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6 Small Business Problems Marketing Automation Can Solve

Running a small business means constantly finding yourself and your staff, if you have one, pushed for time and strained to complete all-important work and activities every day.

But with various types of technology continuously being introduced in the market, managing your business on your own (or with the help of just one or two employees) is certainly easier and absolutely possible today.

Marketing automation is one tech tool that can be a big help for small business owners. It is a type of software or cloud-based technology that you can use to automate different marketing actions or activities.

One of the benefits of marketing automation is that repetitive tasks such as sending emails, social media posting, and other website functions are automated, thereby helping you save time and effort in doing them and enabling you to do other important things.

Improving Your Business With Marketing Automation

Using the right marketing automation platform allows you to enjoy several advantages that will help you run your business more efficiently.

It will also assist your business by solving the following problems, resulting in a smoother and less stressful time managing your company.

1. Poor customer experience

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It is important for all small businesses to deliver great customer service and experiences.

If you consistently fetch low scores on customer experience, you will have a hard time attracting and retaining customers.

You can improve your customer experience without too much effort if you use a marketing automation platform.

With this tool, your customer experience will be much improved since you won’t need to manually answer emails or online queries in real time, all the time.

You or your staff won’t have to remember every important detail about each customer as well because automation will do that for you.

As a result, you can efficiently create relevant, targeted connections with each person, which translates to better quality of customer service.

Marketing automation will also help you have an easier time making your customers feel good whenever they interact with you or your staff.

This, in turn, will help you enhance your brand’s customer experience.

2. Inability to determine leads that are ready to be paying customers

Generating leads is one thing; converting them into paying customers is another.

If you are having a hard time getting more paying customers even if you follow tried-and-tested sales strategies, marketing automation can help you out.

The right platform will enable you to target the right customers with the ideal messages at the right time.

You will then have a higher chance of increasing your sales with less effort.

This will also help you maximize your chances of increasing your average lifetime value for more customers with less work.

3. Poor Personalization efforts

One important aspect of great customer experience is that you should never make your leads feel like a number you call or another box that needs to be ticked when you’re sending out an email.

When you choose the right marketing automation platform and use it effectively, you will be able to create customer profiles that you can evaluate and use to classify your customers.

You can then be sure you will send the appropriate message, personalized according to the recipient’s preferences, intent, and behavior data, thereby getting your lead’s attention and encouraging each person to engage with you.

4. Lack of time and manpower in creating multi-channel campaigns

Customers today interact with brands across different channels, from social media to websites to emails to online advertising and more.

In fact, these interactions have become more interconnected and overlapping that marketers are now driven to create not just multi-channel, but omnichannel experiences.

This means a more seamless manner of communicating through various channels and touch-points.

Don’t have the resources to engage in such time-consuming interactions?

Marketing automation allows you to be present across all channels. With the right automation platform, you will be able to generate messages and deliver them across channels and timelines without the backbreaking manual effort.

You’ll be able to reach out to customers exactly at the time suitable for them, thereby boosting visibility for your brand.

5. Insufficient testing methods

Smart businesses regardless of the size of their marketing budget will want to ensure every marketing effort and every piece of marketing content delivers real value.

By integrating a marketing automation tool with an email marketing platform, you can split test different versions of your messages and campaigns.

Through automated testing, you can collect and analyze data without the time-consuming process, and make results-driven decisions based on real-time information.

Marketing automation will allow you to see where and what you need to improve in order to move forward and find success without being wasteful.

6. A small marketing team (or an understaffed one)

The quality and size of your marketing team can significantly impact the results of your campaigns.

If you have a small business or a startup, a fully staffed marketing department may be impossible to have due to the lack of budget and other relevant resources.

With automation, you will get help with lead generation and qualification, digital campaign creation, and other marketing activities without having to hire more people.

Since marketing automation software can take care of the routine and repetitive components of marketing, your small business can accomplish tasks to the equivalent of an extended team working 24/7.

To make sure you have the right automated marketing tool, you need to choose a high-quality software or app.

Take the time to study the different options and pick the one that offers a variety of advantages and has helped both small and large businesses to be 100% sure you can rely on this tool.

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