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What Are Backlinks and Why Should You Care

When you do your research on online business marketing, it’s inevitable to come across the word backlinks.

If you’re new to online marketing, it’s easy to glaze over this word because it sounds highly technical.

The good news is, you don’t have to feel intimidated by the concept of backlinking.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks, sometimes referred to as incoming or inbound links, simply refer to websites that link to yours.

The term itself illustrates the concept behind it. When another company mentions you on their page, it links back to you.

Why should you care about backlinks?

Marketers would tell you that there are many ways to get your website ranking in Google. You can hire a website developer VA (virtual assistant) to make your virtual turf sleek and easy to navigate.

You can churn out quality posts regularly. You can even build a strong image on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to bring more traffic to your site.

Still, if you want to be known as an authority in your industry, backlinking is an approach proven to build a brand’s credibility.

As far as social engine optimization (SEO) is concerned, Google deems websites with more backlinks as worthy of being put on the first page of its search results.

For Google, the more people mention you in their posts, the more valuable your content is. Backlinks are popularity votes in the SEO world.

According to experts, the number of reputable websites associated with a page influences its Google ranking more than any other factor.

What should you do from here?

Since backlinking is another branch of online marketing, there are certain techniques that you can do to be better at it.

On the flip side, there are also certain practices that you need to avoid if you don’t want to hurt your chances.

Here are a few things to consider to get more backlinks:

  • Earn your backlinks honestly. As more and more people are realizing the value of backlinking, the number of strategies regarding it also increases. Some would even claim as experts and convince you to buy backlinks from them. This is a scheme you need to avoid. Google has placed sensors to detect if a backlink is organic or suspicious.
  • Produce quality content. The surest, most logical way of earning backlinks organically is through quality content. Business owners are always on the lookout to provide relevant information to their customers. By linking to your site, will companies expand the initial research of their site visitors?
  • Business Citations. In backlinks, it’s not only quantity that matters. The quality of websites that mention you also influence your authority in your niche. Just imagine if you’re mentioned by credible brands such as the Yellow Pages. One glance at this citation and people would automatically tag you as an expert in your line of business.

The number and type of strategies on how to build a strong business presence online constantly change.

Yet, backlinking has remained steadfast over the years. Now that you know its significance in your business, what backlinks strategies will you use?

About Author

Catherine vanVonno, the author, is the President and Executive Director of 20Four7VA, a global Virtual Assistant (VA) Service Provider. She holds a doctorate degree in Applied Statistics, Research Design, and Program Evaluation from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and has over 10 years of experience in facilitating evidence-based strategic planning, product development, brand management, legislative communications, and medical policy. She is married and has four children. You can reach her at communications@20four7va.com.

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