How to Improve SEO Ranking on Google without Breaking the Bank

improve SEO ranking on Google

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Ranking on top pages of Google is not easy in the fiercely competitive market of nearly 1 billion websites. Many big businesses have large budget campaigns to be seen on the first page of Google. It’s not realistic for small to medium sized companies so thankfully there are other alternatives.

There are devious ways to improve SEO Ranking on Google but you risk getting “caught out” and being put on the Black Hat black list. It’s much better to stay legitimate and organically make your way up the Google ranking. Here’s how Digital Agency.

Know your Website  Status

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To improve your google ranking  first of all you should know your current ranking status on google. A large number of resources and tools are available to provide this information. After this you should check  the speed of your site.

In case your site speed is very low, it will adversely affect your chances of generating sales. It  is very clear from the Walmart  observation as there was a tremendous decline in their targeted sales when the page load times  enhanced from 1 to 4 seconds.

Apart from this they experienced 2 % conversion enhancement for each 1 second improvement.  To improve SEO results you should not only keep an eye on site speed and keyword rank, but also observe the health of your site  before its optimization.

Create Unique Content

Google likes a site that provides unique content from any other site online and besides that, so do your readers. People are essentially using the internet to find information which is why Google puts you in high regard if you offer relevant content.

Contagious content that people want to share in the form of videos, blog posts or eBooks helps to improve SEO Ranking on Google. People link to your site and Google acknowledges it through search engine calculations. The more back-links you have to your blog, the better the ranking

Off-Page Link Build

link building strategies

Many of the industry experts will tell you that off-page link building is extremely effective in your campaign to rank higher in Google.

It is considered one of the most important tasks in gaining rank with the search engines. The main contributing piece of the puzzle are backlinks.

Why Backlinks are So Essential

The backlink is the link you use to get you to another page and lets search engines know that other webpages like and use the information on your page.

The more sites that you have linked to your webpage, the better your ranking will be in Google. Of course, larger websites are going to gain you more notoriety than a lesser known site. Here are the list of websites from where you can generate a lot of backlinks.

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Frame your links in the proper way

You should adopt the appropriate link building strategy to achieve the top ranking on the Google. Anchor text linking strategy is most widely used to attain the good rank. To avoid the penalties you should  mix the generic keyword with targeted keyword as the anchor text.

When you are adding an image to the post you should type the targeted keyword as the anchor text in the “ALT Text “  box. In this way your images will be indexed and you will achieve quality backlinks to your site. To improve SEO ranking on Google you should know to create Google-friendly links as it will increase your ranking keeping you aloof from the penalty.

Consistent Blogging

Description: Are you not seeing the SEO results you want? Before you give up on search engine optimization altogether, make sure you've covered the SEO basics. Are your search engine optimization (SEO) results not meeting your expectations? You’re not alone. Although the process can seem a little unclear, there are a few key elements to look out for if you aren’t seeing any positive changes to your SEO results. No matter what or where you are in regard to optimizing your website for SERPs, the guidelines listed below are beneficial to keep in mind when you’re dissatisfied with your SEO performance. It’s Not Keyword Targeted Targeted keywords are 100% necessary for effective SEO results. Google can’t see your website like its users do, so that’s why it’s important to accurately describe, through writing, what your web pages are about. To avoid confusing your readers and Google, choose keywords that present a clear picture of what your content is about. It’s Inconsistent Consistency is a key component when implementing SEO basics. Whatever keywords you decide to target, make sure that your meta data and content consistently reflect your keyword focus and on-page copy. There should be a trail of relevant keywords to indicate to your readers that they’ll find what they’re looking for once they visit your website. From the title of the web page to its content, there should be a consistent trail of keywords that relate to a specific web page. It’s Untrustworthy Think about yourself as a website visitor and Internet user more generally. If you were searching for something specific and were led to a website that was filled with grammatical errors, unsightly images, and useless information, you wouldn’t waste your time on that website for very long. To establish your website as authoritative (and trustworthy), make sure that your website is optimized for a good user experience. When it comes to search engine optimization, conveying to your audience that you’re a credible source of information is critical. It’s Boring The Internet is filled with websites just like yours. What sets you apart? While you could present the same information as some of your competitors, doing so is ultimately only sufficient for the purposes of search engine optimization—and it’s likely to back fire if Google considers it duplicate content. To increase the odds of your website ranking higher on SERPs, your content must be informative and engaging. Learn more about your target audience and appeal to them through natural, conversational tone. Google actually, albeit indirectly, takes these factors into account when your web pages are being indexed. If you’ve captured your users’ attention, you’re headed in the right direction. To sum up, understanding SEO basics is fundamental to performing better in SERPs. If you think you’re doing everything right but you’re still puzzled, it’s best to take a step back take and look at what you aren’t doing. Before you throw up your hands in frustration over SEO, remember to make sure your efforts reflect SEO best practices. Ignoring them, accidental or otherwise, could be what’s standing between you and great SEO results.

