Social Bookmarking is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get a lot of backlinks. Therefore to teach you properly we have prepared this post “ how to do social bookmarking step by step ”.

In this post, I will teach you each and every aspect of this off-page SEO technique like the selection of websites, how to submit and avoid spam.

What you will be going to learn in this how to do social bookmarking step by step post.

What is Social bookmarking?

There are few websites which let us save and share our website URL on them like Reddit. These sites are known as social bookmarking sites. This procedure of bookmarking our website link on these sites is termed as Social Bookmarking.

Social bookmarking is one of the famous off page tasks in which we save our web site link on certain bookmarking sites. This trend is started in 1996 but get popular in 2003.

What is the use of social bookmarking in SEO?

It is a popular task because we get a lot of backlinks for our website. Whenever we bookmark our website link on any social bookmarking website, we create a backlink to our website.

The web pages we bookmarked at social bookmarking sites is considered as a quality backlink in the eyes of search engines.

All of us know that backlinks are needed to rank higher in Google searches and they help in proper indexing of our pages in Google.

That’s why almost all SEO professionals like to include Social Bookmarking in their search engine optimization practices.

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Understanding the Benefits of Social Bookmarking

There are lots of benefits of performing these tasks whenever you are doing SEO for your website.
It will we difficult to list all the benefits of social bookmarking sites. Therefore We have just mentioned some of the important benefits of this list.


It is useful for your website and for the user as well because they get the latest articles, updates, and news on them. Which is quite difficult to find on the search engines.


This is the main concept on which every social bookmarking site works. You can access the link you have saved on these sites from any place, anytime and from any device like a computer or mobile phone.

Easy to Browse 

They are different from search engines. Instead of using programs to find the websites for your search query social bookmarking sites use categories.

In each category, you get only a specific type of information. Let us suppose you are looking in the cooking category.

All posts there will be related to the cooking and by searching your keyword in the search box you will get the exact result.

Sharing of bookmarks 

You can share your bookmarks with your friends and family. Some of the websites also allow you to add comments, reviews, and stars rating on the bookmarks.

Increase traffic

Millions of people visit these sites every month. By submitting your links on these sites you can get a lot of traffic for your website.

How to find good social bookmarking sites

The information above is just the general knowledge about the social bookmarking which you will get from most of the sites on the internet. But the methods which I am going to share with you in this step is completely unique and developed by us in years of practice. Let’s begin.

Steps to find good social bookmarking sites:

1. Collect a list of social bookmarking sites.

There are many websites on the internet which are providing lists. Most of these lists are old and not updated from years. You can collect websites from several lists and start analyzing them.

2. Check whether all of them working or not.

After collection of the website, you have to check whether these domains are still live or not. Remove the dead domains and keep live domains in your list.

To check whether site working ou not you can use multiple url opner tools which are made by us.

3. Check whether these sites are indexed in Google or not.

Ok, now you have many sites from where you can get backlinks. But remember, smart work is always better than hard work.

So, we will again filter these sites and check for the sites which are indexed in search engine.

To check the good website you have to put site URL in google searches.

If exact URL appear in the search result as we have shown in the image then you can use these sites for social bookmarking.

social bookmarking sites working
Avoid such kind of websites which do not show or appear with some subdomain. In the image below we have shown the example of the site which you have to avoid.

social bookmarking sites not to use
4. Use these sites for bookmarking.

Finally, we are ready to submit our link on these sites. Now you must read the next section seriously.

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How to do Social Bookmarking properly

how to do social bookmarking properly

Well having good websites is only one side of the coin. Now you have to understand how to use social bookmarking sites and gain maximum benefit from them.

1. Submit your post having your targeted keyword in the title.
Include your targeted keywords in the title, short descriptions, and tags while submitting any URL in these websites.
2. Submit your link in the proper category. You can decide your category on the base of your location
3. Don’t forget to submit bookmarking URL in search engines. (Google Has stoped direct submission but if you promote URL then it can increase chances to get index.)

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Best Social Bookmarking submission example

Here is a perfect example of how to do social bookmarking with all important parameters which you take care before submission.

Social Bookmarking submission example

Strategies to get traffic from Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites like Reddit receive millions of views each month. You can redirect some traffic from these sites on your website.

You can use these strategies to get traffic from social bookmarking.

  1. Engage with your visitors
  2. Increase your score
  3. Follow other users
  4. Ping your links for indexing on different search engines

Good Social Bookmarking Sites List

We have made one of your task quite simple. We have created a free social bookmarking sites list for you. You can use these sites to get good result from search engines.


Hope you have learned the proper method of doing social bookmarking from this post – how to do social bookmarking step by step.

Now perform this practice and you can your queries about how to do social bookmarking through our comment box.

Helping others is a noble job.

So, If you have some good social bookmark sites then share with all by commenting in the comment box

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