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Google SEO Trends took a remarkable step to allow guest posting submission on our website. We are one of the best guest blogging site for SEO. With a current Alexa rank of 2 lakh, we are one of the leading blogs on SEO niche.

For your guest post submission, you need to follow the below guidelines.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines:

Before Posting, please read the Google SEO Trends guidelines checklist as below:

  1. We only accept SEO based guest post submission. So first, you need to read our website.
  2. Add your name, email address, website link and Google+ Profile link at top of your post including two-line bio with your post!
  3. Add one link to your website in the post to relevant page and website should be SEO based because Google SEO Trends is one of the best guest blogging site for SEO.
  4. Provide your post in editable doc format.
  5. You must provide relevant media like images or video etc with your Guest Post.

If you follow all the above rules than your guest post submission is ready to submit at Google SEO Trends:

Share your editable Doc at

Ask Question Frequently

No Payment

There is no pay rule for a person who wants to write for Google SEO Trends and also who write SEO based content. The content should be SEO based and knowledgeable to the targeted audience.


For any kind of Product or Service promotion, we charge $25.


Content length should be 1000+ words and more/ high quality and unique content will be approved and rest is decline.

Can I re-post my blog on other Blog Sites

No, If we run your Guest post submission on Google Seo Trends then we retain all the rights of original Content of post. You are not eligible to post this same article on another website.

Can I Include a link with the post?

Yes, Please Include the relevant link in your post that helpful for users that can appropriate post on your website or any other blog sites with the same trend.

Should keep in mind

Your Guest posting content should be written in blog style with short paragraphs and lots of white space including a few sub-headings.

Can I include Images and video?

Yes, Provide desired images and video for your post.

 What should I do after the guest post submission?

When it successfully run on Google SEO Trends then we hope, you will active in the comments and provide a suggestion for interested users.

Waiting for valuable contribution:

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