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Answering Why And How To Create A Better Site Structure To Enhance SEO

Typically, you will have a better chance to gain higher ranks in the search engine when you have a better site structure. Period!

There is a specific ‘structure’ for every website. However, the structure of one site may differ from another but each will have one for sure. A site structure can be:

  • Rigorous
  • Streamlined or even
  • A disorganized set of pages.

Creating a powerful site structure is highly important not only to gain better SEO and high ranks but it will also make your site more appealing to the users.

It will also ensure that your site. It will also ensure that your site gets crawled easily and indexed properly by spiders.

All these will deliver the best SERP listings and rankings.

Reasons for a good site structure

Sadly, often site structure is ignored by most of the people. However, it is one of the most vital aspects that determine the SEO performance of a site.

The web developers and owners who understand the value of a good site structure can easily enhance SEO and better prospects for their business.

Here are a few specific reasons why you should ensure that your site has a good structure.

  • User experience

Take away the fonts, colors, kerning, images, graphics, and white space. What are you left with is the site structure?

A good site structure will ensure greater user experience. This is because the human brain wants cognitive equilibrium. This helps them to put different pieces together logically.

This way they can get what they are looking for and expect from a site. They will not bounce and stay longer finding your site more appealing. When the users find your site appealing, Google will find it too.

It will have improved dwell time and CTRs which are the most important aspects to improve your site ranking.

  • Better crawling:

A good structure will ensure better crawling by Google. It uses Googlebot to index the content and return it in the search results. A better site structure will make it easier for the crawlers to access and index your content.

  • Good SEO

This is the ultimate goal for any owner as well as any web developer. A good site structure is one of the most significant elements that will ensure good SEO because this is the core aspect that will optimize it for the crawlers.

Putting it all in one simple paragraph, it is your site structure that will pave the way for SEO success providing your site with an unbreakable SEO foundation. This will ensure that your site receives a huge amount of organic search.

Plan a hierarchy

When it comes to creating a good site structure, there are a few specific steps to follow. The most significant one is to plan out a hierarchy, especially if you are starting from scratch.

Creating a hierarchy is basically easy if you keep a few things features in mind. You can do it using:

  • Excel
  • Google Sheet
  • Any other spreadsheet program
  • On any word processors and even
  • On a whiteboard.

It only involves the way to organize your info that is simple and meaningful. It will, in turn, become your URL structure and navigation.

The features are:

  • It should be simple and logical, not complicated or overthought
  • Each main category must be distinct and unique
  • Each subcategory must relate to the main category
  • The number of main categories must be between two and seven
  • There must be only important things included and
  • There must be a perfect balance of subcategories with each category.

This should be done even before developing your site or hiring a freelance writer to write the best content and create pages in a CMS for it. This is because the site hierarchy is actually the starting point for a great site structure.

The URL structure

The next important step of creating a site structure is to create a URL structure. This will not be very difficult for you provided you have thought about your hierarchy more logically. This means your URL structure must have:

  • Real words and not symbols and
  • Suitable keyword coverage.

This is because the URL structure typically follows the navigation hierarchy.

It is also very important to create your site navigation in CSS or HTML. This will ensure that the coding is simple. If your code in JavaScript, AJAX or Flash, it will restrict the ability of the crawler to cover the navigation and hierarchy of your site irrespective of how well thought out these are. Therefore, HTML and CSS are your best approach.

The navigation structure

When it comes to designing the navigation structure, use a shallow depth structure. This will ensure that it follows the hierarchy of your site. Make sure that the most important pages are not hidden too deep within your site.

  • A shallow website is that which needs three or fewer clicks to go to any page.
  • A deep website, on the other hand, needs lengthy strings of clicks to visit every page of the site.

Ideally, all shallow sites work much better both from the perspective of the crawler and user for usability.

Creating a suitable header

The final step to create a site structure is to create a header that will list all the main navigation pages. And that’s it! If you add too many menu elements in the header beside the main categories it may distract the user unnecessarily.

  • However, if you have designed a parallax site you must make sure that the header menu persistently displays each phase of scrolling.
  • Moreover, you may think that using disappearing menus or dropdown menus by CSS effects will provide an intriguing and unique user experience but that will not help in SEO in anyways.
  • Apart from that, using any image-based navigational structure is also not recommended.

Ideally, text links that have useful anchors will provide the best results, higher ranks and the strongest form of SEO.

Site structure essentially needs careful thinking, accurate organization, and intentional design. These tips will help you to do just that when you develop a strong site structure.

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