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Things to know about Social Media Listening

Neighborhood gossips aren’t a thing of the past. However, with the decrease in the number of people who stay at home, the traditional neighborhood-gossip-clubs are nearly extinct.

These groups were once an inevitable part of our social setup, necessarily facilitating ‘spread of news’.

But today, these groups have found rescue from a near-death experience and shifted to the social networks. And it’s a relief! We have saved an age-old culture from dying.

What is Social Listening?

Social Listening is a skill that is retained from time immemorial. Data collection and analysis of the collected data have to lead to conclusions and that has helped in changing the destinies of organizations.

Even decades ago even when the business culture wasn’t developed as it is today, there were spies sent from one organization to the other to capture the business secrets of the latter.

As technology improved and the world began to grow digital, we have re-sculpted the social-listening to capture the changes in the internet. We have today started using social-listening to understand how well your program or brand stands out.

Social listening or social media listening enables you to collect data from platforms and forums on a chosen topic. These conversations have meaningful insights and data can be drawn out of them.

The trend of the social media platform can also be studied. The only difference that has happened to social-listening over the years is that the platform of its application has become digital.

Business owners have learned the trick of rightly using the social media platform to promote their business.

Business operations, product updates and advertising approaches can be framed based on the insights derived from this useful data from these social networking sites.

As the lives of people reside more online, it has only become easier to draw insights from their internet usage trends than prompting them to answer a question or complete a survey.

How is social listening performing on the internet?

Social Listening is the process of extracting insights from frequent trends. When a particular brand is subjected to social analysis, the customer details including their age-group, the price of purchase, time of purchase, mode of purchase and more are analyzed and the market for the product can be improved with the number of discounts or other customer-favorable activities.

Social Media Analysis can include author analysis, page type analysis, and topic and sentiment analysis. Social Media Intelligence is a term closely associated with social listening.

What are the different modes of social listening?

There are mainly four different modes of social listening techniques such as B2B, B2C, Charities, and Government.

  • Business to Customer – It is the easiest way to know how connected your company is with your brand. Business strategy can be built out from the research that is generated from the business domain. This research is a clear prediction of the future business.
  • Business to Business – Competitive benchmarking is the greatest plus point of this issue. We can keep a large share of competitor’s voice and keep an eye on their achievements.
  • Charities – Much social media attention goes around charity related news and this may trigger an idea for your next challenge.
  • Government – The reception of complaints and feedback creation strategies generate trends that need to be understood.

Some important goals of social listening include crisis management, customer service, brand-health, reputation, content creation, image recognition, campaign performance tracking, trend and demographics insights, agency pitch research and many more.

It’s also necessary to understand methods to use your social-listening-data effectively. A digital marketing degree guarantees all necessary knowledge to derive insights and effectively use the internet-data. If you aren’t interested in any offline courses you can enroll in any online digital marketing program.

Steps in Social Listening

There are three basic steps involved in social listening. They are given below.

  • Cleaning data – Social listening data is always noisy and messy. It is necessary to remove the inconsistencies and redundancies of the related data to generate meaningful insights from the data.
  • Analyzing data – The data can be analyzed to find out the sudden peaks and troughs in mentioned value, seasonal trends, sentiment changes, demographic differences, product conversation differences, conclusions that go against the assumed knowledge and more.
  • Ongoing Monitoring – Continuous monitoring is essential to extract the right information. Words, products, and memes could prevent data from being used efficiently.

Tools for Social listening

Few tools that are available to handle and draw insights from the social media data, include Hootsuite, Tweetreach, Klout, Buzzsumo, Twazzup, Boardreader, HowSociable, Likealyzer, Tweetdeck, Mention, Twitonomy, Followerwonk, SumAll, SocialMention, Google Alerts, and, many more.

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