Free Directory Submission Sites List 2018

free directory submission sites list

We know you are looking for the free directory submission sites list? That’s, why you have clicked on the link to open this post “free directory submission sites list 2018 “.

Digital marketing is not one single concept; it consists of various processes. SEO or search engine optimization is one such vital process of digital marketing. Today businesses of almost every niche have their own websites through which they target their desired audience.  SEO is a tactic that involves various strategies and methods to boost the number of visitors on a website by gaining the highest position in the pages of search engines.

What is Directory Submission in SEO?

There are a number of companies that are into SEO and are getting the best ranks for the clients. One of the methods of SEO is Directory Submission. It helps to get you more and more traffic to the website. The process of directory submission involves adding your business website URL to the various website directories. To make the best out of such business directories, make it sure to add your website URL link under the most appropriate category. This will provide your website a huge amount of backlinks.

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Now, let’s find out how to do directory submissions. The process of directory submission involves a number of steps that are discussed as follows:

# Step 1

A few important tasks before submission: Before submission, there are a few things to be done that will instantly make the whole task a cakewalk. First of all, on a notepad you have to create the following:

  • Blog URL
  • Blog’s RSS feed URL
  • Social networking sites profile links
  • A few lines about your website and business

# Step 2

Pick some amazing blogs and website directories

# Step 3

Choose the one based on your choice after taking into account like PR of the website, alexa rank, number of followers, number of associated blogs, ranking on Google etc.

# Step 4

Choose the category that suits your business and the website the most. It will increase the probability of visitors landing up on your website at the time of search.

# Step 5

You can also do a bit more research for a sub category.

# Step 6

After you have landed on the most appropriate category and sub category, click on “Submit Your Site” button.

# Step 7

Fill up the details you have just created…and voila you are ready to rock!!!!

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In this free directory submission sites list, we have collected hundreds of websites from different sources.

Here is the free directory submission sites list 2018 :-

Contribute in this directory submission sites list

Hope you like this “free directory submission sites list 2018”. If you have websites better then the sites mention in this list then share them with us through our comment box.Final Words


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