Best Free Document Sharing Sites List for SEO 2018

Document Sharing Sites List

File Sharing or document sharing is one of the crucial tasks for and link builder. We usually share and document of file online to share it with other but we can also generate backlinks and traffic for our website from it. There are several document sharing sites like slideshare that allow link sharing in the document. By sharing our document on these sites we can gain a ton of value for our website.

What is Document Sharing

Document Sharing is the sharing of any document over the web instead of sharing it to physical venues. It might not that much helpful in SEO but still a necessary task for online presence.

If you have the knowledge of document sharing then Google Document might be your first choice. But there are lots of other document sharing sites available online on which you can share your Documents.

Main Purpose of Document Sharing

The main purpose of document sharing is to spread awareness about the company or brand and increase the online presence.  You can share history of company, achievements, awards etc.

Why this Document Sharing sites list is better than other?

Their are lots of document sharing sites list available online. Most of then are old list and not updated by anyone from many years. All list that provide large number of websites did not contain high authority websites. We have filtered all those list available online to prepare this list.

Websites present in free Document sharing sites list will provide you backlink and shareable link to distribute your document with others.

Here are some of the best free Document sharing sites list for SEO people.
 You can use this list to get more links for your website.
 2. SlideShare
 3. Scribd
 5. Calameo
 6. Zoho
 7. 4shared
 8. Author Stream
 9. Mediafire
 10. Wattpad
 11. SliderServe
 12. SideBoom
 13. 2shared

Some other sites list that you can use to create more backlinks.

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Some FAQ regarding Document Sharing Sites:
We can get a lot of backlinks from Document sharing sites
This is not true. There are only few websites that are crawled by Google like Slideshare. If you are sharing your file on dropbox and hopping for a backlink then it’s just a daydream.
Document sharing sites helps in increasing reputation?
Yes it’s true and I will say this is the true use of these websites. Instead of banklink use them for branding purpose. Share a brief information about your product or services on them, it will help in boosting your online presence.
We get low quality backlinks from document sharing sites
Well from most of the websites you don’t even get a backlink or if you are getting a backlink then no search engine is going to count that link. So don’t think about the link quality, provide best information about your brand on these sites. Share these document with others and on your social media profiles to get maximum exposure.

Should I share document is all Document sharing sites
No, I strictly recommend you all not to share document on all websites. Instead of sharing utilize that time and effort in creating a document that is informative and attractive.


Hope you like this best free Document Sharing Sites List for SEO. If you have some best free document sharing sites which are not mentioned in this list then share them with us by commenting in comment box and we will add those sites in this list.

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