In order to give people the unique information they’re looking for, your best platform is to do consistent blogs.

Blog posts should often include the solving of a problem because that’s what will bring readers to you. You should try to include captivating photographs which can be found free online.

In order improve SEO ranking on Google you should  focus on the informational keywords with detailed, resourceful and quality content. To make the quality content  use data driven approach and include the writing and experimenting case studies for your audience. Storytelling will help you a lot as stories captivate and ignite emotions and thus enhances the  conversion rates.

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Stay Organic

Don’t purchase back links in hopes to improve SEO Ranking on Google as you may have the opposite effect. Google is onto companies that purchase cheap back-links and you may have lower ranking than when you began.

Also, it’s not cost efficient and it’s hard to tell where you stand. It’s much better to let professional content producers properly backlink your web pages to relevant sites.

Site Optimisation


Your site should please Google as much as the content on it. It should load quickly as it is one of the major ranking factor and Google pays attention to this. Also, using a new theme that is lesser known comes with benefits as it stands out from the rest.

There shouldn’t be any broken links and ensure that you have good permalink structure. Make sure to install a sitemap as it assists Google in indexing your site more easily because you’re basically handing them a map of your site

Comments on Other Blogs

Not only are you opening lines of communication with other industry leaders like yourself, it counts as a backlink.

This was one of the first true methods of SEO strategy and still stands as an important element to improve SEO Ranking on Google. You also get more traffic and make new relationships.

Use Social Media

Google looks to social media as a signal of any given article’s authority as well as relevance. For example, if thousands of people are tweeting about your article, you’ve written something worth talking about.

You first should gain a loyal following and write compelling content that people want to promote for you. You must stay present as well and remember the golden rule. Tweet others as you would expect to get tweeted yourself.

Observe and Analyze the Penalties

To increase the ranking on the Google you  should identify and remove the unhealthy links.

As per google penguin 2.0 the low quantity unhealthy links are as follows:

  • Sitewide links
  • Coming from PR0 or PR-n/a  website
  • Coming from less traffic domain names
  • Coming from sites possessing same IP address

To improve SEO ranking on Google you have to analyze your backlinks  like unique active backlinks,no follow links and link influence score.

Adopt the Appropriate Approach

To achieve the targeted traffic you have to know that how many visitors are assessing your website. To know this  you have to observe the acquisition channels report using google analytics and analyze the organic traffic conversions.

In addition to this you have to pay attention to your keywords which play a vital role in generating the traffic.  To improve the ranking status you must be aware of the differences between informational and commercial keywords. It is the commercial keywords that generate sales.

The visitors looking for the informational keywords like “how to cook food” understand the language of free. On the other hand  customers using the keywords like best web hosting providers are probably  the one who are in buying mood. In order to improve ranking you have to track the appropriate metrics.

Well, definitely there are plenty other ways to improve SEO Ranking on Google. But we have discussed some of the important strategies in this blog. Try each of them and let us know what worked for you.

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