Why websites rank high in a search engine when they are not well optimized?

Why websites rank high in a search engine when they are not well optimized? Or even, when they don’t have too many backlinks.

I searched too much about this topic from the last few days and read some related article. So, I thought I would write a blog post and explain why this happens.

Below are the top 5 reasons why sites rank high when they aren’t optimized:

#1: Click through rate

Click through rate is the part of Google’s Algorithm. It calculates the percentage, reflecting the number of clicks you receive from the total number of people searching for that same keyword you rank for.

If your click through rate is higher than everyone else, the search engine (Google) will slowly start moving you up in search engine results.

Don’t create deceptive title tags and Meta description for increase your results because Google also checks your website bounce rate.

Example: If Google sends 500 people to your website and each of those people hit back button within a few seconds, this shows Google that your website is not relevant and increase your bounce rate.

A lot of websites on the web that not optimized well, but still rank high in search engine have a high click through rate and low bounce rate. That’s also maintaining their ranking.

#2: Domain Age

Domain (Niche) Age is one of the big ranking factors that cause some website to rank well in their age. I noticed that if you have a brand website, Build great quality backlinks, and add quality of content, you still get search traffic as older websites will.

#3: Number of Backlinks

Nowadays, Google doesn’t just look at the number of backlinks a website has but, also looks at relevancy and authority of linked site. Few websites that are rank high on a search engine and not optimized well have some high-quality backlinks targeting to the internal pages. If you create some quality backlinks from .edu and .gov websites, you get high ranking and traffic from them.

#4: Cross-Linking

Cross-linking is also one a ranking factor if you don’t have to implement the on-page strategy on your site and the number of backlinks. You can get high ranking from overall website perspective if you did internal cross-linking your web pages.

#5: Content Quality

Do you know Google always check website content on quality basis after panda updates 2011? A lot of old websites that rank well in search engine have unique quality content. Google look content on the website and compare it with other website content for quality. So if you have higher quality content from your competitors than you stay #1 in Google search engine for a long time.


There are many more reasons that non-optimizes site rank well in Google search engine. Most of the top 5 reason, I have mentioned above are the main reason I’ve seen over the years.

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