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5 SEO Secrets Only Experts Know About

SEO is constantly changing. Google algorithms, user habits, technology; as all these shift so must your strategies and tactics. Keeping up is not easy. Especially if you are not a full-time SEO expert. SEO is competative and you should consult a good SEO expert. You can hire leading SEO expert in India for all your seo need.

If you are a small business owner, you can get overwhelmed by the sheer number of changes that happen in the SEO industry. Do not fret. This is a challenge many face and you are not alone.

The difference you can make is implementing the following highly-effective SEO tactics. These are five tips that the pros are using to drive more traffic and get more sales.

1. Supercharge Your Guest Posts

Guest Blogging Rules


Guest posts provide a vital service to your website by providing backlinks. They are how Google knows how authoritative your website is.

However, backlinks can also backfire.

If the links back to your site are from blacklisted websites or link farms, Google will penalize you for getting links back from such websites. To avoid this, invest heavily in quality guest posts.

This means to go all out in the quality of content you create and where they are published. If you feel you do not have the capacity to do this, use a service such as SEOGuestPosts, where they create the content for you and publish it to an authority website.

SEO experts point out that the better the quality of your guest posts, the higher the chance you will get published and shared widely.

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2. Optimize Underperforming Posts


Today, having a blog is almost an assumption. One thing you may have noticed over time as you write and publish posts is that some posts make it while others do not.

The posts that make it get good shares, link backs, mentions, etc.

Those that do not seem as good as nonexistent. SEO experts will tell you these poorly performing posts represent untapped potential.

Instead of only focusing on publishing more posts, go back and optimize your old posts.

The SEO game has changed. Google no longer looks for quantity so much as quality. Optimizing old posts can have an even more dramatic impact than creating new content.

Look for those which had marginal success and boost them. Add more relevant content, authority links, maybe a video.

If you do this consistently, you will find that over time, all your posts will begin to rank as authority posts.

3. Get Linkbacks from Mentions


Someone somewhere is talking about your business. Do an exact name search for your business.

Type your business name within quotes and hit search. If your business name is Jim’s Antique Furniture, type in “Jim’s Antique Furniture” (with the quotes).

You will find all the mentions of your business on Google. Now notice something, all the mentions are probably not linking back to your website.

This is a lost opportunity to get quality backlinks to your site. What you need to do is link reclamation.

Reach out to the authors of these mentions and ask them if they would consider turning the mention into a link.

As most mentions will be by regular folk, chances are they will do this at no charge.

Link reclamation is a powerful way to build backlinks without the hassle of doing guest posts and looking for places to get published.

4. Transcribe Video Content

What is bounce rate

Video has risen to become one of the most powerful mediums of marketing today. Short videos are all over the web and rightly so.

They drive conversions like crazy. Because website visitors today lack the time or patience to read text pages, videos fill in this gap.

SEO experts take this a step further. Because Google cannot crawl a video (yet), you want to help Google spiders have an easier job.

Transcribing your video will do this. You will have combined the power of video with the crawlability of text information.

A win-win scenario.

This will not only contribute to your SEO score but also add a layer of engagement to your content. Now you can add links to your transcript to additional resources.

Your visitors will also have the option to quote and share anything that stands out for them from the transcript.

5. Infiltrate Relevant Communities

Winning Competitors

This expert tip, if done correctly, can bring you tons of linkbacks. This is how you do it. Look for a community online comprised of people within your target market.

They do not have to be exactly your target market but a close approximation.

Next, join the community and start participating. Become a part of the community.

Once you get known and gain a reputation, seed the community with content from your website. This could be the products or services you provide or just content from your blog.

Make sure whatever you share is relevant. Because you are part of the community, other users will promote your links without thinking twice.

Do this effectively and in a large enough community and you could have thousands of people promoting your content for free.

SEO experts know that when it comes to successful SEO, brains trump brawn.

Do not focus on churning out content. Instead, focus on smart tactics that have a multiplier effect on your efforts.

These will yield better results with less effort.

Let us know more SEO secrets by commenting below.

Akash Singh
Akash is the fountainhead of Google SEO Trends and founder of SEO Heros. An SEO Expert, a Wordpress Developer and a blogger by choice. His zeal to learn is remarkable (makes him sound like a walking SEO Encyclopedia).

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