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Next Level Engagement – Four SEO Tools to Engage With Clients

At least 44% of businesses are investing in SEO, and one major reason is that it provides valuable ways to engage with prospective clients. Businesses that are able to engage with clients have a vast advantage over competitors.

In every aspect of life, communication is vital, and companies that can get their message across effectively can expect a stronger response from clients and prospects.

Discover four SEO strategies for boosting engagement that you can implement for your company today.

The Value of Engagement

We’ve all seen companies that seem inaccessible as if they have no personality. With a poor website, little to no social media presence, and no knowledge of SEO, these companies don’t appear friendly or personable.

Conversely, the ability to engage with people sets a company apart, making them seem more human, friendly, and accessible.

Using SEO to Engage With Prospects and Customers

Search engine optimization (SEO) includes a massive variety of tools and strategies that make it easy to connect with people in clear, effective ways.

From social media to a company blog, there are numerous methods of connecting with prospects and making your business seem more personable.

These four are essential SEO tools that you can easily incorporate into your marketing strategy.

1. Start a Purposeful Blog With a Comment Section

Blogs exist in many forms and a wide range of companies have one. However, creating blogs that actually get a response from clients is another feat altogether.

High-quality content is a top ranking factor for SEO, and a well-written blog that people will actually want to read is priceless.

Here are tips for developing a company blog that gets results:

Know Your Audience and Purpose

Are you writing to experts who are deeply experienced in your industry or laymen who may be considering your product?

It’s vital to understand who you want to be reading your blogs and why, because that will affect the direction of the narrative, the words used, and other factors.

Encourage Readers to Leave Comments

Like most things in SEO, this can be done artfully, without directly begging for comments.

By simply writing an exceptional blog post that readers can relate to and then ending it with a strategic question, you provide an opportunity for people to interact with your company in a meaningful way.

Choose Compelling Topics, Titles, and Headings

Think about the articles you’ve enjoyed reading. Odds are, your target audience is fairly intelligent, and so taking some risks in your blog writing can keep it interesting.

Ultimately, it’s crucial to know that details matter when writing a blog, and the more fun it is to read, the better.

Share It in Front of the Right People

The best-written blog won’t accomplish much if it’s just sitting there. It’s crucial to not just share your blogs, but to ensure that they reach your intended audience.

This may require sharing it among particular Facebook groups instead of Facebook in general, for example.

Remember that you can use LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms to share your blogs as well.

Example of an Effective Blog: Dr. Amanda Sheehan at Oakland Dental

For her dental practice, Dr. Amanda Sheehan hosted a blog which was targeted towards people in her area who may need dental services.

In the first photo, you can see how her blog focuses on an important issue for her readers and has an eye-catching photo that draws attention.

Amanda Sheehan

The second photo below shows how her blog maximizes engagement by encouraging people to contact their practice in the call to action (CTA) and has a comment section which provides an opportunity for feedback.

View the full blog here for a reference.

dental social media

2. Optimize Your Google Listing

Your Google listing is often the first impression people will see of your business. If it has only basic location info and no signs of life, a percentage of people will turn their search elsewhere. Optimizing your Google business listing is quick and easy, and can make a massive difference in the impact you’re making online. Here are some tips for getting it up to par:

Log in to Your Dashboard and Explore

Ever wonder which search queries were used to find your business online or how many times people searched for your company? You can find these insights and more on your Google Business dashboard. As you log in and explore the categories, you’ll build familiarity with the techniques you can use to optimize it for maximum engagement.

Add a Variety of Photos That Show Your Business in a Friendly Light

When adding photos to your Google business listing, note that there are multiple categories. These include profile and cover photos, interior and exterior, and even an option to add videos if you have them.

Providing a nice variety of professional and fun photos will instantly give your company personality and make potential customers feel comfortable about visiting your site.

Note that the photos appear in random order when people find your site, so it’s worth it to remove any you don’t want.

Go into Detail When Optimizing Your Google Listing

Does your business include a ramp for the handicapped?

Do you have special hours for Martin Luther King Day or another holiday?

Does your business description accurately convey what sets your business apart?

It’s strongly recommended that you leave no stone unturned when optimizing your Google listing. The more info you provide, the more questions you’ll be answering for potential clients.

Use Your Google Listing to Monitor and Respond to Reviews

Another crucial part of engaging with prospective clients is to pay attention to your reviews and respond to them.

Your Google dashboard has a category on the left called “Reviews,” and by clicking it you can monitor reviews from a wide variety of different sources.

Plus, you can reply to them right there in Google Business, showing that you care about the experience your customers had during your interaction.

