22 Tips for SEO Perfection

SEO Tips

In this article, we will discuss a list of 22 brief SEO tips that will help you get the most from the web by leading you toward SEO perfection. We think they’re all things you’d hear from search engine optimization specialists if you decided to get the most out of the Internet with website optimization. Read on towards a brighter future.

  1. Have a Site Map

This is a good way of increasing the number of keyword-rich links on your site and making it more user-friendly at the same time.

  1. First Page Faux Pas?

If your first page has to be filled with flash or splash, make sure you include some text for search engines to see as well.

  1. Have Good Content

Content id kingIt stands to reason that good content brings people back to your site. Search engines have ways of determining how good your site is. The important issue is the unique content, not published elsewhere before. Besides, if you have any problems with your writing assignments, get a right essay from Essaylab for the lowest price.

  1. Make it Unique

As well as making your content good, make it unique. Search engines like to see it.

  1. Have Fresh Content

Spider programs sent by search engines like to see fresh content on your site, in fact, they need to. Think about adding a blog as a convenient, effective and useful way of introducing it.

  1. Expect to Work on Your Site’s SEO Daily

It’s not a one-stop shop. The process needs to be ongoing, as any good search engine optimization company will tell you. Pay attention to off-page SEO like page loading time, cross-browsing testing , easy navigation and design, mobile friendly site.

  1. Don’t Get Obsessed With Page Rank

The quality of sites linking to yours can be more important. Get a free search engine optimization analysis to find out what exactly you need.

  1. Link Within Your Site Using Keywords

Avoid links that simply tell the user to ‘click here.’ Links on your pages to a homepage or other pages on your site are a very important part of on-page SEO, and you should use keywords when you can.

  1. Where Are The Links?

Remember that important links to your site can be found in e-mail communications and electronic magazines.

  1. The Best Links in Life are Free

    link building strategies

Links you pay for aren’t that much good. They might earn you a few clicks but nothing more. Avoid obviously sponsored links where possible.

  1. Give People Something to Talk About

Attracting links, or ‘linkbaiting’ can simply amount to good practice when it comes to website optimization.

  1. Look for Educational Websites That Might Want to Link to You

You could consider sponsoring one in this instance because search engines respect links from .edu domains when it comes to ranking your site.

  1. Avoid Broken Links and Other Clutter

Keep your site clean if you want users and search engines alike to appreciate what you have in it.

  1. Be Generous With Links

Link out as you’d hoped to be linked to is the golden rule that brings results.

  1. Bad Servers

Check that you’re not on a server shared with someone with a bad record, it can reflect on you. Make sure if you don’t want to lose out unnecessarily.

  1. Unique Keyword Tag


Have a unique and keyword focussed tag as the title for every page on your site. Pay attention to anchor text and remember that search engines take note of the words preceding and following your keywords too.

  1. Don’t Overuse Keywords

There really is such a thing as going overboard with keywords as search engines penalise overuse and it doesn’t make for great content. Don’t try to optimize the page for too many keywords at once.

  1. Frames Are Not Your Friends

If you’re tempted to use frames on your page, remember that they could well get in the way of search engines seeing your site effectively.

  1. Avoid Flash


Source: SEO Memes

Don’t forget that although Flash can look good and achieve the visual effects you want, it might not help your site to success. Spider programs look for text, and if you’re hiding it within Flash you’re losing out in SEO terms.

  1. Avoid JavaScript

Use text that will be recognized by the spider programs sent by search engines to investigate your site.

  1. No Spam Behaviour

Be aware of things that make you look like a spammer, such as blocking domain ownership when you register. You must do the right things and alsobe seen to do the right things.

  1. Make Sure You Know Where Your Business is Going

SEO should optimize your business strategy; it’s not enough to make you successful in and of itself.

With these SEO tips in mind, you’re on your way to optimizing results.


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