The five simple technical aspects of SEO that can change the future of your business

What is one thing businesses need but hardly consider? Almost every company has an online presence. To propel their eCommerce sites to success, every business requires a decent SEO strategy. Statistics show that companies will invest close to $79 billion by 2020.

All growing companies need to focus on their digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing cannot be devoid of SEO strategy.

Entrepreneurs and their marketing teams cannot afford to get certain aspects of SEO wrong. Technical SEO is not easy, but it is crucial for the performance of any website.

Most of the times, entrepreneurs are too busy with promotions, sales, and advertising campaigns. That is the very reason most leading business owners outsource their SEO concerns to dedicated SEO companies in their locality.

As a local company, the team has the necessary understanding of the business ideals and the market. They are capable of keeping a close eye on the site metrics.

Do you have a dedicated SEO expert in your team?

Are you thinking about hiring a team of SEO experts for managing your company’s online presence?

Whichever the case, you need to know which technical SEO considerations you need to focus on achieving the best performance in 2019

  1. Page speed

page speed stats

While your website might be good to look at and full of value-adding content, how fast the pages load will determine a significant part of its popularity.

Research says that more than 40% of the visitors will bounce back from the listed page unless it loads in less than 2 seconds.

In a world that is already stepping forward to embrace 5G, your webpages cannot be slow and cumbersome.

Remembering the next steps can help hasten your site’s loading speed

  • Compress your existing images
  • Do not allow all videos to load as the page loads
  • Cache the plugins regularly

These are the simplest yet most effective ways to boost page speed. Sometimes, perfectly optimized media and page resources can still result in reduced loading speed. That is your cue to speak to your hosting service.

  1. Responsiveness

responsive design

Keeping your website mobile responsive is one way to send positive ranking signals to search engines. Google has shown a clear preference for optimized CSS, enabled srcset attributes and substitution of hyperlinks with clickable “buttons.”

Creating a high-quality experience for all mobile users can help your site with optimization for search engines. Visit Kick Media Brisbane to learn more about responsiveness and its relationship to website optimization for search engines.

If you are searching for a new template for your brand-new site, always invest in one that is responsive and open to customizations in the future.

Using a responsive website design within the existing CMS framework can help you achieve responsiveness with minimum cost and effort.

Your design team should be able to turn your site responsive with little aide from your SEO team.

  1. Proper indexing

Indexing is what tells the search engine crawlers where to look for the “good stuff” on your site. Unless you have indexed your pages and sub-pages, there is a good chance you are missing out on paying organic traffic.

You can easily index your pages using an XML sitemap in Google. Submit a list of URLs directly via the Google Webmaster Toolkit.

To improve your indexation, you can follow these strategies –

  • Deep-link the isolated pages on your domain
  • Increase internal links between webpages
  • Submit an updated XML sitemap to Google

The improper usage of robots.txt and noindex tags can also lead to non-indexation of essential pages for your business. Check the noindex tag on every page that does not get enough organic traffic.

To ensure that all noindex pages are unimportant for your site, call the XML sitemap for robots.txt.

  1. Canonical tags

Google has renewed its interest in canonicalization after its new core update. Canonicalization can prevent duplicate content, and it can help you manage your website information architecture much better.

rel=canonical tag indicates which pages are essential for ranking. A majority of the corporate sites now online have duplicate copies of homepages.

However, during a search, no one wants the duplicate copy showing up instead of the real homepage.

Adding the rel=canonical tag to the actual homepage can tell the search engine bots which page to consider for ranking.

Go to the source code of the original page and check if your HTML tag reads –

That should tell Google crawlers to consider the original page in the domain instead of any duplicates.

  1. Securing your website

http https

Website security is one of the most overlooked aspects of SEO. Since anything other than an SSL certification do not send ranking signals to Google, webmasters only take notice of security when they face a hacking threat.

Without HTTPS, it is impossible to rank within the first ten results of the Google search result pages. The SSL layer provides complete encryption and decryption of the communication between the client and the server.

Ecommerce websites need to invest in SSL. Google flags all websites that do not have HTTPS as of July 2019. Adding a layer of safety to your site will usher in more users and enhance their experience.

Getting HTTPS is straightforward and budget-friendly. Your SEO team should be able to guide you towards the migration of your site from HTTP to HTTPS within a matter of hours.

These five technical aspects of SEO never seem important until a website does not attract enough organic traffic any more.

There are hundreds of small and significant technical SEO aspects that influence the final performance of any website.

However, remembering these five should be able to give your nascent SEO strategy the primary impetus. SEO is a marathon, and it is imperative for webmasters to track their site metrics.

The KPIs will tell you how well your SEO plan is working and which areas demand more effort.

Implementing the steps, we have mentioned above demands little coding and SEO expertise. However, in the competitive world, you might want to spend your money on the best SEO services that can help strengthen your SEO strategy.

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