Press Release is still one of the best off-page SEO Technique Used by experts to build link for websites. There are lots of free press release submission sites that you can use to build link and increase the ranking of your client website.

Even SearchEngineJournal has published an article about the importance of Press Release submission is in search engine optimization.

Before providing you press release submission sites let me introduce you with this off-page technique and discuss some pros and cons of it. I will also provide some strategies in last which you can follow to get maximum output from these sites.

Let’s discuss.

What is Press Release Submission?

For all those people who recently came across this term, let me explain you in simple words.

Whenever a company launches a product or service they announce it in press like newspapers, magazines etc. In the same way, to promote their product or services online, they publish articles on press release sites.

Publishing article which aware readers about the product or services on press release sites is known as Press release Submission.

People visit these sites to get new updated in their industry and get information about your product and services.

Some benefits of Press release are

  • Provide instant exposure to your service or product online.
  • Increased Sales Potential
  • The Chance to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Plan
  • The Opportunity to Brand Yourself as an Industry Expert
  • Increased Traffic to Your Website
  • Help to boost SEO score for the website.
  • A New Opportunity to Reach Your Targeted Audience
  • It builds Solid Relationship with Journalists
  • A Cost-Effective Method to Attract Deep-Pocketed Investors

Top Free Press Release Submission Sites List



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Through this blog, I’m trying to provide the best resources to people working in the SEO industry. Use all of the above press release submission sites in your link building process and don’t forget to share your views and experience in the comment box below.

If you have any other press release site which is not mention in this list or any listed site is not working properly. Let us know by commenting in the comment box below. I will update this article as soon as possible.

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