Top WordPress Plugins to Automate Your SMO Activities

Top WordPress Plugins to Automate Your SMO Activities

Content marketing has been around for years because of its impact on search engine ranking. The number of social media shares it gets measures the effectiveness of content. As a publisher, you must ensure that the content you are generating is visible and discovered through social media to increase engagement. Social content sharing is eminent for every online business owner, and if you can automate this process, there is nothing like it.

Thankfully, there are many WordPress plugins available nowadays that allow you to publish your blog posts, infographics, articles, images, videos automatically just with a single click. Here is the list of such plugins—

Revive Old Posts

revive old posts

Earlier known as Tweet Old Post, Revive old Post offers Facebook integration in addition to LinkedIn, Tumblr and Twitter. It supports multiple social accounts and offers users with the functionality to schedule posts in intervals. However, you cannot edit or choose which posts it should send to your accounts. Still, it is a great way to keep your content visible to your audience on different social media platforms. The free version of this plugin allows only Twitter integration though!

Simple Share Buttons Adder

simple share button adder

This plugin allows you to add share buttons on your blog posts or articles so a user can post it on their social media platforms. This plugin is lightweight, which means it doesn’t put any load on the speed or functionality of your website.

WP To Twitter

wp to twitter

Twitter has been the best place for sharing the links to your blog posts since a decade. WP To Twitter has been one of the popular mediums to allow that to happen. From adding hashtags to the topic of a blog post to formatting the tweets, everything can be easily done using this WordPress plugin. Published posts are directly sent to the Twitter profile of a business. In fact, integration is also allowed to use this plugin. Its premium version has extra features, like adding images, scheduling tweets for more than once.

Social Media Flying Icons

social media flying icons

Using Social Media Flying Icons plugin, you can add floating icons to your posts, which will follow the users when they will scroll on your web page. With this plugin, you can choose different styles to add on your blog and also allow you to choose specific locations where you can place these icons in order to appeal your users. The plugin is quite intuitive; however, in some cases, it can slow down the speed of your website.



One of the well-renowned plugins, Shareaholic offers you endless possibilities. Using this plugin, you can place share button on wherever you think it will appeal the users-either at the bottom, in posts, on pages, main pages, or category pages. Also, it offers a “recommended post” button you can use on your web page. However, if you do not want to add this button, you have the option to turn it off. Paid version of this plugin is ad free, giving you even more possibilities such as support, additional statistics and history of shared posts.

WP Social Sharing

wp social sharing

WP social sharing plugin offers support for six different social media networks i.e., Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. You can create, share buttons for these six platforms on your website, making it easier for users to share your content on whatever platforms they like. In addition, you can set the text on buttons individually as it is very responsive.

 Facebook Feed WD

facebook feed wd

This plugin brings page based feeds, profile and public group to your WordPress website with complete control over the displayed content. In addition, with the available themes, you can easily give the design to the feeds.

Two options are available to display the content-either displaying the complete timeline of the feed or particular contents like events, photos, videos, and albums. You can choose which posts you would like to share, specify the feed update interval, enable comments, number of posts per page, or customize other settings—whichever works best for you.

Social Media Auto Publish

social media auto publish

This plugin allows users to post on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profile. Also, you can attach the images while posting on any of these platforms. You can, in fact, filter the shares by their respective category or custom post types. However, you are required to create an application with each profile you want to connect to your account using Social Media Auto Publish plugin.


 Integrating social media directly into your website can have a major impact on how your audience engages with your content.

It’s very important not to focus only on the likes and comments that your updates are getting on social platforms, but also the social engagement rate on your blog is equally important, as it indicates whether your audience identifies with your content. The above plugins will help you save a lot of time and can give effective results for all of your published content.

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