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7 Important Tips to improve your landing page copy

The landing page content has the magic to change the leads to conversions and those who are able to do it are wonderful people. They are the employees that generate the bucket of cash for their employers.

But still they are always looking for improving themselves and we here discuss how to do it efficiently.

But why should you read them? Well, will you mind improving your skills to keep your landing page updated?

Wait, before that, a very important thing to know and understand,

It is a portion of the skill. You need to understand the entire skill set which can be better termed as technique.

These are the techniques you need to learn, develop and master.

Before that check these tips and find out

  • Do you Know and is working to build Your USP?
  • Designing strategies to Build Trust
  • Split Test Continuously and frequently
  • Improve your headlines and make them catch the attention
  • Test functionality frequently

As we deliver what we promise, here are the tips to improve your landing page copy

  1. Customer Testimonials

We all know what are these testimonials and how do they work. They are the comments from your customers written by them and the positive ones are actually the goodwill dose for the landing page.

Testimonials are convincing and have a lot of value. they show the person who can become a customer what she will get or receive if she uses your product or service mentioned on the landing page.

  1. Stress on the benefits and not on the product or services

In other words, mention the benefits, not the solution. They know a lot about the solution, it all available on the internet.

Not do customers are aware of the solution, they are also able to recognize the features they are finding and want.

With the benchmark pricing, the requirements the product must meet the customers must.

The landing page should scream for benefits and of course not leave the details of the products and services as well.

The clients need to understand (in short) everything about the website on the landing page.

But they will lose interest if you keep talking about your products and services as it is very boring and appears that you are only interested in selling your products and services.

The look completely changes if you provide the details about the benefits and features of the products and services.

  1. Take time to write a killer headline

Not everyone reads the full content on the landing page. But it is for sure that they will never miss the headline.

They are intelligent enough to predict the content in the write up with the killer headline. Frame the headline with the right words which will explain your content.

Readers do not like guessing and do not have the patience to read what you have in the content. Half of them want to get the idea from the headlines.

So, if you think that you are spending one hour to write the content and 2 hours getting the right headline, it is perfect.

The time invested is actually an investment to your website.

Here are the pointers to create the “killer headline”

The length of the headline should be big, have strong words mostly those which have action and of course understand the meaning of the content.

  1. Use numbers, stats and specific information to deliver useful content

How good it is to introduce numbers to the content? For example, the impact of “many people were scheduled with the task” sounds much better with “millions were scheduled with the work”.

The number is sure to make a big difference.

Customers always want to have specific information about benefits which the current customers are getting. This is because they want real examples of what they will get to experience. Real numbers is a powerful tool.

  1. Deliver the content in a simple and easy language

One important thing that will make it simple- visitors to your website are not willing to brainstorm your language and find the meaning to your write-up.

Believe me, good and huge words do not sell your stuff. It has to be simple and specific.

To make it simple, these tips will help. The best you can do is to write them in some sticky note and paste it nearby where you can have a look at it while writing.

  • Use short and meaningful words. Short words are simple, quick, familiar, and easy to understand and the reader can read them fast.
  • Use a simple sentence with the least words to give a common structure.
  • Always Keep the sentences short.
  • Don’t get dramatic with your sentences and wording.
  • Be brief and clear. Use the most basic words you know to tell the audience what you are trying to say.
  1. Write and respond like a human

Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, wrong punctuation is not to accepted; you need to do the editing carefully.

But, a little of it makes it appear that it is written by a human and not AI. Even in the age of technology, visitors do not like to interact with robots; they still prefer a call back from human customer care and not the voice generating machine.

The conversion rate is almost zero with the websites which have robotic voices (as the reason is- they sound tired and strained)

  1. A/B test

You have created your landing page with a lot of effort and time. But you need someone to test it.

Well, if you wait for the visitors to and check the quality of the landing page with the number of visitors, or conversion rates, it is damaging for the business.

Solution- the A/B tests.

These tests are for a variety of things to check your placement, flow, images, layout, etc in the landing page.

But you gain the most if you make changes in the copy. All other the elements in the landing page along with the copy if checked with the A/B tests will fetch the mistakes clear to you.

Author Bio:

Ayushi Choudhary is a Jr. Content writer working with Ranking By SEO. In her corporate life, she writes many blogs and articles on SEO, Link building, SMO and many more.

Dharm Chauhan
Dharm Chauhan, Founder of Google SEO Trends Blog, experienced search, content and social marketer. Social Profile's Blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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