We’ve made some amazing progress since the websites were propelled. Website developers and designers are coming up with some progressive, increasingly brave, and better designs for the websites.

The last decade has seen some revolutionary facelift of the internet. The design trends have changed the creativity standards for web designs.

Over the years, technical progressions have prompted sites to get smarter, with the right combination of aesthetics and technology.

Each business has unique goals that they wish to fulfill from their website. Through a Website Design Company In Mumbai, whose Website Development Services, help you define those goals, understand your customer’s needs and your products, you can achieve growth through the website.

The website is used by some businesses for revenue generation through e-commerce sites, others use it to generate leads while some use it simply to keep their stakeholders informed.

Each of these cases deserves a unique approach to Website Development.

However, in no way can there be the final word on inventive and creative advancements in the design trends, but through these examples, we hope you can experience the design extents these web designs and designers have explored.

  1. Typography for websites…the bold, the better!


The website of a brand wants the viewer to access the website, understand and read the information. So, the main purpose becomes the readability of the content.

But, it is also as to how the content is put forth.

The Big bold text has a dramatic impact. The images on the homepages are now being replaced by the text.

The brand names or messages, the text in these formats, are forming the basis of the design of the website.

The images and videos on the websites can not overpower the importance of text on it.

An image might speak louder than words, but speak what?

You don’t have control over that. To convey the correct information to the viewer, the text becomes an integral part.

The typography also gives a hierarchy to the content, letting people know the varied importance of content and what all to concentrate on.

  1. Black and White

Black and white

Colors standout amongst the most significant components in a site. It develops a mindset, binds together a brand and aides clients through an interface by making visual navigation.

For 2019, we’re seeing brave highly contrasting website composition owning amazing expressions.

With black and white designs, that use minimal or almost no color, the designer doesn’t have to put in a lot of effort to understand the color scheme.

The colors are pretty simple and go along well with each other, use them anyhow. But one aspect that the designers have to look after is the right balance of both colors.      

  1. Use of Abstract, Organic Shapes

organic shapes

Web Designs use grid and lines for an organized format. Using rigid geometric shapes gives a stable structure to the page.

Now, the designers are moving towards more smoother lines, organic forms that give a more comfortable approach to the viewer.

The asymmetrical and natural form make the page elements more vivid for the viewer. Use of abstract forms adds an informal touch to the web page.

  1. Integrated Animations

Integrated Animations

The animation is used on the website mainly to attract the viewer’s eye and add a moment of surprise for the viewer. This makes the information more engaging and inviting.

The animation popping up when you scroll through the content or when you put the cursor on an object, such inclusion bring the website alive.

  1. Illustrations


Illustrations demonstrate the desired message through visual elements making it more clear and easy to decipher. They add a visually appealing factor to the web page.

Illustrations are both aesthetic at the same time informative.  The designer’s guide to the golden ratio talks about the use of the ratio when creating a balanced design that is eye pleasing.

This is also used for designing websites, to divide the page and put content and images appropriately.

  1. Interactive websites

To make the website interactive, quite literally, you can use chatbots. When used on your site they can give quick, mechanized responses to general questions.

It prevents clients from holding up for a day or longer to get reactions from the company as they would have to previously.

  1. Use of Videos


The videos primarily benefit the audience who are in a hurry and cannot read the entire content. Videos make the content interesting for the viewer.

8. Simple.

simple web design

‘The more the merrier’ clearly will not give justice to website design. The more elements you try and put in, the more cluttered and congested the website will appear unless you create a perfect balance with them.

Making it hard to read and understand.

Fewer elements will result in a clean and legible design, allowing easy navigation through the website without any distractions.        

  1. Adaptability  


Since the occurrence of smartphones, most of the people prefer accessing the internet over their mobile phone. The web design has to be in a way that it can be used in all formats.
When designing for mobile, the design will have to be tweaked to suit the mobile users considering factors like the placement of fingers when holding, easy navigation, legibility, etc.

10. World wide

The website is going to be put on the ‘internet’ which means it is going to be accessible to billions of people throughout the world.

The website should cater to the sensibilities of the variety of people it gets exposed to people from different cultures, genders, ages and so on. All the people should feel like a part of the website.

We hope these ideas help you come up with some really engaging web designs that fetch you amazing results.          

Author Bio: Rucha is a content writer and graphic designer at Walnut Folks. She has a degree in Architecture from Pune University. She loves to write articles and English poetry. With a combination of design and writing skills, she aspires to explore domains of marketing and journalism. Travelling, good music and movies keep her going.

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