans.

The entire backlink which you will get from Plurk will be dofollow links. So it is very helpful in increasing the authority of your website in Google search ranking.



Pinterest allows you to share images with a small amount of content with it. This website has the capability to increase lots of traffic on your website.

The submission we do on this website is called Pins.

To get maximum out of this website you should use vertically long and relevant images to your content. You can write text on the images to attract viewer and increase clicks.

The main benefit of using this site is that unlike other websites where you can get traffic from pins for a very long time.

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microblogging sites list

Plerb is another most popular microblogging site from where you can drive traffic to your website. Just have to make allow a lot of friends on this website.



Scoop.it is one of the best content curation platforms. Share links with a catchy title and description on scoop.it to generate traffic for your website.



Tumblr is considered one of the best microblogging sites because you can share a wide variety of information on it. Starting from a normal text post, links, pictures to videos. You can share anything with your audience.

You can connect your Tumblr account with your social media accounts. Whenever you will update your Tumblr profile it will be directly shared on your social media accounts.

By doing this, you will generate more visibility for your work and you will generate more traffic.



Unitymix is a community-based social media site which allows you to share your links with small information about your content. You can do a lot more than just sharing links on this website like creating a blog or sharing an article.



oGoing is a good microblogging site for B2B marketers. Share your links with relevant information and engage with your readers to generate more traffic.


microblogging websites list

Well, Personally I don’t use soup.io to bring traffic on my websites. But I share all my posts over there because this website provides dofollow backlink.

One important suggestion from my side regarding posting on the soup. Do not share irrelevant links. If you are sharing a link then you can write a summary for that but don’t post insert any link in that content otherwise soup will block your account.


Apsense is simply an alternate of Tumblr. Maintaining an account is difficult on Apsense. But you can get good link juice from this site because of its high authority.


This website becomes popular among SEO experts because of its high domain authority.


This website is a little bit similar to soup.io. I use this website to get some link juice and increase the ranking of my links on Google.


It is a microblogging site for professionals.

Some bonus microblogging sites are:



















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Most of the microblogging websites are closed now. The several factors behind the closing of popular microblogging sites are:-

  • Due to less traffic on then. As social networking is becoming more popular nowadays so most of the people had stopped using microblogging sites.
  • Microblogging websites allow you to type only limited characters (like twitter allow only 280 characters).
  • They are not able to update their design and functionality as compared to social networking sites.

Apart from this, we have created a few other lists that you can use to get more links.
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These were some of the most popular microblogging sites list or list of microblogging sites and you can use them to get some good quality link juice for your website.

If you get stumped and don’t know what to do next, you can always ask an expert. You can always contact your local SEO expert for tips and advises.

If you want to suggest any other site or you want to make any changes in this post. Then feel free to make a comment. We will moderate this post if your suggestion is beneficial.

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