Google SEO Tactics 2017
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Google SEO Tactics 2017

Here you will get all about Google SEO tactics 2017. A new generation is know about that internet is all about keeping up. But it is not possible that you to keep up with everything on the internet. If you are someone who collects to the huge of knowledge that is the internet, then your aim should be to submit your knowledgeable content out there, right in everyone’s faces and convince them want to read it.

Everyone knows if this task is easy, then everyone would know everything and every search engines should become pointless.

Nowadays the only person who updated with latest techniques and tactics become smartest search engine optimizers and the professional content writers get the pedestal where they are the number one hit on the search engine result pages.

If you are looking for updated Google SEO Tactics 2017 or Google SEO Trends 2017? Then keep reading…

Google SEO Tactics 2017

Read carefully our below tips according to Google seo tactics 2017 and start impalement them as soon as possible.

 #1 Mobile Is The Future

Nowadays 90% people use mobile devices for all their purpose. They use internet on mobile for shopping, everything search on mobile, book tickets, watch movies and, ect. Every persons use it at home, office and a lot don’t even own laptops.

The main reason to ask you all above that is now a times to start working on a website that is mobile friendly or customized for it.

#2 The Rise of Voice Search

The time has been changed so quickly and now voice search can take major place in keyword research. Now a time is to include voice search button on you website to provide simple voice search for your users. So they can free their fingers from type so much.

#3 Decrease your Website Loading–Time

Nowadays, every user’s can’t access the high speed internet. In this condition your website not opens properly and takes its own time to load.

For this, you need to optimize your website and reduce the size of media that you uploaded onto your website and delete dead links, optimize CSS and Coding of your website that’s slow down your website speed and load time.

Note: Without speed, there is nothing.

#4 Optimize Your Website Mobile friendly

Maximum people who read this article knows that Google Create Separate Mobile Index over Desktop “Google mobile index” means Google gives importance and crawled those websites that optimized according to mobile search engine and support mobile format. The main reason is 90% percent users using mobile phones for surfing internet.

Google has already create an algorithm on 21st April 2015 that the websites optimized according to mobile format and which are mobile friendly in nature will be given high priority and high rank in search result.

You can use these tools to make your website mobile friendly: AMP and Mobile Friendly-Test

#5 Write Unique Content

Writing Content is not like putting music or other things on your website. It is not like that your website will become a famous with just one post. You need to write unique and according to their targeted audience.

SEO Professionals never limit their knowledge to just optimizing websites or post, they write high-quality content as well. Write a content that will help other.

So keep in mind that be smart and write smart.

#6 Use Social Media to Make Strong Presence

Nowadays the social media is biggest platform to make strong presence for any online business. Because, every persons have at least two social media account on internet. So, if you target write audience on social media then you should get genuine referral traffic or leads for your post.

The next internet generation is very well known about internet techniques and they know where they need to click and which post is beneficial for them. They are not blind, they read, they share, they repost your submission if they like. So be smart towards your work.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media, because it is the home door for internet users. That is place where you engaged with many relevant users. So, post your blogs or articles let them thrive on social media.

#7 Link Building: Keep Quality, Not Quantity

Submit hundred of links on irrelevant websites or buy links from fake websites is just back track to your page but this trick is no longer work. Create some quality links that related to your category and niche that increase your page rank, ranking in search engine and page authority.

Note: Don’t irritate the users. Help them

#8 Use Long Tail Keywords

Use long tail keywords that relevant to your category or product is generating high conversion rate for you. If you are in the field of search engine optimization then you know very well about long tail keywords that they generate less traffic and there is less competition for long tail search terms.

Nowadays the needs of people become more complex on search engine. On the internet you should try to read the mind of users and think about how they would type on search engine when they need something.

For Example: Try to find some blog sites of your interest and think what would you type? You will definitely get the result.

#9 Secure your website with HTTPS

Why you need HTTPS connection for your website?

Simple, nowadays there are many hackers or spammers on internet who hack your website or access your personal details. These people use your personal details for their personal benefits and other bad activities.

So, if you want to secure you website from these hackers and spammers then you needs to change your site from HTTP to HTTPS. It will remain your site data confidential and private from spammers.

And other fact is that the Google gives a ranking boost to HTTPS.

#10 User Experience is the new SEO

Last, most important and trendy Google SEO tactics 2017 is user experience. This is new SEO. Like in sale, customer is always right and on internet, user in always right.

You need to optimize your website with best techniques, make your website user-friendly, offer better site speed with information data that user want to see on your website. With this you will definitely get better ranking and rating.

Google SEO Tactics 2017


The Google SEO Tactics 2017 are expected to improve the functionality of all the websites on Internet. If you like this post, please share and comment your valuable comments on below box.


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