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Seattle SEO Agency Reveals Their Secrets for Map Pack Rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) often changes as companies look for more advanced ways to serve consumers. Such was the case in 2017 when Google restructured its local business listings in searches by changing the 7-pack algorithm to a mobile-friendly 3-pack ranking system.

Physical Location Will Define 3-Pack Results

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The experts at Link-Assistant.Com researched the change and found that 3-pack results differed based on a searcher’s location. They tested 10 Internet protocol (IP) addresses within the same city and found that if two searchers were only miles apart but used the same criteria, they would potentially receive different results based on the top-ranking businesses that were closest to their location.

Link-Assistant.Com also found through in-house testing of Seattle SEO found that your ranking did not change just because it displayed a 3-pack. Its experts advise companies to enhance their snippet to stand out among competitors. The website also suggested adding a proper “Google My Business” information to add distinction. It suggests that businesses need to make sure the business is represented online properly. The ways to achieve this include:

  • Adding a unique business description
  • Use the correct tags that identify your services
  • Add a high-resolution image and photos of business or services
  • Ensure a local phone number is listed
  • Use the same address as listed on your website and directories

Improve Your Ranking By Building Trust

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The experts at Digital Coast Marketing found that the way to improve your ranking in the new 3-pack algorithm is to build trust with Google. They found that the simple way to do it is to add your listing information to sites like your local chamber of commerce, community bulletin boards, and churches. Its experts believe that the more active your business is, the better your ranking will be in Google’s algorithm.

Its insightful knowledge also found that local SEO and mobility will help businesses appeal to more mobile users who fall in line with Google’s reasoning for dropping the 7-pack down to only three. Moreover, the company found that the more visible your business, the better the chance Google connects you to local areas.

Increase Organic Ranking

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The experts at Rio SEO also found that while Google denies a link between the 3-pack and organic rankings, their testing of more than 50,000 locations found that companies continuously ranked higher organically than that of higher local SEO.

Rio SEO advises that businesses work on organic rankings to enhance the chance of getting displayed in Google’s 3-pack. Even though it found a difference between organic and local rankings, it advises businesses to optimize the locator to establish more visibility locally.

Rio SEO professionals also advise being wary of the Possum update, which removes similar listings. It advises businesses to ensure that there are no websites that share the same phone number or website listing. It will also remove business listings that have the same address in the proximity of one another.

What is certain is that if your business is not displaying in the 3-pack, you have some work to do to optimize your site better using the tips offered by these three expert companies.  You can also visit us at Ocean Epic  to learn more about Google’s 3-pack and SEO rankings.

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