Twitter Marketing Tips for 2018


Are you doing enough with your marketing in social media? If you are looking to increase your engagement with your tweets and drive more traffic, you should know how to effectively write and publish your tweets and make most from twitter.

Twitter is one of the world’s popular social media platform with around 320 million active users. Every brand wants to increase their presence and get more customers. When 320 million people are hanging at twitter, who would not want to market their product or brand in Twitter. But how to effectively promote on twitter? For everything there will be trends which will come and go, similarly in marketing too.

Here are the top Twitter Marketing tips for 2018.

1) Tweet without links

average engagements per follower

Tweeting without having any links in your tweets is the better way to get more engagements than tweeting with links in it.

According to the study by buffer the engagement rate for tweets without links in it is high when compared with tweets without any links in it. It is not necessary to have links all the time in your tweets. Sometimes you need to give few things for free in order to gain customers trust.

Twitter is one of the top social media website, so spend some time interacting with your potential customers and develop good relations with them rather than just pushing tweets with URL’s in it. If you develop good relations with them, then when you send out a tweet with an URL in it, they will knew what kind of links you will post in your tweets and can engage with your content.

2) Hashtags

Twitter hashtags

Twitter hashtags are becoming more popular in these days. In order to get noticed andgain more traffic to your tweets, then you should consider adding hashtags to your tweets. This is the best way to get targeted traffic to your tweets.

There are few tools that might actually help you with hashtags. They are 1) Hashtagify and 2) Ritetag

With Hashtagify, you can get suggestions on what to use for your tweets. Here is an example, if your tweet is about internet marketing, then enter the term “internet marketing” and hit enter in Hashtagify’s website.

top 10 hashtags

If you click on table mode at the bottom, you can actually be able to see in table form. Here is how it looks like can be seen in the below picture.

top 10 hashtags

Using Hashtagify, you should also consider using Ritetagtool which will help you find out whether certain hashtag is relevant to your tweet or not. For example, if you have created a tweet with 5 hashtags in it, and check with Ritetag it will give suggestions saying whether certain hashtags are relevant to your tweet or not. In this way, you will know which hashtag to use and which not to.

Ritetag also comes with a Google chrome extension which will automatically shows the tools when you use Twitter, Hootsuite and Buffer.

By using the combination of both Ritetag and Hashtagify, you can build a lot of hashtags which will help you bring more customers to your business.

3) Use Images in your tweets

Everyone knows that, using images will get you more visitors to your tweets than tweets without any images in it. An image can reach more audiences than a text, this is why, and tweets with images tend to get more engagement rate than tweets without images in it.

Twitshot is an awesome tool to find relevant images to your tweet. Just visit twitshot homepage and enter your tweet which you want to send and click on tweet. Twitshot will fetch relevant images for your tweet and tweets your tweet with relevant image in it.

4) Follow best practices

Know how to properly format your tweet before sending it out. The best way to properly format a tweet is, by starting with your message title and then URL to your landing page and then followed by hashtags and finally ending with your promotional image.
Now that, you have understood how to properly write a tweet. Now, you can try and test few different variations with your tweet. For example, at first you have learned to use title in your tweet, instead using title, try using a famous quote and then URL and then hashtags.

You can also start your tweet with a question and an URL to your landing page which can give you good engagement rate. You have to try different variations in order to find which one works well for you. To measure all these twitter data, you need twitter analytics tool to track each metric.

Do not start your tweets with @name which will be shown only to the person you are replying.

5) Quotations

Try tweeting famous quotes. Tweeting famous quotes is just a showoff before sending any commercial tweet. To keep people interested in it, you should start tweeting valuable quotes and then give some time and then push your commercial tweet.

Do not just blindly copy famous quotes, instead try coming up with a new title to catch user’s attention. This is a great way to reach more audiences.


Now a days, everyone is using twitter. But only few tweets get good engagement rate, follow the above Twitter marketing tips to get most out of your twitter marketing.


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