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What To Use As A Google Backlink Indexer

Backlinks are a fundamental aspect of SEO, whose role is optimizing sites in order to generate more website traffic. Anyhow, building backlinks is an incredibly demanding procedure that requires plenty of time, money, and effort.

Most people struggle to get their links indexed, as it is the only way to have them included in the database of a search engine. However, this process can take ages unless you employ the right techniques.

Nowadays, there is a myriad of link indexer services, such as addnewurl.com and https://backlinksindexer.com, which submit, ping, and build backlinks to speed up the process of indexation.

The following tips will help you get your links indexed in a fast and efficient manner.

Build relevant links

In order for Google to index your backlinks, they are supposed to be built on authoritative websites. It’s paramount for these websites to be relevant to your site, as relevance contributes to the links’ validity. Consequently, Google will be notified that they are indeed genuine and legit.

Furthermore, links have to be strategically placed within the content so as to make perfect sense. Positioning them randomly won’t get you anywhere. Make sure you pay special attention to the content by choosing popular blogs that feature relevant posts.

The most efficient way of finding authority sites for placing your backlinks is researching competitors. There are numerous research tools that you could employ for the purpose of monitoring your competition. Most of them offer free trials, thus enabling you to test their data collection features.

Provide quality content

As previously mentioned, content plays a major role in getting your backlinks indexed. You are expected to provide high-quality content in order for authoritative websites to welcome your guest posts. These sites are extremely rigorous when it comes to content quality, which is why their editors only approve engaging articles.

Fortunately, you could brush up the content by using some of the numerous proofreading tools online. These applications provide useful suggestions in terms of grammar, cohesion, and vocabulary whose goal is to improve your style of writing. Click here for some helpful tips on making your content more engaging.

Build second-tier links

Build second-tier linksAnother way of being discovered by Google is building second-tier links, whose purpose is different from the one of first-tier links. The former is built on any website that leads to the content of another webpage, which ultimately links to your site. Although it seems like a confusing process, it has proven to be incredibly effective. Conversely, the latter refers to the primary backlinks whose job is to improve the rank of the sites they lead to.

Submit your backlinks to Google

The following step would be submitting the inbound links to Google for indexation. You are supposed to perform the link submission manually to Google Search Console, which automatically increases the chances of completing the procedure.

Bear in mind that your backlinks are more likely to be indexed after choosing relevant sites, creating engaging content and building second-tier links. All of these factors have a huge impact on their eligibility.

Ping your URLs

Submit your backlinks to GoogleIn case the process of manual URL submission doesn’t turn out exactly as planned, you should proceed to link pinging. Through pinging, Google is notified about the latest updates on your site, which eventually increases your index rate. However, make sure you avoid over pinging, as it has no effect on your rate.

In addition, instead of pinging the URLs by yourself, you could use link indexer services that provide successful results. These services won’t only ping each URL, but build permanent backlinks as well. There is a plethora of such services in the online market, so make sure you choose one to save precious time.

Don’t forget about social media

Social media is an indispensable aspect of link indexing, as it can genuinely help you to speed up the process. Your social media presence is crucial for getting the audience interested, which means that you are expected to share your URLs as much as possible.

Apart from improving your index rate, social media will also contribute to your brand reputation. Once Google considers your backlinks legit, your search engine rating will be automatically boosted. Consequently, your brand will seem more trustworthy to the audience.

In case you aren’t familiar with the right method of sharing backlinks, you could always hire professional assistance. There is a myriad of freelancers who specialize in sharing URLs on social media. Hiring such a professional will certainly boost your social media presence, which you thought was impossible to achieve.

Use Web 2.0s

This step is only necessary if the above-mentioned techniques didn’t yield successful results. There is no reason to be desperate, as Web 2.0s has proven to be an effective solution. Firstly, you are supposed to look for blogging sites where you can post articles free of charge.

The following step would be creating accounts on all free sites you found in order to post your articles. Make sure the length of the articles is between 800 and 1,500 words, as it’s the only way to include the recommended number of links.

Additionally, you are expected to include approximately ten backlinks in each post, which cannot be properly positioned in short articles. As long as there is no sign of plagiarism, your URLs will finally be indexed. The following link, https://www.wikihow.com/Avoid-Plagiarism, includes some useful tips on avoiding plagiarism.
Resources: Best Dofollow Web 2.0 Sites List for Linkbuilding

Monitor your results

Monitoring the indexation results is indispensable for checking the success of your SEO campaign. There is a variety of tools that are specially designed for tracking the index status of backlinks. It’s a convenient way of monitoring their status, which is indicated by using icons in different colors. The green color shows that the link is indexed while red and yellow indicate potential problems.

Wrap up

Digital marketing is essential for keeping up with the fierce competition.

Investing in SEO services is the only way to find your place under the sun!

The results are amazing!

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