Use Social Media to Boost your Business

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter do these names ring a bell?

I mean it is completely impossible to believe that people in this current stage of digitalization are unaware of these platforms.

And I am also sure that I am not the only one who spends hours on these applications scrolling through the feed meaninglessly and maintaining the Snapchat streak as if it is some kind of a religious ritual and missing it would be a huge sin.

It would not be wrong to say that we have put ourselves into this fake world where the only purpose of the users is to show their friends or family about how happy you are.

Using special media extensively is the source of increased depression in people.

Even being in the late 20s whenever I go through the existential crisis, I tend to use social media more and then later go through huge depressive modes.

Why not we pledge to change our routine now?

Instead of wasting our energies in maintaining the Snapchat streak and updating our Instagram feed with chic photos, why don’t we use social media positively?

You cannot even imagine the benefits that social media can provide if it is rightly used. I understand uploading pictures on such platforms on a regular basis and getting compliments from your close friends is one exciting activity.

But what gain do you have from such activities?

I get it, validation from others leads to an increase in your self-confidence, and along with that, you are more motivated towards your goal too.

But analyze yourself and think, is this the purpose of your life?

To seek validations from your friends and strangers that you have ever met?

Do you really want to depend on the opinions of others throughout your life?

I would not want a life like that; therefore, I have worked on starting a new venture for myself. I believe financial independence is a huge blessing, and I guess the best way to make money is to do things that make you happy.

In such a way, you are less likely to lose your interest in business, and in the long term, it leads to more success.

Statistics show that there are almost 3 billion users of social media, so you can imagine the huge audience that your brand is exposed to.

Opening a new business venture requires a huge courage one cannot ignore that fact, but once you have taken your first step to, believe me, there is nothing that can stop you from succeeding in your venture provided you still have a passion for it.

Passion is the great virtue, and if you are stuck in a job that you are not passionate about then I have bad news for you, you are not going to last in the job for a longer time.

And I believe that is the best, and you may then get time to do something that you are passionate about. I cannot stress enough about the importance of doing something that you are crazy about.

The easiest way to start a business is to start from your social media, trust me using social media for your business is not rocket science.

It only requires extra time and effort which I am you are ready to put in, I mean if you are doing something then you must at least be ready to give more time and effort to your job.

It is quite understandable that it gets confusing at times. Statistics show that almost 53% of the business use social media to stay active and t be connected with their customers.

Trust me, the best way to stay connected with your customers is to use social media.

Just above, I mentioned how people nowadays are stuck on social media all day, so why not use it in a positive way and keep them hooked on your business posts?

Learn to take advantage of all the given situations.

If you are one smart student, then you would use social media in a way that can provide you with substantial benefits.

Instead of wasting time on it, why not earn money from it?

I am sure you do not want to spend your whole life paying your student loans; therefore, it is better to start earning from your student life and save money gradually.

Being a medical student myself, I have learned a lot from the Nursing Assignment Help as I myself have my own small business venture.

Along with my medical studies, I manage to work on my venture as well by using social media marketing.

However, that is not the main question right now, and here I would give you a few tips that would help you establish your brand on social media.

So let’s dig in.

1) Credible Reputation

Connection with the right people is all you need in order to establish a strong and credible reputation on social media. I get it, it sounds like a huge challenge but trusts me it is one easy job.

You only need to look for the right audience for your business. You can start looking for your people by establishing brand awareness all over your social media.

I would advise you to establish one online presence that must be the exact representation of your brand, both offline and online.

Make sure you being by explaining your brand with the help of visual marketing. Your logo is the main personality of your brand; it must be minimal and catchy and should attract a huge audience.

You must focus on designing the look that can match your overall persona. The main thing that you are required to do is to look for the right people throughout this journey.

If you are tight on budget, then you can always take help from your friends as they can help you in designing the graphics or you can always learn it from YouTube as well.

The best tip to follow is to take inspiration from the big marketing campaigns and then use them according to your own business and budget.

2) Attract future Customers

To attract future clients make sure you have set up your business page on Facebook. Trust me setting up a business page is the easiest thing to do, but maintaining it is the real challenge.

People often make their Facebook business page; however, they fail to work on it later, which trust me is the biggest turn-off. Make sure you keep updating your Facebook page.

When a customer visits your page, and the most recent post is from two weeks ago trust me it completely puts him/ her off, and they prefer visiting the competitors’ page which is more active and responsive.

