Hashtag Tracking: What is It and Why It Matters

“Hashtags are important.”

“Use hashtags.”

“Hashtags drive traffic to your page.”

How often do we hear such statements from those into digital marketing? Very often, right? 

Hashtags are probably one of the most important tools you can use to be a social media star these days. If used strategically, hashtags can work wonders for your business and website. 

But, what do we really mean when we say “use hashtags strategically”? How do we create that hashtag strategy? How do we understand which hashtag to use and which one to ignore? How do we track all the hashtag activity? 

The post helps you explore all of these aspects. Beginning with what exactly is meant by hashtag tracking, we shall gradually see why hashtag tracking matters and what tools can we use for the purpose. Let’s get started! 

What is Hashtag Tracking?

hashtag tracker

Hashtag tracking is the process of tracking the performance of hashtags and studying hashtag analytics. It involves studying how a given hashtag has been performing, how your audience has been receiving it and how beneficial it has been to your marketing campaigns on social media. 

Hashtag tracking is a diverse process. It can be done relevant to various metrics depending on what your business and marketing goals are. 

Why Does Hashtag Tracking Matter? 

Allows You to Measure Social Media Presence 

Hashtag Analytics

One of the basic uses of hashtag tracking tools is to help you get accurate metrics and real-time reports of how various hashtags are performing across different social media channels. 

Thus, when you track hashtags, you get important insights such as which hashtags are trending, and which one of them is not getting the desired attention. You can track the extent of reach of each hashtag and use them to help your brand grow further. 

Not just that, you can easily track popular and trending hashtags relevant to your domain and business. Further, you can use them to increase your brand presence. 

Helps You Connect With the Audience Better 

Tracking your hashtags helps you connect with the audience in a better way. While you track hashtags, you can easily judge and find out which hashtags are attracting the maximum number of people. 

You can find out what hashtags is the audience engaging the most with. Further, this can help you get exclusive content ideas which are expected to be an instant hit with the audience. You may also customize your future content creation according to the interest of your audience. 

Thus, a nice hashtag tracking tool can help you identify your target audience and create targeted hashtag campaigns so as to ensure maximum engagement as well as conversion. 

Analyze Your Competitors Better 

If you are new to the digital marketing world, you could always have a source of inspiration. A nice hashtag tracking tool can help you study and analyse what your competitors are doing. 

You can analyse their hashtag campaigns and see if they are bringing the desired results. If yes, you could also use the strategy for your brand enhancement. Further, you can analyse which market tactics work and which do not. 

Thus, you can easily set standards for yourself and follow a defined path, rather than incurring the cost of random hit and trial. 

What Tools Could You Use for Hashtag Tracking? 

There are a lot of tools available online that can help you track hashtags. However, not all of them are good enough. You don’t want to buy a subscription and later figure out that the tool doesn’t do it all, right? 

You need to be very careful with hashtag tracker selection. And for that to happen, you must know your goals. You must clearly understand what features you just can’t do without! 

Keyhole is a nice hashtag tracking and hashtag analytics tool. The feature-rich tool helps measure your hashtag’s performance. Not just that, it proves your campaign’s impact & ROI while generating client-ready reports for all your social media campaigns.

The tool provides you with real-time data from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts about how your hashtags have been performing and what has been working well for you. Another crucial feature of the tool is that it helps you measure influencer’s performance thus saving you from wasting funds on those who are not driving significant traffic. 

You may also use the tool to share client-ready reports. The tool comes with an easy-to-use interface and doesn’t need you to undergo any specific training to get started. You can share an ongoing campaign’s live dashboard with a client. 

Thus, these were some quick insights on what hashtag tracking is and why you need to incorporate this into your digital marketing campaigns. If used properly, hashtags can be a real game changer for you. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in a nice hashtag tracker tool right away and get started. Best of luck!

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