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I think everyone should have a blog. Even in today’s era where social media dominated the world of blog, so many think blogging has become old-fashioned.

So, let me tell you one thing, blogging is not dead, it is as fresh as green vegetables and there are hundreds of reasons to create a blog.

Did you believe that at the time of 1995 there were only 25,000 websites live with approximately 2000 users?

But at this time approximately 3 million websites went live with 4 million users.

Sounds interesting, right!

This statistics shows that people realized the benefit of having a blog for small business or even large. They came to know the value of the blog and the power of online presence.

From my own experience, I realized that how powerful is blogging and I have built many friendly relationships which I would have never formed.

But many of us find the process of blog creating difficult and sound technical, but it is as simple as eating ice-cream.

“I will tell you what I learned in blogging. So stay till the end to know the secret of a good blog creation.”

Setting up a blog seems very techie guy stuff but it is very simple. You only need two things for the blog.

  • Domain name
  • Hosting

Domain names are basically like the address of your blog/website. A good domain name is very important for the blog to be successful. It can be anything like a brand name or company name which you can get on any domain registrar websites.

Now, the most important part, Web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the servers where your blog is being kept and managed. All the data and information will be stored in this hosting servers only.

So, it is very important to choose the best hosting service for the blog, In a recent research it is concluded that a website’s success majorly depends on the hosting servers and its performance.

Don’t let the hundreds of hosting companies to trick you into their services. So here are the things to look at hosting sites.

How to find the best web hosting service for a blog?

Here are the few features of best-hosting sites to look at and how to choose the best hosting company for your blog.


There are four types of servers. Shared servers are cheaper than others because it is shared among the other users. VPS servers are bit expensive and it is fair for new blogs. Dedicated servers are very expensive and make sense for high traffic blogs for handling huge traffics. The last one is Cloud server which is much like the VPS but it is stored in a cloud.


The speed is a very important factor in the success of the blog because if the site won’t load in 1-2 seconds then a user will definitely switch to another website. So, it is important to look at which hosting site provide best loading speed.


Every new blogger wants the hosting provider to do most of the work for them. So you have to look which web hosting is providing the easy setup and 1 click install.


the big reason to worry is the security of the website/blog. The web hosting should provide protection against the hacker’s attack which can lead to website down and decrease the traffic.


You got an issue, contacted support, vola! Solved issue quickly. So you need 24×7 support.  You want to have a web host which provide immediate response to every problem you face.

What is the best Web Hosting sites for Bloggers 

Now, you are aware of what to look for in a web hosting sites and set for what features you have to pay bit more. I recommend you to plan on how much you will spend money on monthly for best providers. So choose the best web hosting plan for blog and website.

Here are some of the best web hosting providers you should know.


Blogger is very famous among the old bloggers because of its simple interface. Blogger has a simple content publishing option and easy to manage. But blogger is used for only a simple website and if you want a dynamic site then it is very difficult to set up without programming knowledge.


Wix is the place where you don’t need any programming knowledge for creating an interactive design by just drag and drop features. It also provides hosting services for the blog. Wix is amazing in the consideration for creating easy and beautiful websites but it is limited to some features. The drawback of wix is that it charges for most of the features you want.

Hostgator ( strongly recommended )

Hostgator is one of the best web hosting sites for blog and which I use by myself. Hostgator have very fast and high-quality servers which result in 99.9% uptime means your blog will never get down and 24×7 support. The best thing is it provides 1 click WordPress installation and simple site builder. If coding is not your cup of tea then this is the best tea you want to have.

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WordPress is the largest community for new bloggers and it is easy to setup the blog which is hosted on the WordPress servers which are free but it is limited for some features like for more traffic you have to buy a business plan to continue.

Final thoughts on best web hosting sites for bloggers 

Many web hosting sites will offer the features which they don’t provide at all and can be a waste of time and money. Not necessarily every hosting sites will be simple to handle and then get messed up.

The good news is HostGator is the best web hosting sites which provide all the features mentioned above. It is the tried and tested service which I recommend.

You can cut the hassle of searching for best providers and create your blog with HostGator which offers excellent value at just 2.92$ /month. You will be happy that you did it with HostGator.

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