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6 Golden Rules For Designing Your Business Card

Business cards are still crucial and relevant in creating networks and building relationships with other businesses and people.

However, you shouldn’t create and send out business cards for the sake of it, the design process is just as important.

After all, having a business card isn’t just about listing your contact details, you also have to stand out and make sure no one throws it after you hand it over.

But how can you properly design your business card to support your brand and business?

Here are the six golden rules for designing your business card to help you out!

When creating and designing your Australian business cards, you have to make sure that it looks and functions well.

Follow these 6 helpful tips to help you start producing attractive and relevant ones:

  1. Only Include Important Information

I’m sure many of you designed your business cards to include everything regarding your business, from the basic contact information down to sales pitches and biographies!

With that kind of business card, it’ll definitely put people off and lose their attention from all that info.

Instead of overloading your business card with unnecessary fluff, include only the basic and crucial contact information to keep their interest.

I would only add my name and main contact details, as well as the business name and niche for people to remember me.

  1. Everything Should Be Legible

While it’s fun to have the unique and funky fonts that catch attention, the question is: Is it readable?

You wouldn’t want to have different colors and indecipherable fonts that make it difficult to read.

This just puts off the recipient and would just have them toss it out without even trying to understand how to contact you.

When designing your business card, look at the design and make sure that the fonts aren’t too fancy or distorted, or too small and incomprehensible. It should be easy to read and pleasant to see.

  1. Have It Professionally Printed

Some people and businesses would rather save a few bucks, printing their business cards at home.

Sure, it does cost less, but will it look as good when giving it out?

If you’ll be using standard printers with low-quality paper, it really won’t look good as a first impression.

That’s why it’s best to consider having your business cards professionally printed instead. This amps up your professionalism as you hand it out, also having the business card look good to give out.

Plus, you can find affordable deals on both business card design and printing services.

  1. Design Based on your Audience

For this who has a lot of businesses and companies they work with or own, then you probably considered using one universal design.

While this would work if your businesses are connected or complement each other, it may confuse if you have two totally different niches you’re working with (like, let’s say being a tow driver and graphic designer!).

So design your business card based on who your audience is and what industry you work in, even if it means creating multiple designs.

This avoids confusion and would speak directly with your main audience.

  1. Be Careful With Special Finishing Options

There are tons of ways you’re able to have our business card design stand out. Some have finishing features like die cuts, unique sizes, embossing, or even folds that add information in such an enticing way.

Sure, this can capture attention, but you wouldn’t want it to stray away from your brand and the information inside the card.

Make sure you choose your finishing options carefully and that it still sticks with your branding and is still easy to read.

  1. Consider Putting a Call to Action

Like mentioned it’s best to keep your design simple and streamlined. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make it interesting for people to want to check you out.

Besides listing your contact information, consider putting in a special offer or another call to action which will definitely have them visiting your website or giving you a call.

From tips to special promos only located in the business card, you can definitely generate a lot of leads.

Wrapping It Up

From sizing your business card down to creating the innovative design that shows what you’re about, so many factors can make or break your business card.

If you do fail in any of the factors, then there’s a chance of losing prospects and connections.

That’s why you need to put more time and effort into it, as it brings on the benefits to help with your business success.

I hope that this article on the six golden rules for designing your business card helped you learn what you need to do. So don’t wait any longer and begin following these tips now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on designing business cards, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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