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How to Write Effective Press Releases to Build your Brand Presence Online?

When we discuss the marketing plan for any business, then it includes various components and one of the key components in this is the press release distribution.

If the press release is written and formatted by taking into consideration various key factors, then it greatly increases the chances of it to be effective and rewarding for the brand.

Unlike press releases in print media, press releases in an online medium can be targeted to any specific audience by choosing the right combination of keyword tags and other ranking factors. You can choose any newsworthy content for publication in a press release.

Let us see the factors which you must keep in mind while writing a press release.


The headline is the starting point of your press release. The headline must be compelling enough to catch a reader’s attention.

However, you must keep in mind that while writing a compelling headline, you must not use a clickbait title as it creates a negative impression of your brand. Your headline must have your most prominent keywords in it through which users can search for your brand.

Content body:

The starting paragraph must convey background information about the brand and the problems which the product/service is looking to solve.

You must also insert the most significant keywords in the very first paragraph of your press release.  Your first paragraph must build curiosity for the reader to continue reading the rest of the press release.

In the later paragraphs, you can insert quotes from the top officials of your company.

Here you can also compare how your recent product or service is going to be better than the existing competing companies. The rest part of your content body must contain semantic or related keywords.

Concise and Simple:

Your press release must not be so long that any leader would get irritated.  The words present in your press release must be simple to understand.

Even for technical press releases, you must try to explain it in such a way that any layman can understand the basic summary of your press release. It must contain verifiable facts and figures to support your claim.

Clear Contacts:

Your press release must carry clear contact information so that any person reading your press release can contact you easily. This is beneficial because you can directly gain new clients from the press release itself.


Get a professional freelance designer to create an eye-catching image for your press release.  Most of the time, Google displays images next to the press release in its search results and by having an attractive image, you can get more people to read the press release.

Choosing the best press release platform

There are many press release sites on which your press release can get published.  Most resellers get press releases published on very low authority websites that are rarely visited or read by people.

There is no use in publishing press-releases on such platforms as it hardly makes a difference to your brand. You must aim to get your releases published on reputed sites with high domain authority and fast indexing in search engines.

Getting a press release published on Yahoo Finance

There are only a few press release agencies that can get it published on Yahoo Finance. Yahoo Finance has strict guidelines and not every press release can be published there.

Further, the authority of US-based Yahoo Finance is much more than its other regional counterparts. If you check the top press wire services for publishing press releases to Yahoo Finance, you will find that most of them have rates over $500.

However, this link at shares a wonderful way to get your releases published on Yahoo Finance for cheap.

Do press releases pass link juice?

As per Google guidelines, press releases must use the nofollow attribute which means that they do not pass any link power to the linked site. However, there are various case studies that show that nofollow links also affect the rankings in Google.

Further, getting links on a high authority press release has an added advantage of increased exposure through syndication because many sites republish content from big press release sites.

Many times, it is possible that your press release itself can rank for low to mid competition keywords due to which it will bring traffic and sales for your product/service.

Syndicating press releases followed by backlinking the published press releases can help in ranking the target site. Further, if the content published in the press release is written in a creative way, then it has chances to go viral and gather much bigger attention.

For getting an idea of the type of content that can go viral with a press release, one can look for case studies of successful viral press releases on Google. Overall, press releases are still one of the top branding strategies considered by SEO agencies and businesses.

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