Who To Follow on Twitter: Tips and Tricks for Marketers

Who To follow on twitter
More than 3 million people use Twitter. If you are doing twitter marketing and you exactly know who to follow on twitter then you have won the half battle.
Twitter audience is different then Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social networking website. If you know how to select the right audience then you can get more conversion from twitter for your business easily.
Growing your followers is not just the main objective to increase your social presence and generate more leads from twitter.
Posting everyday, several times a day, is just not enough to stimulate growth. The “if I build it, they will come” mindset just doesn’t apply with twitter.
This is why it’s important you actively try to grow your Twitter audience. To see real growth in as little time as possible you have to be direct  and understanding of your goals.
You have to decide which people you should choose to follow or unfollow.
In this article I’m going you share all the tactics that you can use to decide who to follow on twitter and grow your network fast.

Lets Discuss Who To Follow on Twitter?

Follow your competitors followers

One of the most important step. You should never forget to follow your competitors followers. You get maximum percentage of follow back with this step because You and your competitor have same product or services.

Followers of your competitor can easily be converted into leads.

Follow the leaders and Influencers

These are the people who had made a good reputation in your industry and other people like to hear or read about them. Like in digital marketing Neil Patel is a famous person for your industry it might be someone else.

Don’t follow every leader! You have to make choices.

Before starting this step you have to decide which industry you are going to focus and what you want in return from these people.

Don’t follow those leaders or influencers who are just throwing their words and not engaging with their audience.

Follow leaders who are sharing others content also on twitter and start sharing your content with them. If they retweet your post on their profile you will get relevant traffic which you can convert into leads.

Do remember in this era of marketing, Influencer marketing is one of the best methods to promote anything.

Follow Hashtags

We all know that Twitter runs on Hastags. Every industry has some common hashtags which are followed by everyone. For example #socialmedia and #digitalmarketing is known to every marketer. You have to find relevant hastags for your industry.

Follow the relevant people who are sharing content and using your targeted hastags.

Use automation to decide who to follow on Twitter

Here with automation I mean the software’s which we use for Twitter marketing.

There are some good marketing tools for twitter which you can connect with your account and automate the marketing process.
Just for an example you can connect your twitter account with commuin.it. This tool will provide a lot of statistics about your account. Crowdfireapp is also a good tool to use for this purpose.

5. follow the followers of your exact match


Don’t follow everyone on Twitter; just follow the relevant people. Do remember, main motive to use twitter for marketing is to spread awareness about your product and service. As a marketer you should try to reach to big audience so that you can get lots of leads. You can visit our another article to read more Twitter marketing tips.

I hope this article on “Who to Follow on Twitter” will help you to decide the relevant person to follow. If I missed anything in this article then please share it with me in comment box. I will update that information in this article.

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