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The Biggest SEO Trends in 2021

The New Year will soon be arriving with plenty of fresh opportunities for your business with proper search engine optimization (SEO). When it comes to SEO in 2020, there are some key trends for businesses to follow and capitalize upon.

SEO is used as an umbrella term that covers a lot of online marketing and ranking techniques. With every passing day, as the number of websites is growing, it is essential for businesses to stay ahead of these trends to remain relevant. Below are SEO trends businesses will need to focus on as we enter 2020.

Snippets Are Taking Over

Google is adapting to the needs of its users by continuously working to improve its user experience. The role of snippets in search results is growing to provide them more convenience. Featured snippets appear at the top of the first page of Google search results and give quick answers to common questions. Properly using the snippet feature can help you get more clicks and traffic for your website.

It is important for you to work on optimizing for snippets and try to put information related to your field by answering questions your visitors might have. Google evaluates the answers provided by websites and only recommends the answers from those it interprets as the most reliable or trustworthy.

Influencer Marketing Is Growing

Influencer marketing

It is normal for consumers to feel confused when there are so many products and services out there from which to choose. Consumers will factor what they perceive as credible reviews when deciding on whether to make a purchase. This tendency among consumers is why influencer marketing can be advantageous. People like to trust reputable and well-known personalities, given that their reputations are tied to what they promote. Astute marketers understand the importance of the growing influencer market, and are incorporating it into their marketing strategy. This is a potentially fruitful avenue to fuel the growth of your business.

Website Security Is Important

Website safety is one of the leading SEO trends in 2020. Security is essential for having a good user experience. If a user does not feel safe while visiting your website, then he or she will be less likely to do business with it. If visitors bounce from your website due to concerns about security vulnerabilities, the search engines will recognize this and lower your ranking.

Google and other search engines take website security as an indicator of the quality of the website. Google is giving an edge to websites with SSL certificates that provide extra security to users. Having an SSL certificate could give you an edge over competitors that lack it and refuse to meet the latest security standards pushed by the search engines.

According to Naples SEO company Brig Agency, having inadequate safeguards for users not only will negatively affect your ranking but will also adversely affect your brand image.

Voice Search Is More Popular

People are constantly looking for greater convenience in life. They always look for the features or options that could save them time and effort, and the voice search feature is one of them.

Voice search for SEO is going to become one of the biggest opportunities for businesses. It is playing a greater role in the SEO world because growing numbers of people prefer to use voice search to get services, products, or answers to their questions. With more voice searches, Google and other search engines will reward websites that optimize for this feature.

With the growing amount of voice search queries, short, uneven keywords are no longer as important. Generally, queries with three or more words are more popular with voice search. Also, phrases in the form of questions are more popular with voice searches, since asking questions to derive information is natural to human speech and behavior. Because of the evolution in the use of search engines, businesses that tailor their content to meet these trends will be rewarded with better rankings.

Machine Learning Is Advancing

Artificial Intelligence and SEO

Increasingly, Google and search engines are attempting to understand the meaning of words rather than their literal interpretation to give users the most relevant results. Human language is full of examples of words with more than one meaning. To ascertain the meaning behind queries, Google and other search engines are applying machine learning to better understand the context of words. The BERT algorithm update that builds on top of Rankbrain determines the meaning of phrases by analyzing the context and provides users what it determines to be the most relevant results for their queries.

Thus, as the search engines get better at determining the intent behind queries, exact keyword matching will gradually become less important. Rather than cramming keywords into the title, meta tags, and content of a web page, businesses will need to provide relevant and engaging content to rank above competitors. As users stay on websites longer to read or watch their content, the search engines will recognize their relevance and reward them with better rankings.

Along with the search engines gaining a better understanding of the meaning of words depending on their context, they will also adjust rankings in real-time depending on what users find relevant and engaging. Search engines will thus factor in the frequency that particular results are clicked when they appear in a search, as well as how long users stay on a web page, to determine their rank. Web pages that are clicked more often, and that keep visitors for longer periods of time, will be rewarded with a higher rank for specific and related keywords.

Summarizing the SEO Trends for 2021

While the rapidly evolving SEO landscape can be intimidating for businesses, they can gain a competitive edge by understanding the reasons for these changes. Technology is advancing and the search engines are simply adapting to bring users the best quality results.

Businesses that have always focused on giving users quality content should experience minimal effects from these changes since quality content is what the search engines aim to provide. The businesses that will be most adversely affected are those that have depended on exploiting the weaknesses among search engines to manipulate results in their favor. As search engines become more effective at delivering quality content, those that lack it will justifiably suffer the consequences.

Though businesses providing quality content and ethical strategies will be rewarded by these algorithm updates, they will still need to adjust to the technological changes to more effectively optimize themselves to the needs of users. To remain competitive, businesses must continually find ways to differentiate themselves from competitors and improve their methods.

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