Make sure, whenever people use your service and buy your product, they write a review about it and tag your business page.

It is like free advertising, and his/ her friends are more likely to visit your page if they see your page tagged on their friend’s post.

Also, this kind of advertising is better than the paid advertisement as such reviews come from real customers, and potential customers are more interested in taking the reviews to form the real clients rather than doing for the paid advertisement.

Another way of getting your page more tagged on Facebook is to offer special incentives to the people ton tag your business page on their social media posts.

It would not be wrong to say, if you wish to get into the customer’s hand you need to get into their phones.

Because, why not?

Our hands are always occupied now with phones, and we are always busy in our phones scrolling our social media feed.

So why not take advantage of it and get into the phones of our customers and make them shop from your business?

Connect with the right people and work on them, keep your social media updated and make sure all your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat posts are related to your business.

Postpositive reviews and ask your customers and your followers for advice that can make your business better. This strategy will not only help you work better on your business, but your followers and customers will also feel valued.

3) Make Connections

Trust me. You cannot survive in this business world alone. You need to take help from the people around you but make sure the people you are connected with are like-minded professionals of the business.

Whether you are on your social media replying to tweets or you are on your LinkedIn profile, please make sure you are connected with the people that can help you grow professionally or help your business grow.

We get it, even the thought of making connections is cringing for some people, particularly for the introverts.

No worries, I have an idea for you for this, you do not need to spend hours doing this, but just give a particular chunk of your overall time to this activity and work on it.

4) Diversification

We all are aware of the quote which says “Do not put all your eggs in one basket”.

Similarly, you must work on introducing diversified marketing efforts; however, it does not absolutely mean that you are required to build your presence on all your social media sites.

What it actually means is that you need to be surer of your target audience and then build your marketing activities accordingly.

You cannot ignore the fact that the more relatable your marketing techniques are, the more people are going to get attracted to your brand.

Make sure you advertise in a way that is more relatable to your audience. Study your audience, instead of looking for your customer’s demographics, make sure you know what your customers mainly want. This kind of information will help you establish your social media pages.

If you are still unsure about the best social media medium for your business, then I would recommend the following options.

  • Facebook (make sure you have set up geo-targeting)
  • Instagram (Perfect for SMEs)
  • LinkedIn (Same as International Rotary Club)
  • Twitter (Twitter conversations can help you understand your customer better)

When you have selected your social media medium, you need to be sure to cross-promote the overall content in all your PR pieces and online marketing.

With the help f diversification of your online marketing, I am sure you will be able to reach the business height that you cannot even imagine.

5) Save Time and Money

Time is money; we all are aware of this saying. But have you ever practiced it?

I mean do you really go with this saying too? Because trust me, I, without any doubt, believe in it completely. Once you have lost the time, you realize how valuable time is.

But obviously, that is not the debate here. While you are on your social media working on your business page, then make sure your personal profile does not distract you from your work.

Comment from your crush may want you to leave your business profile for a while and then reply to her on your personal profile.

But please understand it that such things give timely satisfaction and happiness whereas if you work on your startup, you are more likely to get into the long term relationship with her?

You never know, do you?

Speaking of money, I would like you to boost your advertisement as well, spend a small amount of money on your advertisement at the start as it expands your reach to the audience and more and more people are likely to visit your business profile and shop from you.

So stay in budget and invest smartly.

6) Bring Traffic to your Webpage

The main foundation of your blog or your website is all your efforts that you are putting in on your online marketing.

You are most likely to meet your potential customers online, so why not work on bringing more and more traffic to your social media.

The best advice to get more traffic to your blog is to do your research; there is no better way than having the first-hand research.

On the other hand, we are required to look at our audience and analyze what kind of content is most suitable for attracting them.

I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of using the right content for your blog; the better the content is the more customer you will be serving.

Believe me, the future of marketing is social media and online marketing; you cannot get away from this fact.

7) Selection of Tools

The right selection of tools is the answer to all your social media marketing problems.

The right tool can be your best friend, and similarly, the wrong one can be your enemy as well. It will not only help you save your time, but it will also help in saving a whole lot of stress as well.


Remember, social media and digital marketing is the future of marketing. So why not invest time in it smartly and not deviate from the main purpose of it?

All you need to do is to make the right use of such platforms and earn handsomely.

Author Bio

Alexa Bliss is the content writer at Nursing Assignment Help. She is completely dedicated towards her job, and we are proud to have our in our platform as she writes quite informative blogs on social media and digital marketing topics.

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