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Ways Website Design Can Impact Digital Marketing

Web design is not solely about aesthetics—it can make or break a client-business relationship. Functionality is one of the basic standards; the other one is visibility.

Getting into the details is what will truly determine what kind of engagement a user will partake in towards your brand.

Layout and color are critical in building a key digital tool that, used properly, can vastly improve marketing online campaigns.

Having a top quality website for a brand is a vital piece of any digital marketing strategy worth its salt.

Consumers are paying attention too: A recent 2019 report by the world’s leading research and advisory company showed a whopping 88% of customers they surveyed encountered high-quality information during their latest online purchases.

In every industry having a website that is constantly up to speed, informative and pleasing is key. This seems to automatically establish trust with potential users.

It plays a huge factor in customer engagement. Some examples of these industries include fashion, telecommunication, agriculture, education, and pharmaceutical.

The New Top Marketing Priority: Digital

A website that is crafted well can prove very helpful for a business, including a notable increase in sales as well as leads.

Essentially, websites that are great are their own campaign. They consistently represent the brand.

Compared to marketing initiatives such as in-person flyer distribution, for example, a website and its results are easily tracked.

This allows the brand to have a deeper understanding of their consumer’s behavior and gain valuable insight into what works.

Let’s explore some of the best practices and applications wherein designs of websites directly impact a brand’s marketing angle.


Standing out amongst competitors is important. When a website is running on old data, the bounce-back rates for it will be at an all-time high.

While building websites using a template is incredibly enticing, it isn’t that simple. A ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ situation isn’t always ideal.

A website made well that has more of a narrative perspective and visuals that support it will give the market as well as the clients an unforgettably positive impact.

Experience of All Users

Any website crafted well should be able to allow users to explore the brand and interact with it.

Connections that are meaningful between the brand and the consumer directly affect a brand’s general objectives.

Offering a user experience is now a vital investment for any brand out there. There is a standing expectation for brands to have a website that is genuine and intuitive.

Strategic planning that includes user testing and focusing on reflection brand perspective and mission/vision will ensure an ideal experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Abbreviated as SEO, search engine optimization is generally used in order for websites to be listed chronologically from the most engaged in a search engine.

Positive SEO practices by the likes of company Joel House Search Media include:

  • Linking website keywords to applicable terms on possible target market searches
  • Researching keywords and links to implement in a website
  • Incorporating SEO into the design of the website itself
  • Keeping links updated in a continuous and current manner

Others include positioning content actively in order to heighten search result visibility. 

Conversion Rate Monitoring

The ideal customer experience, also abbreviated as CX, has a critical element. This is conversation rate monitoring when metrics analysis of a website performance comes into play. The conversation rate has a direct correlation to user engagement.

This makes it an extremely important factor for corporate leverage when marketing choices are being made.

When web design is correctly strategized to use for conversion, the corresponding rates are directly impacted. It costs more and leads to complications in the long run. This is despite the cheaper allure of using a template.

Say for example that a user is looking through a website. They do not find their desired information simply because of a call-to-action button with poor placement.

Or the navigation is not clear enough. Given the inconvenience, they will leave immediately and go to a different website—possibly even that of a competitor.

Influence of a Brand

Taking good care of a consistent relationship with clientele sets the groundwork for a brand to build influence.

This will eventually convert into brand loyalty, which comes hand-in-hand with brand trust. This comes to be when the clientele is loyal not just to a product, but the brand itself.

Digital marketing acts as a virtual facilitator for these connections essentially through a digital ecosystem.

Brand influence comes in as a necessity mainly when marketing to millennial and Gen Z to build a brand. Those are two generations that are very particular in looking towards relatable brands.

When the brand evokes good feelings, the generations will pay attention. If clients become advocates, this becomes a big help in launching new products and retaining brand recall.

Clients are far more likely to engage with a brand on their digital platforms before making a purchase.

So an integrated marketing strategy on a website is key to convert leads and reach them online and offline.

A website that is well-strategized will anchor a concrete digital base. With that, any company will be able to effectively leverage for themselves a positive brand image.

This will be key in building public relations both online and offline. It also acts as a backbone for organically raising a vibrant social media presence.

Most significantly, this plays an entirely crucial role in increasing sales.

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