Getting to Know Your Google Listing

Continuing with Oakland Dental as an example, you can see how the Google Listing contains multiple categories, each of which revealing useful information about your business. As entrepreneurs of any industry, it’s beneficial to get familiar with your Google listing and to ensure that it’s fully filled out and optimized.

google my business

By simply filling out all of the standard information that you can and uploading a variety of photos, you’ll be putting your best foot forward and ensuring that your business seems welcoming and approachable.

social engagement

3. Keep Your Listing Fresh With Weekly Google Posts

One of the best-kept secrets in SEO is also one of the most powerful tools. Google Posts are similar to Instagram posts in that they contain a photo and room for a small amount of content including a link.

These are excellent for engagement because you can announce any type of office news or promotions in a fun, eye-catching way, and anyone who views your listing will see them.

Here are some important things to know about Google Posts.

Any Office News, Services, or Promotions Are Ideal for Google Posts

Do you have a new piece of technology you’re offering?

Do you want to feature an exceptional employee?

Google Posts are perfect for fun, interesting office updates that help you engage and connect with people. Simply write out the post, find a fitting photo, add a link, and share!

Creativity is Key for Effective Google Posts

In a Google Post, you don’t have the array of formatting options you have on Google Docs, so creativity can go a long way.

Since you can’t even hit enter to separate paragraphs, clever uses of punctuation can spice up your Google Posts and make them more compelling.

View the Results and See What Works

After you have a collection of Google Posts, look at their views to see which types of posts were most popular.

You can not only see how many views each post received, but you can also view the number of times your link was clicked. Use this feedback to perfect your posting strategy.

Share Your Google Posts on Multiple Platforms

One of the features that make Google Posts so easy to use is the fact that you can share them instantly after posting. To do this, you simply click the share button at the bottom of your post.

From here, you’ll see a variety of sites that you can instantly use to share your post, potentially engaging with hundreds or thousands of potential customers.

If you want more control over where you’re sharing the Google Post, simply copy the link and paste it wherever you want.

Using Google Posts to Drive Engagement

Dr. Sheehan’s team is savvy at writing creative Google Posts that focus on her media events, office outings, and other topics.

Observe her use of punctuation to add creativity and variety to the Google Post and the personality conveyed in the post which makes her practice seem comforting.

social post

4. Create a Presence With Social Media

With more customers doing research and making purchases through mobile phones and social media sites, it’s imperative that your business has a presence on social media.

While Facebook is the most common way to connect with people, it’s worth exploring other outlets, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat as well.

Each social outlet has specific strategies that help you engage with potential clients while increasing your brand awareness.

The Basics: Use Facebook to Post Regularly and Reply to Comments

If you can’t do any other form of social media, it’s worth your time to at least write interesting Facebook posts and follow up on the comments people make.

Prepare for a wide range of comments, but by engaging with people and responding, you’ll show that you’re a business that cares about its customers and that their concerns are heard.

Mix Different Social Platforms

Facebook marketing is extremely valuable, but it doesn’t have to be your only social media presence.

Feel free to use unconventional and creative ways to share fun and relevant business posts with your followers.

With experimentation, you may find the perfect social media marketing strategy that works for your industry, location, and specific business.

Employ Different Types of Media

Do your posts all look the same?

Even with the best-written content, it’s still best to add variety and switch up the type of media you’re sharing on social media.

Maybe your posts have been text-heavy, and it’s time to use more photos or videos. Even among videos, you can post interviews, tutorials, office tours, and other creative content that enhances engagement.

Social Media is a Necessity

While 48.2% of baby boomers use social media each day, 77.5% of those from Gen-X and 90.4% of millennials do.

That means social media is the way of the future, and any company who wants to reach these crucial young demographics must form a presence on social media.

Developing a Social Media Plan That Drives Engagement

Creativity and experimentation are key when developing the perfect social marketing strategy.

In addition to basic Facebook posts, Dr. Sheehan makes excellent use of YouTube, posting 19 videos, including her appearances on the local news and other videos that contribute to engagement.

social profile

Use These Four Easy SEO Tips to Boost Engagement

Some aspects of SEO are complex, but not all of them. By taking advantage of the easy SEO tools and getting familiar with them, you can vastly increase your potential for engagement and boost traffic to your site.

Whether you plan on outsourcing your digital marketing or not, spending time learning how to optimize your SEO can set you apart from competitors who don’t.

Author Bio

Nick Napier is a Navy Vet, MBA, and SEO specialist working in San Diego. He regularly writes guest blogs, websites, and hosts a podcast while optimizing SEO for his clients.



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