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7 Conventional Yet Highly Effective Website Marketing Strategies

Marketing a website is all about increasing a site’s popularity to improve its online presence.

You can achieve this using the following strategies:

  1. Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing a website’s online visibility for it to ranking high in organic search results.

The optimization involves different strategies that are all centered around the use of keywords and phrases that people search for.

Most of the online users will not go beyond the first couple of search results pages when they enter a search on Google.

Some of the popular strategies we implement that improve a website’s organic ranking in search results include:

  • Editing the existing content while injecting fresh materials.
  • Eliminating restrictions to indexing activities of search engines, which is one of the tactics with high returns on investment
  • Increasing the number of inbound links and backlinks, which are vital in enhancing your website’s popularity and

SEO planning and implementation can be time-consuming during the initial phase, but it is a necessity if you are to gain more traffic and catapult your site to the top slot in the first page of search results.

The process of search engine optimization also time for any significant results to be seen.

  1. Retargeting Advertisements

Retargeting your adverts is all about tracking each ad that a visitor clicks so that they will receive related adverts once they leave your website.

It is a tactic that will see you reach those visitors who opt to go without conversion, which is a significant number (nearly 98% of the inbound traffic from the PPC).

As such, the retargeting is an essential element in any effective pay per click campaign. It leaves room for a visitor to come back and thus increases the odds of conversions.

However, its implementation should be done with caution so that you do not come across as overbearing.

  1. Blogging And Guest Blogging


Blogging is more about content generation. You will create original materials that you post on your site and other websites to attract new visitors.

The content should be organic, exciting, and informative so that it aids in setting you and your business apart from your competitors.

With blogging, you can also opt to write for other blogs within your niche and then do some link building to generate traffic that benefits both parties.

For this, you can include a link to your site in your biography in your blog post as well as the guest post.

It is a tactic that ensuring you better the chances of getting new visitors from another source that has a better audience that your website or blog.

  1. Email Marketing

Since bagging a sale will involve some lengthy engagement with a client so that you can convince them to buy, it is wise to invest in an option that will make such levels of participation possible.

That is where email marketing comes in; providing a means of reaching out to potential and current clients.

You will need to give compelling reasons as to why the customer should subscribe. And if they do, then you should send them great, organic, informative, and relevant content regularly.

Also, encourage people to return to your site regularly by emailing them newsletters that also highlights what they may have missed since their last visit – it may be new videos, products or services, or blog posts.

  1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC is a method centered on online advertising to generate more traffic and bolster search results ranking.

With the pay-per-click strategy, you will pay a certain price for every click that you advert gets in search engines. The goal of PPC will be to convert very click and see a notable ROI.

For instance, you can opt to use Google AdWords which has little costs. You can set your budget to a maximum of ten cents per click or an accumulative sum of five dollars a day & this is an example.

But your focus is not on the costs but the number of clicks you get that you can convert and get significant returns of investment. You will have to pick a popular keyword or phrase, and the search engine will do the heavy lifting of putting your ads out there for your target audience or market to see.

  1. Facebook Ads

In America, there are over 500 million active users on Facebook every day with each user spending an average of eight hours per month on Facebook.

The site is a social media platform that is popular with all types of demographics and not only the young generation.

On a side note, a study done by Nielsen shows that 69% of online users will remember something they saw if it has a social context, and this also applies to advertisements.

As such, Facebook ads can be a resource that you can leverage to target a specific audience based on their location, interests, and gender.

It is an effective method of bringing in new traffic to your website when combined with your PPC campaign.

The Facebook Ads works the same way as Google AdWords in that you are piggybacking off the traffic that these can generate to increase the popularity of your site by bringing in new visitors.

  1. YouTube


YouTube is a video hosting platform that has significant social media influence. And since Google also indexes audio and visual content, creating compelling, informative, and entertaining videos and posting them on your YouTube channel will boost your SEO efforts for your website.

Can embed the videos in your website’s pages or your blog or your guest blog posts. You can as well share links to the videos on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram among others.

The object is to have audiovisual content that has the potential of going viral; however, you also need to appreciate that not every video you post will back mover a million views.

As such, the best move is to include a call to action and the end of the clip that informs viewers that to do and where to go, and why.

Alternatively, you can decide to advertise on other people and videos by purchasing targets adverts that are related or relevant to your business.

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