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Free Ping submission sites list for Quick Indexing

Ping submission is a great way to index your blog fast on different search engines and web directories. By ping submission, you can inform search engines about the new updates on your blog or websites.

To make it easier I’m sharing this ping submission sites list with you.

There are different ping submission sites available on the internet via using them you can index your blog post in very less time and these sites will increase your traffic and visibility on search engines.

What are Ping Submission Sites?

Ping Submission is one of the easiest off page SEO technique. Ping submission sites allow you to share your website’s links on different search engines and directories by just submitting your URLs.

Whenever you submit a link these ping submission sites notify all major search engines and directories about your new website link. This improves your SEO rankings and increases the organic traffic coming to your site.

Why use this ping submission sites list?

Sometimes blog takes time to update automatically. You can submit them easily through these ping submission sites. These ping submission sites will not cost you anything because these are free ping submission sites list.

These sites index all kind of blogs or websites and helps in the process of optimization of your websites.

There is no requirement of any technical skill to submit your blog on websites mentioned in this free ping submission sites list.

You have to fill the simple information like the name of your blog,  Url and sometimes email also require to submit your blog or website.

When you fill the complete information in these sites and click on the submit button. These tools will submit your links to all popular search engines.

This will increase the traffic on your website. More traffic means a huge increase in the ranking of your website.

On the internet, you will find lots of blog posts which are sharing ping submission sites list. But this list is far better than them because all of these sites are used by me on my projects.

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So use these Ping Submission sites and increase traffic and search engine ranking of your blog or websites.


Top 5 sites recommended by us

I like to recommend sites that worked for me in past. You can ping on all sites or use these best sites and save time.

Recommended sites are:


How to use these ping submission sites

This is one of the most convenient SEO tasks. These sites share your content with hundreds of search engines.

To use these sites you just have to follow some simple steps.

  1. Open any of the ping submission site mentioned in this list
  2. Fill the necessary information and submit your URL that you want to index.
  3. Press the ping submission button.
  4. After some time you will get the confirmation message.

You don’t have to create an account on most of these ping submission sites and of course you don’t have to pay anything it’s completely free.

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Benefits of Free Ping Submission Sites

We all know that these sites help us to index our website on different search engines and directories.

Apart from this, these sites have many other benefits.

  • The simplest way to promote a blog to increase organic traffic.
  • Help to increase the online visibility of a brand.
  • Higher search engine rankings (SERPs) means more chances to get natural backlinks.
  • A rapid increase in organic website traffic.

list of ping submission sites

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Final words

Hope you like our post “Free Ping submission sites list 2019 for Quick Indexing”. If you have any different ping submission site which is not mentioned in this list then you should type the name of that website in the comment box and submit it.

We will review that website and update it in this ping submission sites list as soon as possible.

Akash Singh
Akash is the fountainhead of Google SEO Trends and founder of SEO Heros. An SEO Expert, a Wordpress Developer and a blogger by choice. His zeal to learn is remarkable (makes him sound like a walking SEO Encyclopedia).

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