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Differences between SEO and Social Media Marketing

Your website’s future depends upon the quality of contents that you put. However, these days, most businesses focus on boosting the website behavior with respect to the search engines.

Over the past few years, Social Media has taken over the online businesses. Most businesses now invest their money in Social Media advertising.

We all know, how powerful social media networks are! We people are addicted to social medias such as Facebook, Twitter etc. And with Social Media Marketing you can get the desired results. You should also not forget the impact of SEO for the website.

If you are confused between, SEO Marketing and Social Media Marketing, here we have listed down some of the noticeable differences between these two.

SEO vs Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, both are essential for a successful online business. Here, we will show you how SEO and Social Media Marketing is helping each other.

How good SEO is for your Business

  1. People depend on Search while looking for something

Most people do search for the Keywords of their requirements on the Google or any other search engine. Whenever we need something to find on the Internet, we don’t look for it on the social medias, instead we search for it on the Google.

Google, Yahoo and Bing are currently the most popular Search Engines which gets you the desired organic traffic on your website.

  1. See what people are searching

Search Engine Optimization come with tracking tools which lets you know what exactly people are searching.

Google Analytics is the most popular Traffic monetizing tool available in the market. With the help of this tool, you can actually know about the behavior of the traffic.

You will get to know most visits by location, URLS etc. This will let you build future strategies to focus on the right keywords.

  1. Seek help from other tools

If you are not able to do good with your online business, you can spend some money on tools like Google AdWords.

You can compare the Keywords, can know the search results and can work accordingly. This will definitely help you to gain more organic traffic on your website.

It will improve the overall behavior of your business and help you to focus and target on the audiences as per your requirements.

How Good is Social Media Marketing for your online Business

Negative Comments on Social Media

  1. Instant recommendations

Social Media Marketing comes with handy tools and button for your website contents. You can easily expand the audiences by providing share button of different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc.

Users who like the content and idea posted on your page, he can share it or like it which will improve the website behavior.

  1. Instant Respond

When you receive criticism on your website or its content from the users of Social Medias, you can quickly respond to their questions and comments. This way, you can engage with the real people and can get to know what they expect from you.

You would also know what they want from your website and how you can make changes to it by communicating with them.

You should learn to talk and engage with the real people which will help you to become more productive.

  1. Buy Promotions

Social Media networks now allow you to market your products. Yes, if we talk about Facebook, with the use of Facebook pages, you can start promoting your products, website etc.

If you have some money to invest and boost your business, you can spend some money on advertising and boosting on Facebook and Twitter. When you spend money on advertising on social media, your content will reach to more of the Social Media users.

If the content is more appealing, they will definitely click on to it and read it out. If they find something interesting, they will also leave a reply and can share it with their friends.

For the newbies, implementing SEO and Social Media Marketing is difficult. For that, you have to learn the basics of marketing on the web and then can start marketing for your products and online business. You can also consult with Edkentmedia which is one of the best SEO company in Toronto. They will helps you to build SEO-friendly website or we can say, online business.

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