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Technical Search Engine Optimization Mistakes and SEO Experts Advice

Today, most industries continue to evolve after every year. However, digital marketing on the other hand also continues to evolve where it is encompassing new techniques. Some of these techniques include influencer marketing and voice search.

The advantage of the development of the influencer market is that it offers holistic services. Due to many changes taking place, the most overlooked aspect is the web design.

The aim of a search engine is to ensure it delivers users experience. So, if you’re a business person, you have to ensure your website ranks higher – well designed will rank higher. And Google prefers only those websites which have high speed and good quality content as well.

In the article, I’ve highlighted the 6 most common mistakes you can make using search engine optimization (SEO):

1. Page Speed

From a previous study conducted by Kiss metrics, it showed that most people will bounce a website if that site takes longer to load. So, you’ll find yourself losing profit to the competitors for not having a good website that loads fast.

For a website to load slow, there are numerous causes. For example, when you have a poor server response and too many large images. However, there are different ways you can use to increase the speed such as the use of CDN that enables caching.

You can start by checking the speed of your page with the help of Google’s page speed insights. It’s something that can offer you basic strategies that will help improve the page and website speed.

2. Duplicating Content

There are many websites out there that have been analyzed and found to have duplicate content. As the word it sounds, it usually arises from the technical site such that no writing of the same content twice.

However, it could also be resulting from the creation of new web pages like pdf versions, printer-friendly version or even grouping of the same content blocks for pagination.

If you have such a problem, canonicalization and redirects are the best ways to fix the problems.

3. No Image Optimization

As I have stated above, when you have oversized images, they can lead to slowing down of the page speed. However, the problem is that most people don’t know the reason to use images. They have Search Engine Optimization value with the potential of attracting traffic to your website when people are using image search.

To solve the problem, usually, start with the .jpeg format as a priority. It should be that you have sized your image according to length the website or blog.

4. Lack Of Meta Tags

In an organic search, title tags with meta descriptions are vital because they will display in rich snippet where the user will click while navigating on the site from the search results.

So, you have to optimize the tags for keywords for you to improve the chances of getting clicked on while at search results. The SEO Melbourne Guy perfect example of good meta description and title. However, it also assists the search engine to index the content with the use of specific categories or search phrase.

5. Broken Links

If you are having an old website, it might be suffering from broken links that you aren’t aware of. They are both the internal and external links in your website. So, make sure to check your website broken links if your website does not perform well on the search engine. There is many SEO software that helps to detect your website’s broken links.

You need to have a proper structure for your link. It will help to promote organization and hierarchy throughout the site.

6. Not Mobile-Friendly Website

In 2015 google update their algorithm and prefer those sites which are mobile-friendly. This update only affects those websites which are not mobile-friendly. Google knows most of the quarry comes from mobile instead of desktop.

So, google only give more credit and ranking on search engine with a mobile-friendly website. Google also provides free mobile friendly software to check your website mobile-friendly or not.


Most of the Search engine optimization experts ignore the above point when they start working on the site. Must check your website speed and perform mobile-friendly test before going to Online. Check content plagiarism before publishing on the website, so your website performs well on the search engines.

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