What Are the Best Strategies for WhatsApp Marketing?

whatsapp marketing strategies

With more than 700 million active users on its platform, WhatsApp is now considered the most widely used social network, even bigger than the Facebook messenger.

This platform needs no introduction as most of you might already be using it on your phone to share text, videos, audio messages, gifs, etc., all for free.

It is by far the best result of iOS and Android application development. Besides, the platform is completely advertisement free.

It makes difficult for marketers to promote their products or services on WhatsApp.

However, as a marketer, you cannot miss the most engaged social network.

Here are a couple of ways you can still use WhatsApp to advertise your product without coming like a spammed marketer.

1) Create A Friendly Persona for Your Business

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WhatsApp is a personal messaging platform, where users don’t like to be thrown with advertisements and all.

It is for people who want to connect with their closed ones. Any brand that wants to target the WhatsApp audience needs to feel like a friend.

The first step for any brand or business is to create an engaging and friendly persona or character that is most likely to correlate with your targeted audience.

Ensure that you are using a real identity of a person while creating a brand persona, which will prove your authenticity to the users.

For example, Rare Pink’s customer service managers use a WhatsApp number and are available online all the time to help their customers.

As a result, the company has seen some significant growth in its online sales.

Being on WhatsApp means that people can approach you anytime with their concern, and can address them effectively.

This creates a connection between a brand and a consumer, which helps any business grow long-term revenue.

2) Offer Value To Build a Database

WhatsApp is ad-free, and there is no platform that sells you WhatsApp number so you can start shooting your advertisements directly into customers’ phone. You got to create everything on your own.

However, how would you do that? Let’s understand it with an example!

In many countries, police launched their WhatsApp phone number on all their social media pages to report any kind of corruption by policemen.

All users had to do was send in the images and videos of people who are doing corruption. They received thousands of WhatsApp messages on the next day. This is how they built their customer database.

Now, you may not receive thousands of messages in one day, but you can be assured that people who are on your social media pages and who have subscribed your emails will certainly want your number in their WhatsApp account.

This will help them get to you faster with their queries, and this will help you build a database in return.

3) Create A Group

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There are already too many WhatsApp groups out there for people to receive daily updates. You can also get started with this by creating a WhatsApp group that will share all the relevant news to the users.

However, this step requires you to have a list of phone numbers you can target.

Point 2 can help you with fetching phone numbers of potential customers. Then, there is the LinkedIn page, where you can invite people to join your group.

But, at the end of the day, it is all about why anyone should join your group?

If you can provide value, people would love to join your WhatsApp group.

4) Share Relevant Content

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After you have gained a decent number of WhatsApp users on your account, start posting relevant content on a regular basis.

Ensure you are not spamming the group by asking them to subscribe to your email.

They already have you on their WhatsApp, so customers are most likely to not do that as they can approach you via WhatsApp.

Share what is relevant to your targeted audience. If you want to share a post you just wrote, make sure you are adding a couple of lines prior to the link, which will entice them to read the whole post.

Offer discounts-everyone loves it. In the end, it is all about the value you can provide to your WhatsApp users.

Reliance Brands offer regular updates, promotions, new launches, etc., to keep their WhatsApp members engaged.

The reports are that Reliance Brands are able to get a conversion rate as high as 80% at times. This is the power of relevant content.

5) Good Customer Service

The point of creating a WhatsApp group is delivering amazing customer services to your end users.

Many businesses have already jumped on this bandwagon, leveraging WhatsApp to create a better user experience for their services.

If you have created a WhatsApp group and someone post a concern, make sure that you are addressing it ASAP because other people are going to read how well you are doing your end of the part.

Even if you are approached by an individual, it is your duty to solve the problem as every single customer is essential to your business.

For example, Banco Standard Bank, a financial institution has created Open Bank, which is actually a WhatsApp service support for users who want to address their concerns.

Most of the customers found this service of Banco Standard Bank really useful to get instant solutions to their queries.

While offering customer service via WhatsApp numbers, ensure you have the proper resources to handle customer queries.

People don’t like to wait for hours to get a reply, especially on a WhatsApp platform, which is actually an instant messaging app. Depending on the traffic you receive, deploy the resources.

Wrapping Up

With WhatsApp, you can connect with hundreds and thousands of people looking for better services.

Just keep in mind that you are not spamming the account of your potential customers, which can push them to block you.

Use this platform to build a better platform for your advertisements. Let us know your thoughts about these marketing strategies in the comment section.

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